The development of smart medical care is improving, and the latest news on the listing of Yuanxin Technology


With the development of the Internet, my country’s smart medical care has also been further developed. By establishing an online medical service platform, it has effectively alleviated the shortage of medical resources and made medical services more convenient. The development of the entire industry is good, and of course it has attracted A large amount of capital has been invested, and they are optimistic about related medical and health companies.

According to the latest news, the well-known medical and health company Beijing Yuanxin Technology has passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is about to be listed. According to the PHIP Internet prospectus, as of August 31, 2023, the total revenue of Yuanxin Technology was 6.296 billion yuan, year-on-year. An increase of 34.3%. At the same time, the revenue of Yuanxin Technology’s three major businesses also maintained steady growth, among which out-of-hospital patient services and medical industry end empowerment services both achieved performance increases of more than 30%.

In order to better promote the construction of smart medical care, Yuanxin Technology has built a full-course patient service network that runs through pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, and post-diagnosis, and has continuously upgraded various ports such as the hospital end, patient end, and payment end to better The land empowers the medical ecosystem.

For hospitals, Yuanxin Technology empowers hospitals through technical means, helps hospitals become intelligent and optimize their operations, and assists hospitals in actively managing, coordinating and tracking the entire treatment and rehabilitation process of patients; for patients, Yuanxin Technology continues to Improve service levels and meet patients’ needs for out-of-hospital drug purchases with more professional, standardized and convenient services. Among the 322 Yuanxin pharmacies across the country, Yuanxin Technology has created a professional pharmacist service team. As of August 31, 2023, the Yuanxin Clinic pharmacist team consists of 678 professional pharmacists, including 36 pharmacists certified by MTM and CMTM, and On average, a single pharmacy is staffed by about two professional pharmacists. Yuanxin Technology’s professional in-house pharmacists and medical staff provide patients with a variety of professional services, such as prescription review, infusion services, medication management and pharmacist consultation.

For the payment side, Yuanxin Technology has established an innovative insurance technology platform, Yuanxin Huibao, focusing on innovative insurance products designed for new specialty drugs, inclusive commercial medical insurance, disease-related insurance, etc. As of August 31, 2023, Yuanxin Technology provided services to 177 insurance companies and eight reinsurance companies, cooperated with insurance companies to launch more than 40 new specialty drug insurance products, and assisted in the launch of inclusive commercial health insurance in more than 120 cities , and distributes a total of 55 health insurance products and manages 59.3 million policies.

Yuanxin Technology has built a full-cycle medical and health service around the three modules of medical treatment, medication, and insurance. It not only meets patients’ needs for high-quality medical services, but also promotes the continuous transformation and upgrading of China’s medical and health services. In the future, I believe Yuanxin Technology will also Continue to adhere to the patient-centered approach, continuously optimize and upgrade, and strive to continue to serve patients.


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