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“The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” pre-sale starts on September 15th. Stallone drives a helicopter to detonate the Pacific Ocean

“The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” pre-sale starts on September 15th. Stallone drives a helicopter to detonate the Pacific Ocean

The Expendables 4 pre-sale poster

The highly anticipated Hollywood blockbuster action film “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” held its premiere in Beijing today. The film is directed by Scott Waugh and stars Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Megan Fox, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Lan Starring Dee Kudrow, Andy Garcia and other actors. The Expendables series returns after many years, gathering together some of Hollywood’s most influential action stars, and is bound to present more exciting and exciting scenes of fierce duels. The film has been officially scheduled to be released in mainland China on September 15, seven days ahead of schedule in North America. Today, the pre-sale channel has been officially opened, and a premiere event in Beijing will be held in the afternoon.

  The Hollywood action blockbuster saw Chinese audiences watch the world’s first look at a super tough guy paired with a sexy goddess, which was very eye-catching

The starring cast of “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” includes many Hollywood heavyweight action superstars such as Jason Statham, Stallone, Tony Jaa, etc. The series has also been evaluated as “gathering the most capable fighters on the planet.” Men”. Tension, excitement, extreme power and fiery action scenes have always been its eye-catching trademarks. The film tells the story of Expendables veteran Christmas (played by Jason Statham) who is invited by Barney Ross (played by Sylvester Stallone) to participate in a mission to hunt down an arms dealer who has been on the run for many years. Crazy arms criminals stole nuclear bombs and placed them on aircraft carriers on the high seas. The purpose was not to kill people but to create panic to the maximum extent. Because once a nuclear bomb is detonated in another country, no one will be able to argue, and the Third World War may start. The difficulty of the mission escalates again. In order to prevent the situation from going to extremes, the members of the death squads are ordered to collectively go to the high seas in the face of danger. What kind of bloody storm will greet them?

Judging from the newly released materials, Megan Fox’s action scenes can be said to be very stunning, and her agility is not inferior even when facing a muscular man like Jason Statham. Jason Statham performed brilliantly in this film. After receiving a top-secret mission, he took on the important task of leading the suicide squad to solve the crisis. In addition to the hardcore fighting, there seems to be a very eye-catching emotional scene between him and Megan Fox in the film, which can be said to whet the audience’s appetite. This time “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” not only has regular actors such as Jason Statham and Stallone returning strongly, but the newly added powerful actors have also injected new blood into the Expendables series, which is full of expectations.

  The equipment has been upgraded again to refresh the aesthetics of violence to a new level. Pre-sales across the entire network and multiple platforms have officially started.

From the perspective of form and content, “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” is still an action movie that focuses on confrontational action scenes and adrenaline rush. Stallone has also said that this film will have more and more direct violence unabashedly presented in the picture. The film includes almost all the top action actors in Hollywood today, and fighting scenes account for more than 80% of the film. The action design is fast and fierce, and the fierce fighting moves are dizzying. Weapons and equipment have been upgraded again, ranging from cold weapons such as Nepalese sabers and nine-section whips to heavy-duty weapons of destruction such as rocket launchers and warships and aircraft carriers. The entire film is highly covered with heavy firepower, restoring the cruel attributes of the real battlefield to the greatest extent. In the factory, the death squads and the enemy vehicles raced side by side, killing the enemies with their hands while talking and laughing; they dived at night and were surrounded by powerful warships, challenging the limits of life and death in a hail of bullets. The explosive action scenes and exciting plot settings once again set a new level of violent aesthetics in genre films. The film is scheduled to be released in mainland China on September 15th, and pre-sale channels are now open on multiple platforms across the Internet.

This time “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” returns again, but it is also the final chapter of this series. The film is full of sincerity, both in terms of content and action and fighting. The realistic scenes of fist-fighting and thrilling plot arrangements make the audience’s mental state tense all the time while watching the movie. They can experience the exciting scenes of nuclear bomb explosions at close range on the big screen, as well as the high-intensity burst of hormones between tough guys. It is produced by Millennium Pictures of the United States, imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by China Film Co., Ltd., translated by China Film Co., Ltd., and promoted by Beijing Alibaba Pictures Culture Co., Ltd. “The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter” will be released in mainland China on September 15th, so stay tuned.

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