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The fairy craft industry will continue its steady growth in 2023

The fairy craft industry will continue its steady growth in 2023

The “Xinhua·Xianyouxianzuo Industry Development Index Report (Fourth Quarter of 2023)” was released in Beijing today.

The report shows that in 2023, the Xianyou County Party Committee and County Government will make every effort to attract investment for the Xianzuo project, support enterprises to become bigger and stronger, promote industrial innovation and upgrading, increase brand promotion, and further promote the high-quality development of the Xianzuo industry. The average value of the Xianzuo Industrial Development Index in 2023 will reach 165.79 points, an increase of 4.0% from 2022, showing a steady growth trend.

Xinhua·Xianyouxianzuo Industry Development Index Trend Chart

Judging from the sub-indexes that affect the Xianzuo Industrial Development Index, the industrial strength index, brand influence index and development potential index all performed well.

First, the industrial strength index continues to grow. In recent years, Xianyou has focused on the supply-side structural reform. While the scale of Xianzuo industry continues to expand, it has also focused on the construction of industrial basic capabilities and the modernization level of the industrial chain, exploring new models of cross-border alliances in the traditional redwood industry, and driving the industrial chain to extend upstream and downstream. . The average value of the Xianzuo Industrial Strength Index will reach 125.40 points in 2023, an increase of 8.6% compared with 2022. Both the industrial scale and industrial benefit indicators have increased compared with 2022.

Second, the brand influence index is running at a high level. In 2023, the “Xianyou County Xianzuo Rosewood Furniture Industry Cluster” was selected as the annual Fujian Province small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industry cluster, and Xianzuo’s innovative experience in credit supervision entered the 4th China Urban Credit Construction Summit Forum. Expositions and trade fairs, especially the successful holding of the 11th China (Xianyou) Rosewood Furniture Boutique Expo, showed the new look of the industry. Xianyou continues to place Xianzuo public service advertisements on Beijing-Guangzhou Line, Beijing-Shanghai Line, Shanghai-Shenzhen Line and other high-speed rail lines, CCTV, etc., and releases the Xianzuo Index Report at the 2023 World Brand Moganshan Conference, constantly demonstrating regional development characteristics, Xianyou The average value of the brand influence index will reach 181.65 points in 2023, running at a high level.

Third, the development potential index continues to increase. In 2023, Xianyou will actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation to build a modern vocational education system that meets the needs of industrial development and lay a solid talent foundation; it will hold the “Sanfu Cup” and “Xianyi Cup” skills competitions, cultural creative design competitions, and Internet celebrity (Da People) carry goods special events and other activities to strengthen the cultivation of professional talents; by carrying out the construction of Xianzuo credit system, releasing top-level design plans, innovatively implementing digital registration and quality traceability projects for redwood products, strengthening intellectual property protection and enhancing the core competitiveness of industrial development. The average value of the Xianzuo development potential index will reach 190.34 points in 2023, an increase of 6.7% compared with 2022. The Xianzuo development potential index has continued to improve.

The picture shows Xianzuo classical craft furniture

Fu Xianghe of the China High-tech Industry Development Promotion Association pointed out that the Xianzuo Industry Development Index adheres to scientific assessment and dynamic monitoring, and is a “barometer” and “wind vane” that leads the high-quality development of the Xianzuo industry. Xianzuo industry accelerates the cultivation of new productive forces throughout the industry chain, emphasizing the consolidation of roots and cultivating new ones, and the “innovation power” of Xianzuo’s development continues to improve; it focuses on extending and strengthening the chain, and the “integration” of Xianzuo’s development continues to increase; it maintains brand value and Xianzuo The development of “soft power” is increasingly evident. The foundation for the high-quality development of Xianzuo industry is more solid.

Guo Linwen from the Cultural Industry Research Institute of Renmin University of China suggested that “Xianzuo” craftsmen and designers should pay attention to the individual needs of consumers, integrate modern technology, improve technical standards, strengthen research and development and design, keep up with the development trends of the times, and adapt to the changes brought about by scientific and technological development. Industrial optimization and upgrading needs to meet consumers’ desires for a better life.

It is reported that Xianzuo industry, as a traditional advantageous industry and an important livelihood industry in Xianyou, is not only an important starting point to effectively promote consumption upgrades and release new driving forces of domestic demand, but also an important carrier to stimulate regional economic growth and expand foreign trade exports. China Economic Information Service has long been committed to economic information services. In order to better observe the development level of the Xianzuo industry at different stages and provide a digital evaluation benchmark for the classical craft furniture industry, the Xianzuo Industry Development Index has been compiled. So far, the index has been successfully released for thirteen issues, attracting the attention of relevant government departments, industries, enterprises, experts and scholars.

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