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The entrepreneurship story of the movie “Once We Were Hot” in Tianjin road show moved the audience

The entrepreneurship story of the movie “Once We Were Hot” in Tianjin road show moved the audience


On September 22, a meeting with the main creators of the youth love and entrepreneurship film “We Were Once Hot”, which was adapted from a true story, “Cherish the passion, examine the youth” was held grandly at the Qiushi Cinema of Tianjin University. Film producer Liang Qi, general manager of Tianjin Film Studio, Wang Zhehan, chairman of Shandong Lexuan Sports Group, Wang Siyun, deputy general manager of Tianjin Film Studio, secretary-general of Tianjin Filmmakers Association, director Ma Xiaogang and other creative staff attended the event. During this activity, I had a close communication with the students and talked about the film’s front and back scenes. After the screening, students praised the movie as “very real, very touching, and inspiring.” Director Ma Xiaogang also used this to encourage students to explore more and have the courage to start over after failure. It is reported that the film is currently being released in theaters. You can’t forget it and you can’t go back. A blazing journey of youth is in full swing.


The movie “We Were Hot” is adapted from a true story, directed by young director Ma Xiaogang, produced by famous Chinese musician Tao Jing, starring Zhou Zhengjie and Lu Yangyang, and starring Luo Mingyi and Hu Jiaxin. The producer adheres to the direction of realistic creation, focusing on the real growth footprints of college students in the ten years of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” practice, telling a true story with warmth and color from the age of 20 to 30, from campus to society.

The work takes the ten-year entrepreneurial journey of outstanding young entrepreneurs born in the 1990s as a clue, and uses a movie story with laughter and tears to explore how young people should position their “favorite career and favorite people” and how to face ” “The Strongest Buddy and the First Heart”, break through the halo of wealth and success, face the torture deep in the soul, and while sharing ten years of perseverance and struggle, they also review the shortcomings and mistakes in growth. The image tells the story of a generation planning life and creating history under unique social conditions and encounters. The movie is sometimes hilarious and sometimes tear-jerking, and the audience has strong empathy.

  The touching story moved the audience and the director encouraged the students on the spot

The movie “We Were Hot” brought together many outstanding young actors and presented a wonderful 104 minutes to everyone. According to incomplete statistics, during the entire movie viewing process, there were a total of 41 laughs, 9 whispers, and 5 tears. The response was extremely enthusiastic.


Faced with the enthusiasm of the students, the producer Liang Qi first thanked the students for coming and said that the film was very sincere and sincere, wishing the students to live up to their youth, live up to their encounters, and leave no regrets.

Director Ma Xiaogang also took this opportunity to encourage young people to explore more and face it bravely even if they make mistakes. Producer and character prototype Wang Zhehan started from his own experience and pointed out that the plot of the movie is far less cruel than reality. He hopes that through this movie, everyone can understand life and themselves.

  Producers of rare film genres share tips

The youthful love and entrepreneurship movie “We Were Hot” was officially released on September 16. As a rare entrepreneurial movie in China, many viewers said that it “filled the gap in entrepreneurial movies” and was “a very meaningful attempt.” , “It’s a memory shot for adults”… The audience thinks this is a movie that can instantly bring people back to their youthful memories. Every person and every plot in the movie is very real, and it is a movie worth watching. Movie.


The atmosphere at the event was also extremely lively. The students enthusiastically shared their feelings about watching the movie, and some even boldly raised their own questions. Chen Yu, the founder of the “Winter Warm and Worry-free” project team and a doctoral student at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University, and Ma Binglin, the founder of the pet health products project team and the School of Life Sciences of Tianjin University, discussed entrepreneurial financing and business models with the director and the film prototype Issues such as planning were discussed enthusiastically. Just like Wang Haoyu in the movie, young students in real life are also experiencing entrepreneurial exploration. In this regard, the producer Wang Zhehan patiently talked about the career crises he encountered during the entrepreneurial process and his unique and superb business methods. Logic, boldly shared the embarrassing things he encountered in the process of starting a business, and said that he must learn to be patient and flexible. At the end of the event, all the main creators also sent sincere blessings to the students, hoping that everyone would gain the power to grow in the film.

The movie “We Were Hot” is jointly produced by Tianjin Film Studio Co., Ltd., Shandong Lexuan Film Co., Ltd., Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Northern Film Group Co., Ltd. The film is currently being screened in theaters. Youth only comes once. I hope this film can encourage everyone to cherish their youth and work hard to realize their dreams.

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