The customer has the final say!Industry Peak Spring Home Decoration Fair Huge Benefits Come


Every March, Yezhifeng Decoration Group will take out the biggest discount of the year, give thanks to consumers, and bring a wave of benefits to customers.

In March of this year, the first lottery of the 2023 New Year of “Spring Rejuvenation Home Yezhifeng Spring Home Decoration Exhibition” will be held soon. Yezhifeng will let customers have the final say, and bring you great benefits for the new year such as grabbing foreman, grabbing privileges, and grabbing discounts .

return visit systemxSalary mechanism

If the house is not well furnished, I will have no income

From January 1, 2022, Yezhifeng will implement the assessment mechanism of “clients have the final say”.

Yezhifeng expressly stipulates: return visits to every completed customer, the customer’s evaluation determines the employee’s income and promotion, and the employee’s income is “the customer has the final say”!

Two weeks after the completion of each decoration project, the agent of the customer experience and service center of Yezhifeng Group will conduct a return visit to the customer’s satisfaction by phone, asking the customer to evaluate the overall delivery of Yezhifeng. These evaluations from customers will determine the salary level of staff in these related positions.

In this way, for the sake of my salary and income, Yezhifeng’s service must satisfy the customer, so the customer’s house must be installed, and it will be installed!

Through this move, Yezhifeng hopes to tilt the salary to “employees who are better for customers”, forcing all positions in the Yezhifeng system that directly serve customers to improve their service levels, and better help customers “decorate a home”.

Supervisory ComplaintsxOne-click access

If you have something to do, you can find the chairman, and he will escort the decoration

At the peak of the industry, as long as you follow the official account of chairman Zhang Jun, you can directly reach the chairman with one click for supervision and complaints about decoration, and respond to decoration problems in a timely manner within 12 hours!

Zhang Jun promises: Every piece of information will receive timely attention and response, and there will never be any problems left unattended, and customers will be relieved of worries!

In this way, the quality of the decoration can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the worries of customers can be relieved.

The chairman personally speaks for the brand, which on the one hand reflects the responsibility and responsibility of Yezhifeng people, and on the other hand reflects the self-confidence of Yezhifeng people. It is precisely because he has enough confidence in Yezhifeng’s products and services that the chairman dares to stand up and endorse the brand with his own personal credibility.

In short, in March of this year, when you come to Yezhifeng for decoration, you can enjoy the high-quality service of “clients have the final say” and the decoration privilege of “one-click direct access to the chairman”, so that you can easily install your new home without any worries!

What are you waiting for? Come and have a look at the Spring Huanxin Home·Yezhifeng Spring Home Decoration Exhibition!


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