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“The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” was released today to prevent the explosion of a giant nuclear bomb by sea, land and air

“The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” was released today to prevent the explosion of a giant nuclear bomb by sea, land and air

The Expendables 4 release poster today

Directed by Scott Waugh Starring Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Megan Fox, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Randy ·The movie “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” starring Kudrow, Andy Garcia and other actors was released in mainland China today, September 15, and a release poster was released. It has been 13 years since the first film was released. Many years later, this high-profile tough guy blockbuster will once again lead the audience back to the familiar and more popular world of The Expendables. Domestic audiences can experience this long-lost experience 7 days earlier than overseas audiences. Stimulate.

 Hollywood’s top stars passionately gather beautiful women and tough guys to fight in close quarters for double stimulation

The tough-guy blockbuster “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter,” which is eagerly anticipated by the world, was released nationwide today, and many movie fans are eager to rush to the theaters to witness the conclusion of this legendary series. The movie tells the story of the Suicide Squad’s shocking action to prevent the explosion of a giant nuclear bomb, and once again assembled Christmas (played by Jason Statham), Barney Ross (played by Sylvester Stallone), Turnpike (played by Randy… Familiar classic characters such as Kudrow (played by Kudrow), the skull logo appears again, and the familiar bar comes into view, bringing movie fans back to the passionate time of watching movies.

This film brings together Hollywood’s top action stars. In addition to the return of series stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Kudrow, Tony Jaa, Iko U Ace, two Southeast Asian action superstars, also joined the cast as a surprise, and “otaku goddess” Megan Fox made a beautiful appearance. Together, they will bring a thrilling battle to the audience.

It is reported that Stallone has revealed that the film will continue the previous high-intensity battle scenes, and the action scenes will be more direct, impactful and exciting. In the movie, there are not only close-quarters fighting and fist-to-flesh action feasts, but also the intense excitement of hard-core explosions and hails of bullets. The dual stimulation of the combination of tough guys and beauties not only brings the audience a surge of adrenaline, but also brings them back to the exciting world of death squads.

  Chinese audiences take the lead in watching movies and try out The Expendables, this news is really “dare to play”

Different from other contemporary action movies, the “Suicide Squad” series takes blood and power to the extreme. All kinds of tough guy elements fill the screen, muscles and heavy weapons, hand-to-hand combat and blood, bullet casings flying in the sky and endless explosions, simple and direct. , making the audience excited. “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” has upgraded its action and story. In addition to retaining the exciting features of bare-knuckle combat and exciting gun battles, the story is also based on the grand background of preventing the explosion of a nuclear bomb on a giant ship. We are facing unprecedented challenges. The mercenaries are annihilating enemies with full firepower, fighting for nuclear bombs in an isolated desert city, and a 10,000-ton aircraft carrier is being “exploded”… Focusing on the all-round confrontation of sea, land and air, the exciting and exciting scenes may become the strongest in the series. , the audience couldn’t help but say it was so enjoyable.

What is surprising is that Chinese audiences have taken the lead in trying such a blockbuster film, and fans around the world are waiting for feedback from Chinese audiences. At the previous premiere, many viewers said that the movie was “so cool! It’s so good at fighting! So exciting!” and “It’s worthy of being the ultimate version of the Suicide Squad series.” This made overseas audiences look forward to the movie’s global release.

  Thirteen years of final battle ignites the legend of the global Suicide Squad series and comes to an end

It is reported that it has been thirteen years since the release of “The Expendables 1”. This film not only shows the iron-blooded loyalty of The Expendables along the way, but also carries the nostalgia of countless people, who have lived through the video tape era. There is an irresistible feeling for this film. Now the classic IP series has ushered in the final chapter. For the audience, it is not only the end of the movie, but also a farewell to the memories of youth.

The movie “The Expendables 4” brings a perfect end to this series while continuing the classic storyline. Barney Ross ushered in his twilight years, and Christmas officially took over to lead the team to face the difficulties. During this period, old people were lost and new people joined, but in the end they returned to the bar, and the tattoos symbolizing the identity of the suicide squads on their arms were still shining. The legend of the Suicide Squad has come to an end, and where they will go in the end is left to the imagination of the audience.

The movie “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” is produced by Millennium Pictures of the United States, imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by China Film Co., Ltd., translated by China Film Co., Ltd., and promoted by Beijing Alibaba Pictures Culture Co., Ltd. The movie will be released nationwide today, September 15th, so stay tuned!

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