The effort of raising a hand makes the owner feel at ease Xinyuan Group deeply implements the six-heart service concept

The effort of raising a hand makes the owner feel at ease Xinyuan Group deeply implements the six-heart service concept

In recent years, with the development of the social economy and the deepening of owners’ understanding of their own rights and interests, the property industry has come to a critical moment for re-positioning the market and looking for future development directions. A stage of deepening reform. Among them, for more young parents, child care has also become an important criterion for measuring the quality and height of property services. Not long ago, since Xu Xiao, Director of the Customer Service Center of Suzhou Huju Family, joined Xinyuan Group, he has deeply practiced the six-heart service concept, and has won unanimous praise from the owners for his meticulous and rigorous work style and warm and thoughtful service attitude.

Earlier, a female owner called Xu Xiao for help, saying that she had just given birth to a baby and planned to return to the community from the confinement center, but a neighbor was renovating, and she was worried that the baby would be frightened. She hoped that Xu Xiao could help rent a better decoration , and suitable for maternity and newborn recuperation house. After understanding the situation, Xu Xiao actively helped the owner find a house. After many contacts and on-site inspections, he finally rented a good and comfortable house for the owner. The owner kept thanking the supervisor Xu Xiao. It’s a matter of little effort.” Even in the face of the proprietor’s thanks later, Xu Xiao only said: “This is just a matter of little effort, you can contact me directly if you have anything to do in the future.” This undoubtedly becomes the service staff of Xinyuan Group who are responsible for the owner and serve the owner with heart and soul. true portrayal.

As the “son of Henan” that originated in Zhengzhou, grew up in Henan, and grew stronger across the country, Xinyuan Group has been deeply involved in property services for 24 years. The mission and the practice of the concept of “six hearts” service have become a banner for Henan’s local material enterprises to go out of Henan and develop in a diversified way.

In terms of service benchmarking, whether it is the first “living model community” in the Central Plains, the service model of Xinyuan Masters, or the continuous optimization of “Garden”, “Aristocratic” and “City” services, or the current ” The IP service model of “Red Property Digital Intelligent Community Quality Service” is exquisite. Xinyuan Group has always taken the creation of a beautiful home for the people as its own mission.

Today, Xinyuan Group, one of China’s leading pan-property industry smart operators, will further expand the scope of business services in the future. In addition to expanding elderly care services, home care, and life care for the elderly, it will also provide community retail, Mercure services, brokerage services, and some services related to life should strengthen childcare, parent-child, education and other services for minors, and strive to create a diversified service space, which will be one of the key points of future development.

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