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The Fifth Central Branch of the Bank of Tianjin carries out education and publicity activities on the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests

The Fifth Central Branch of the Bank of Tianjin carries out education and publicity activities on the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests

On the occasion of the “3.15” International Consumer Rights Day, the Fifth Central Branch of the Bank of Tianjin, together with the Financial and Economic Committee of the People’s Congress of Hebei District, Tianjin, Xinkaihe Street, the Tianjin Regional Office of the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Cooperation and Development Promotion Center, and other units, focused on ” Key groups such as “one old, one young and one new” carry out the “Financial Consumer Protection is Around to Protect Rights and Interests and Prevent Risks” education and publicity activities to enhance financial consumers’ awareness of risk responsibilities, rights and risk prevention capabilities.

To fulfill social responsibilities, governments, banks and enterprises held exchanges and discussions

It is the common responsibility of the whole society to create a safe and fair consumption environment for consumers, promote the construction of a culture of integrity in the industry, and enhance the convenience, availability and sense of gain of financial services for the people. On the morning of March 14, leaders from Hebei District People’s Congress, Xinkaihe Street, Tianjin Regional Office of the National Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperation and Development Promotion Center, Tianjin Small and Medium Enterprises Accounting Services Industry Association, Tianjin Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Tianjin National Fitness Promotion Association and other units gathered together The Fifth Central Branch held a discussion. At the symposium, the participating parties conducted in-depth exchanges on how to optimize the consumption environment, stimulate consumption vitality, give full play to the fundamental role of consumption in economic development, effectively enhance the ability of consumers to protect their rights, and enhance consumers’ sense of gain.

During the exchange and discussion, the Fifth Central Branch publicized banking service policies and basic financial knowledge, and learned about the thoughts and expectations of enterprises as well as their opinions and suggestions on banking services. All parties increased communication and deepened understanding. In the next step, the Fifth Central Branch will strengthen communication with the Hebei District Government and various industries, and strive to promote banking institutions to translate rational suggestions from financial consumers into pragmatic and effective financial service measures.

Adhere to finance for the people and carry out content-rich publicity

On the morning of March 14, the Fifth Central Branch, together with relevant units, came to the Fangcaoyuan Community Service Center in Hebei District to carry out a publicity activity with the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks”, face to face with financial consumers, and listen to consumption It listens to consumers’ voices, understands needs, answers questions and resolves doubts, effectively enhances communication and understanding with consumers, and further enhances consumers’ awareness of financial risk prevention and rights protection. The staff of the Central Branch focused on popularizing the eight basic rights of financial consumers, strengthening the “three appropriates” principle, promoting the diversified resolution mechanism of financial disputes, etc., and combined common cases in life to explain financial knowledge from simple to in-depth. At the same time, we carry out financial fraud prevention propaganda and “age-friendly” knowledge propaganda for the elderly, reminding the elderly to establish the concept of rational consumption and rational rights protection, learn to use legal means to protect their own rights and interests, continuously strengthen their ability to resist risks, and protect their personal finances. information and “money bags.” By publicizing typical cases in the field of financial consumer rights and distributing promotional materials, targeted publicity was carried out on-site to sanitation workers, teenagers, new citizens and other groups to help consumers be alerted by the cases and remind them of the risk points of information leakage and information theft. , further enhance consumers’ awareness of risk identification and prevention, and protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

The Fifth Central Branch of the Bank of Tianjin stated that in the next step, it will continue to adhere to the “people-centered” development concept, effectively fulfill the main responsibility of protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers, and continue to create a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment. At the same time, we will give full play to our own resource advantages, support regional economic and social development with high-quality and efficient comprehensive financial services, continue to exert our efforts and assume responsibilities in key tasks, and fully implement the important requirements of “Four Good Deeds” into specific practices to provide a solid foundation for Contribute greater efforts to write a chapter of Chinese-style modernization in Tianjin.

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