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The energy storage market in Hainan has been opened, can enterprises such as Ruipu Lanjun create momentum for it?

The energy storage market in Hainan has been opened, can enterprises such as Ruipu Lanjun create momentum for it?

In the past 2022, China’s energy storage industry has maintained a momentum of rapid development. According to the latest statistics from GGII, the total domestic energy storage lithium battery shipments will reach 130GWh in 2022, a year-on-year growth rate of 170.8%. Among them, the shipment of electric energy storage batteries was 92GWh; the shipment of household energy storage batteries was 25GWh; the shipment of communication energy storage batteries was 9GWh; the shipment of portable energy storage batteries was 4GWh.

Judging from the data, electric energy storage batteries are the energy storage segment with the largest shipments in my country. GGII predicts that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, electric energy storage will still be the largest downstream market for energy storage. By 2025, China’s electric energy storage lithium battery shipments will be close to 300GWh. It can be seen that the future development space of electric energy storage is broad.

The potential of electric energy storage is huge, and the shipment of Ruipu Lanjun is TOP2

Not long ago, Hainan’s first grid-side independent energy storage Yaogu station battery energy storage project was connected to the grid and started. It is not difficult to find that Hainan has already regarded power energy storage as an important development project in the future.

In addition, more and more lithium battery companies are focusing on power storage as a track for development. For example, companies such as Yiwei Lithium Energy and Ruipu Lanjun are constantly “digging gold” on this track.

According to the latest list of “2022 Shipment Ranking of Power Energy Storage Lithium Battery Enterprises” released by GGII, Ningde Times won the first place with its strong strength, followed by Ruipu Lanjun, ranking second, and Yiwei Lithium ranked third.

Expansion of production capacity + innovative technology, actively explore more markets

It is worth noting that among the power energy storage lithium battery companies counted by GGII, Ruipu Lanjun’s performance is very impressive. You must know that it has only been five years since the establishment of this company, and it can be said to be very rare for its power energy storage battery shipments to break into the top two.

Of course, this has an inseparable relationship with its strong manufacturing strength. It is understood that Ruipu Lanjun currently has its own production bases in Wenzhou, Jiashan, Foshan and Liuzhou. As of September 30, 2022, Ruipu Lanjun’s designed annual production capacity has reached 32.7GWh.

Another important reason is that Ruipu Lanjun continues to innovate technologies, such as its top-mounted technology launched last year, which can maximize the use of the internal space of the battery and solve the bottleneck of the battery’s volumetric energy density.

In addition, Ruipu Lanjun also launched a new generation of multi-functional energy storage systems, including air-cooled energy storage systems and liquid-cooled energy storage systems. It is also these new technologies and products that have helped Ruipu Lanjun obtain a large number of orders, thereby boosting its shipments.

It is understood that Ruipu Lanjun’s products are not only very popular in the domestic market, but also widely used in overseas markets such as Australia, Europe, and Japan. In short, relying on strong manufacturing strength and innovative technology, Ruipu Lanjun will continue to work hard in the track of energy storage and open up more markets.

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