The film “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” script seminar was successfully held and will be filmed in April

The film “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” script seminar was successfully held and will be filmed in April

Bi Feiyu’s “Narrative” signing (photo provided by the organizer)

On March 22, 2023, the Impression·Jiangnan Writers Film Signing Ceremony and seminar on the reality-themed film “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” was held in Suzhou. Bi Feiyu, Fan Xiaoqing, Su Tong, Fan Xiaotian, Cheng Yongxin, Zhang Tan, Wang Yao, Ding Fan, Jiang Min, Zhu Wenying, Jing Ge, Sun Xin, Ren Sha and other writers, film and television industry experts and scholars gathered together to discuss impressions The future development of films by Jiangnan writers, and expert discussions on the script of the realistic film “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe”.

At the signing ceremony, Funa Film and Television collaborated with Bi Feiyu’s “Narrative”, Fan Xiaoqing’s “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe”, “Which Summer is at the Beach”, Huang Beijia’s “Dangerous Game”, Fan Xiaotian’s “Three Sets of Cars”, Jiang Minmin “Heart Tribulation” by Wang Yao, “Time and Portrait: A Ritual of the Past” by Wang Yao, “The Snow White Shirt of Madrid” by Ye Mi, “Someone is Coming” by Zhu Wenying and “Tears” by Jing Ge signed copyright cooperation agreements .

Fan Xiaoqing made a speech (photo courtesy of the organizer)

Su Tong made a speech (photo courtesy of the organizer)

Zhang Tan giving a speech (photo courtesy of the organizer)

Fan Xiaotian, director of Funa Film and Television, launched “Impression·Jiangnan Writers’ Films” in conjunction with many experts and scholars. The first film “Paper Cavalry” is adapted from Su Tong’s novels “Cavalry” and “Paper”. 72 individual awards of the International Film Festival, including major countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Japan, India, as well as Hong Kong and Macao of China, etc. , such as the highest award of the 55th Houston International Film Festival (2022) – Jury Special Award (only the highest score of A+ can be awarded the Special Jury Award); the 13th Macau International Film Festival (2021) Best Screenplay Award ; The 12th Indian Dada Saheb Falk Film Festival (2022) Film Festival Special Mention Award, etc.

Immediately after the signing ceremony of Impression·Jiangnan Writers Film, the script seminar of “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” was held. The guests at the meeting had heated discussions on themes such as “Warm and Realistic Creation from Novels to Films”, “How Films Show the Spirit of Suzhou and Jiangnan Charm”, and “How to Write Well on Major Social Issues”.

The script is adapted from Fan Xiaoqing’s novel of the same name that was nominated for the Mao Dun Literature Award and won the Purple Mountain Literature Award. Quanhe accompanies Wan Limei to the city to see a doctor, and reunites with Ma Li, who went to the countryside with her parents in the past 40 years. The city and the countryside, the present and the past, a story about “love” slowly unfolds…

Bi Feiyu, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association and chairman of the Jiangsu Writers Association, said that “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” is a famous piece of Chinese contemporary literature and a famous piece of Jiangsu literature. “I think this is Fan Xiaoqing’s best work. We think of Fan Xiaoqing When we are reading, we will definitely not ignore “Barefoot Doctor Wanquanhe”. Even when we go to the Wanquan River in Hainan, we will think of Fan Xiaoqing’s Wanquanhe. In this sense, it is also an honor to be a writer. Director Xiaotian especially likes to use points to measure a thing. How many points are already there, and one more point can be added. This spirit still affects me. Director Xiaotian is ambitious, A person’s continuous ambition, continuous burning, and his pursuit of a confirmed aesthetic point of view can eventually be accomplished, and his crazy, rational and persistent state makes my blood boil.”

Fan Xiaoqing, honorary chairman of the Jiangsu Writers Association and the original author of the novel “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe”, believes that the script completely and fully reflects the warm realism characteristics of Wan Quanhe, “Let us see that a person who is not very smart or even stupid is How moved two generations, and showed the spiritual dilemma and way out of human beings through the way of comedy, and the whole film is filled with a literary style of great feelings and great compassion.”

According to Su Tong, a member of the Presidium of the Chinese Writers Association, Fan Xiaoqing’s novels have a strong regional color and style, “Everything Xiaoqing writes is about Jiangnan, whether it is intense or lyrical, it is in this atmosphere. Xiaotian’s creative label is also Jiangnan and South. The cooperation between the brothers and sisters this time is a matter of course and seamless. The evaluation and reputation of “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” in the professional circle are obvious to all. The film and television adaptation of such a novel may give us Bring classic meaning, or new aesthetic value, as well as image meaning.”

