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The enterprise innovation points system is widely used to help enterprises enter the capital market

The enterprise innovation points system is widely used to help enterprises enter the capital market

  Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone2021Year11Since being approved as the second batch of pilot units of the National Enterprise Innovation Points System in March, we have actively promoted the pilot work of the Enterprise Innovation Points System and achievedObvious results.The “Enterprise Innovation Points System” is based on the data evaluation of enterprise innovation points to create a variety of financial application scenarios and provide enterprises with full-chain debt and equity services.,forhave“Hard Technology”strength and broad market prospectsStart-up technologyProvided by enterprisesDiversifiedFinancing Services,Provide comprehensive support for enterprises’ technological innovation and economic development.

  As of2023Year10end of monthalready180RemainCompanies successfully obtained credit250Remainder, accumulated credit limit9.54billion.“Enterprise Innovation Points System“It has been widely used in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone, and its rich application scenarios have created unlimited possibilities for the development of enterprises in the zone.Many companies passEnterprise innovation points systemreceived financial support,and mentionedThe increased visibility has attracted the attention of investors and professionals, further promoting the development of the company.

  Tianjin Tianwu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asTianwu Intelligence) is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, promotion and application of lithium battery energy storage power station safety technology and equipment. The enterprise continues to develophaveProducts with independent intellectual property rights, highly creative and systematic solutionsalsoIt has been fully recognized by many well-known energy storage companies at home and abroad.

  With the continuous development of the enterprisegrowTianwu Intelligent hopes to introduce equity investment,for fundsto improveEnterprise R&D level. Zhao Yanqing, chairman of Tianwu Intelligence, said:“In the context of the enterprise innovation points system, the Science and Technology Bureau of Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone pays close attention to the development of innovative capabilities of enterprises in the zone. At the beginning of this year, we inquired about the enterprise innovation points on the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone Enterprise Innovation Points Management Information System.The score is76.8ranking high among start-up companies.After learning about our situation, the Science and Technology Bureau proactively provided support and assistance, including support in policy interpretation, project docking, and marketing promotion. At the same time, we also invited professional institutions to provide us with guidance and advice on equity financing.We have also demonstrated our technical strength and market prospects through the points-based platform, which makesTianjin Kechuang Angel Investment Co., Ltd.There was a lot of interest in us.finallysmoothlyWon200Ten thousand yuan of equity investment.

  Tianjin Kechuang Angel Investment Co., Ltd.General Manager Zhu Weiexpress:“Science and Technology Angel has been mainly engaged in equity investment of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the early stage for many years. It is the first government angel investment institution in our city that specializes in equity investment services for technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the early stage. Tianwu Intelligent is a typical technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise. , in line with the investment principles of science and technology angels to invest early, invest in small, and invest in technology, and because it has the endorsement of the enterprise innovation points system, we are more confident in the development prospects of the enterprise. We hope that Tianwu Intelligent can achieve “thrilling” with the help of capital Take a leap and step into the fast lane of development.”

  After obtaining equity investment, Tianwu Intelligent relies on its excellent technology andR&D technology level is higherGot itA step forward to attract more business partners this year3moon,Tianwu IntelligenceAs the domestic distributed energy storage market continues to expand, orders are pouring in.A lot of money needs to be invested.We will be there immediatelyThe points-based platform Financial Supermarket has applied online.‘Kechuang points loan’ product,Soon we willSuccessfully appliedarriveTianjin Rural Commercial BankScience and Technology Innovation Points Loanproduct, obtained360Ten thousand yuan pure credit loan.

  The person in charge of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank High-tech Zone Branch said:In the future, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank High-tech Zone Branch will continue to make efforts. Based on high-tech zones, serving small and micro enterprises, and providing strong and effective financial support for the vigorous development of technology-based enterprises in high-tech zones.

  Enterprise innovation points systemHelp enterprises in Binhai High-tech Zone solve financing problems,Obtain more development opportunities, and at the same time provide strong support for the government’s precise support.future, withenterpriseInnovative points systemWith the continuous promotion, I believe this system will bring more opportunities and value to more companies and investors.

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