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The dreamy green snow town opens and welcomes 30,000+ visitors on the first day, creating another winter boom

The dreamy green snow town opens and welcomes 30,000+ visitors on the first day, creating another winter boom

In winter, the snow in the snowy countryside is flying, like plum blossoms and catkins falling from the snow house. On December 23, despite the freezing temperature, the green snow town presented a lively scene in the cold winter. “Tesco Jinnan Enjoys Ice and Snow” Jinnan District Winter Consumption Festival and Green Snow Village Opening Ceremony successfully opened in Jinnan District Haijiao Garden Green Snow Village.

Mr. Liu Hongjie, Level 2 Inspector of Tianjin Municipal Commerce Bureau, Ms. Liu Yan, Deputy Mayor of Jinnan District, Mr. Xin Zhaodong, Party Secretary and Director of Jinnan District Commerce Bureau, Mr. Bao Tingkun, Party Secretary of Jinnan District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Party Workers of Haitang Street Office Mr. Li Wei, Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Lu Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of Tianjin Haoyang Huanyu Technology Co., Ltd. (Pocket Tianjin), Mr. Yang Chen, Co-founder of Zhongke Rapid Construction Group, Chairman of Gary Space Business Management Co., Ltd., and all streets and towns in Jinnan District and major media in Tianjin attended this dream opening ceremony.

The 20-meter-tall giant snowman was unveiled, setting off the prelude to winter carnival in Jinnan

During the opening ceremony, the 20-meter-tall snowman “Qiuqiu”, the largest snowman in Tianjin, appeared and attracted the attention of all guests and tourists. The cute blinking interaction and smart turning of the head gave this giant snowman a more vivid look, and the heavy snowfall People and the neighborhood wish tower echo each other, expressing everyone’s good wishes and expectations.

At the event, the Li Liang Festival’s Erdu performed in style, and the brilliant aurora show, dazzling fireworks show, fairy tale stage play parade and interaction and other wonderful activities all ignited everyone’s enthusiasm in the cold winter. The enthusiastic band performance and electronic music carnival formed a strong contrast between winter enthusiasm and severe cold weather. Throughout the next winter, Lvdong Xuexiang will continue to hold New Year’s Eve carnivals, Spring Festival goods markets, lantern festivals and temple fairs, bringing a series of surprise carnival parties to everyone this winter.

Challenging winter consumption habits, Jinnan Green Snow Village creates a winter ice and snow consumption climax

Ms. Liu Yan, deputy mayor of Jinnan District, and Mr. Xin Zhaodong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Jinnan District Commerce Bureau, announced the winter promotion fee policy of Jinnan District at the opening ceremony, and focused on promoting the economy and special business formats of Jinnan’s first store, which is the key to Jinnan District’s opening ceremony. The district focuses on important measures to enhance economic vitality and promote winter consumption, which will also vigorously promote the regional winter consumption boom.

Green Snow Village received an influx of 30,000+ visitors on the first day it opened. Citizens were amazed by this immersive ice and snow kingdom and expressed that Tianjin has another first-choice place to enjoy the snow in winter. A variety of food stalls, fun snow play activities, 100-meter snow slope slides, snowmobile shuttles through the forest, and a romantic ice and snow world that is perfect for checking in and taking photos, allowing everyone to fully appreciate the beauty brought by nature in the cold winter. The stimulating experience also breaks through the traditional winter habits of cats. They step out of the heating room and go outdoors to fully enjoy the four distinct seasons of nature.

A breakthrough in the year-round operation model, Lvdong Xuexiang creates a new model benchmark for truly northern outdoor neighborhoods

The opening of the Green Snow Township witnessed the continuation of the vitality of the Green Vibrant Street and the breakthrough of the year-round operation model. Since the Green Vibrant Street opened in August, it has welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors in more than two months. CCTV reported in-depth on it, forming a phenomenon-level craze and creating the peak of the summer street economy.

Faced with the climate challenges in winter and the restrictions on consumption habits in the north, Gary Space Commercial Management Co., Ltd. dared to break through the rules and create a fairy-tale town-like neighborhood of Green Snow Village. The entire block is covered with ice and snow, creating an ice and snow world of 30,000+ square meters. It is the first immersive ice and snow themed block in Tianjin and the largest ice and snow world in southern Tianjin. Create popular scenes such as polar snow mountains, the largest blinking snowman in Tianjin, a romantic neighborhood where real snow falls every day, and a stunning aurora show. Together with more than a hundred gourmet shops and a super-large snow park in the neighborhood, it has become the most unique attraction in Tianjin. An ice and snow themed neighborhood integrating gourmet shopping, fun snow entertainment, and ice and snow experiences.

At the same time, in order to stimulate winter consumption and improve the business operations of neighborhood merchants, the operator of Green Snow Township, Gary Space, issues millions of consumer coupons, which not only provides benefits to tourists, but also achieves a win-win situation for merchants and promotes the prosperity of the winter economy.

The holding of this event not only injected new vitality into winter consumption in Jinnan District, but also provided citizens with a brand new ice and snow experience venue. It is believed that in the future, winter consumption in Jinnan District will be more prosperous, and the ice and snow economy will also be more prosperous.

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