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The endometrium is as thin as paper, so it is not difficult to get pregnant!

The endometrium is as thin as paper, so it is not difficult to get pregnant!

We know that two conditions are needed to conceive life: full “

seed” and fertile”

soil”. And as the “cultivation of fetus”

“Soil” – “endometrium” can be said to be very valuable, because only fertile soil can breed abundant fruits. Ms. Zhang, who came to the hospital to announce the good news, was almost unable to conceive at first because the endometrium was almost as thin as paper. up…

Ms. Zhang from Liaocheng had an artificial abortion due to an unexpected pregnancy many years ago, and then she had abnormal menstrual periods. Sometimes she did not have menstruation for several months, and sometimes she was clean after a day. She went to the local hospital for a check-up until she was unable to give birth. The results showed that the lining of the uterus was too thin, which was the direct cause of her infertility and menstrual irregularities. This frightened Ms. Zhang, she sought medical treatment from many places, and tried both Chinese and Western medicines, but they didn’t work, and she was depressed all day long. Until later, by chance, I learned about Director Wu Yulan of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital through the introduction of her mother-in-law’s relatives, so I made an appointment online and came here with the mentality of trying.

Director Wu is explaining the illness to Ms. Zhang

After Director Wu learned about the condition in detail, he arranged for Ms. Zhang to do relevant examinations. The B-ultrasound examination showed that the thickness of Ms. Zhang’s endometrium during ovulation was only 2.5mm. The diagnosis: thin endometrium. According to the condition, the director formulates a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan: in addition to drug treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment are given to increase the estrogen in the patient’s body, improve uterine blood flow, promote the proliferation of uterine glands and blood vessels, and increase endometrial estrogen and pregnancy. Hormone receptor number pathway to improve endometrial thickness. With half-believing feelings, Ms. Zhang started the treatment to promote endometrial growth.

So, one month later, Ms. Zhang called excitedly, saying that her menstrual flow had increased significantly, the menstrual period had been extended to 2-3 days, and the menstrual flow had also increased significantly. The next month, the director performed B-ultrasound examination on her and found that the thickness of the endometrium was good. When the endometrium was close to ovulation, it was 10mm. Surprised and delighted, he shared the good news with Director Wu immediately.

The news that Ms. Zhang is pregnant comes from the other end of the phone!

In the outpatient clinic, there are many women who cannot conceive due to the thin endometrium. How should they recuperate in their lives? Is there any way to prevent thin endometrium? In response to these two issues that everyone is calling for, Director Wu suggested that you can do the following:

Patients with thin endometrium can be assisted by food supplements: such as eating more estrogen-supplementing foods, such as soy products, and eating more cereals, potatoes, mutton, black-bone chicken, etc. Of course, prevention is key! The first is to avoid infection and inflammation. Women without childbearing requirements should take contraceptive measures to avoid damage to the endometrium caused by unwanted pregnancy induced abortion; secondly, maintaining a stable mood and avoiding excessive tension is one of the most effective ways to regulate endocrine ;In addition, women must pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation. If necessary, they can place heat pads or warm water bags on the abdomen to promote blood circulation; the last point is exercise, which is good for uterine health. For example, practicing yoga is a good way to maintain the uterus. method.

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