Programmer Yongxin of “Harvest” magazine pointed out that through this script, one can see that it is a very real life with strong ambiguity, distinctive regional cultural characteristics, and distinctive personalities of the characters.

Ding Fan, director of the Chinese New Literature Research Center of Nanjing University, said that as a film style of the Jiangnan School, the long shots of the misty and rainy Jiangnan landscape poems in this film run through and melt into the soul of history and characters, highlighting the special aesthetic connotation.

Wang Yao, a scholar and vice-chairman of the Jiangsu Writers Association, believes that the film script has been recreated on the basis of respecting the original, with the superposition of history and reality, Jiangnan style and the spirit of the times, and tells a touching story. Sadness can be called a masterpiece of Jiangnan movies.

Jiang Min, the former editor-in-chief of “Yuhua” magazine and the president of the Jiangsu Provincial Prose Society, is very interested in this subject: “I always feel that Wan Quan and this character seem familiar. Mi, Dae-jin, is a somewhat magical, shape-shifting archetype. I love it.”

Zhu Wenying, vice chairman of the Suzhou Writers Association, shared that “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” is Xiaoqing’s most advanced novel in terms of the texture, capacity and readability of the text. Wan Quanhe is a small person in the big world. This small person determines the tone of the novel, which is absurd and full of sorrow and joy. “The script as a whole is very good. It starts from the story of contemporary Suzhou. There are some plots in the script, which are very real and magical realism.”

Jing Ge, a professional writer of the Jiangsu Writers Association, likes the script of “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” very much. He said that while watching it, he laughed and imagined himself sitting in a movie theater. “The black humor in the script is very good. I think The movie is bound to be a hit. There are a lot of things in the script that look unreal and absurd, but are actually very advanced.”

Screenwriter and producer Ren Sha analyzed from the producer’s point of view, “This is a very meaningful movie. My mother used to be a barefoot doctor. She cured a dysentery head in the countryside. It is something she is proud of. In it, there is the youth of our parents, and I think the group of parents will watch this movie in the future.”

Sun Xin, director of Suzhou Radio and Television Center’s Quality Creation Center, believes that “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” is a warm and realistic work, “The script is a good script and has practical significance. The ambiguity of the original work provides basic nourishment for the adaptation of film and television dramas.” .

Screenwriter and producer Zhang Tan has read the novel “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” very early, and he likes it very much. “Where to start the adaptation is very important. Director Xiaotian is very smart, and he has grasped the core issue of emotion from the original work. Because what really touches people is emotion. Ling is teacher Xiaoqing, and soul is director Xiaotian. The script’s views on life and the world are very touching. This can establish an emotional connection with contemporary audiences. Whether it is Wanquan He, Ma Li, Wan Limei, and Wang Senlin all yearn for beauty. We grasp the core of beauty, and as a producer, I hope to present it together with the director.”

As the director and screenwriter of the film, Director Fan Xiaotian, vice president of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association, said that he would seriously consider the opinions of experts, and at the same time shared his creative experience with everyone: “On the issue of film and television adaptation, I always feel that writers’ works The foundation is particularly important, just like “Paper Cavalry”, the core is that the boy with bow legs in Su Tong’s novel wants to be a cavalry. Wan Quanhe, who has suffered from meningitis, has a low IQ, and is kind to people from the bottom of his heart. Wan Quanhe has lived to this day, is old, still beautiful, still kind to people, and makes everyone around him warm. This is something that has been inherited from the novel to the script. In the process of adapting, Wan Quanhe has indeed integrated into my own life. I think a good creator should be full of compassion and love for all living beings. In some plots In terms of handling, we don’t like direct writing and direct writing, some are deliberately implicit, and some are deliberately created to leave room for the audience to think, we are also learning from high-grossing movies, looking for a balance between art and box office.”

In addition, director Fan Xiaotian also revealed: “Now we have only selected some of the characters in the novel “The Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe”, and some characters and their relationships, everyone likes it very much. Part five.”

It is understood that the film “Barefoot Doctor Wan Quanhe” is currently undergoing intensive pre-production, photography, art and other departments have already started a lot of work, and it is expected to start filming in April this year. The guests at the meeting expressed their expectation that this original Suzhou movie, adapted from a novel by a Suzhou writer, shot by a Suzhou director, and filmed in Suzhou, will once again shine on the Chinese and world film stages.

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