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The cumulative number of viewers exceeds 350 million!Jackie Chan Kuaishou Exclusive Summer Carnival Party “Electricity” Full Open

The cumulative number of viewers exceeds 350 million!Jackie Chan Kuaishou Exclusive Summer Carnival Party “Electricity” Full Open

At 8 pm on July 29th, Jackie Chan and his old iron friends started a summer carnival party. In the Kuaishou live broadcast room, the eldest brother sat and chatted with three or five friends, Lian Mai K sang to the audience in front of the screen, dialect version of tongue twister challenge, flower gun teaching and other interactive games made the live broadcast room happy in seconds. In the smoke and fire of gourmet barbecue, the veterans felt a strong breath of life, and also saw a different side of Jackie Chan. This is not only a celebrity live broadcast, but more like a gathering of friends, sharing and warming each other.

According to the battle report, Jackie Chan’s summer carnival live broadcast room had a total of over 350 million viewers, and the highest number of simultaneous online viewers exceeded 8.51 million. More than 19.3 million Kuaishou users successfully booked this “camping talk”. During the live broadcast, the number of fans of Jackie Chan’s Kuaishou account soared, adding more than 10 million fans. Up to now, the number of fans of Jackie Chan’s Kuaishou account has exceeded 72 million, becoming the celebrity account with the most fans in Kuaishou. Whether it’s the well-deserved “Big Brother” in everyone’s mind, or the “Uncle Long” that Kuaishou veterans prefer to call, Jackie Chan uses his sincerity in Kuaishou to make friends with the world’s veterans.

Jackie Chan’s 5G surfing, the game challenges “contrast cute” fans

In this “Camping Concert”, Jackie Chan specially invited Gem, Gong Linna, Nazha, Xie Nan, Xu Zhisheng, and Zheng Yecheng as his camping star partners. In addition, Kuaishou masters @李爱笑Aixiao, @广东雨神, @田斌, internet celebrity grandma @龙守守 and “Kuaishou Golden Voice” champion @[Shaanbei]Guoyan GLs, Suona-Xiaonan also successfully joined this grand event camping party. Possessing their unique skills, they showed off their skills in the live broadcast, and the golden sentences kept getting hotter. Together with Jackie Chan, they ignited the summer carnival night for the veterans.







Recently, Xu Zhisheng, who has frequently appeared in various variety shows and left many funny scenes for netizens, was warmly welcomed by Jackie Chan as soon as he appeared on the stage, and the “wig stalk” that cannot be escaped. It seems that the eldest brother is also a 5G surfing expert. In the Kuaishou hot song challenge, “Dinosaurs Resisting Wolves”, “Lonely Brave” and “To the Cloud” were sung by the elder brother in a new version. Then the challenge was escalated. Kuaishou masters @李爱笑Aixiao, @广东雨神, @田斌 played in turn. The Northeast version, the Cantonese version, and the Shandong version of the tongue twisters made the audience sweat for the elder brother. .

In addition to easy and interesting challenges, as an internationally renowned kung fu superstar, Jackie Chan’s live broadcast naturally cannot lack “real kung fu”. A flower gun is like a “toy” in the hands of the eldest brother, and the movements are smooth and smooth, attracting praises all over the screen. In order for the veterans to better protect themselves, Jackie Chan is also teaching self-defense on the spot during the link with Mai Nazha. The seemingly simple tricks can come in handy at critical times. Jackie Chan, who has portrayed countless images of a tough guy on the screen, actually danced a square dance with @龙妈口 during the live broadcast, and the contrast was full of cuteness.

The live broadcast turns into a KTV scene in seconds, and Lianmai sings to create a summer sound wave

Before the live broadcast of Kuaishou’s “Camping Concert” started, Jackie Chan sent an invitation to Laotie to request a song in the form of a short video. Fans’ wishes for listening to music will all come true in this “Camping Concert”! From “Ordinary Song” to “Twilight”, Jackie Chan, who started the camping singing mode, instantly switched the live broadcast to the KTV mode, and sang with full microphone to show off his singing skills. In addition, Jackie Chan also sang his masterpiece “Uneasy” and “Wild Wolf disco” with Gong Linna and Gem, respectively, in the form of Lianmai. Jackie Chan’s “Over the Hill” made Gong Linna cry directly, “Brother Jackie Chan left us countless beautiful movie stories, and passed on good memories through this song.”







Jackie Chan, who sings more and more happily, and the champion of “Kaishou Golden Voice”[Northern Shaanxi]Guo Yan GLs brought a series of golden songs, “Every Day in My Life”, “Clearly My Heart”, “Beautiful Myth” and others Familiar songs sounded in the live broadcast room. Netizens commented in the live broadcast room, “It’s all memories”, “I didn’t expect to hear my elder brother singing here one day”, “It’s still a good old song”… In addition, Jackie Chan and Kuaishou Daren @钟娜-小南cross-border cooperation belt The newly edited version of “Drunken Master”, every move makes people dream back to the classic movies they watched in those years.

The latest movie trailer premieres, Jackie Chan recharges his old iron with happiness

Jackie Chan, who debuted for more than 60 years and filmed more than 200 film and television works, is still active on the big screen today. In this summer carnival, Jackie Chan also brought his film “Legend” which he had just completed. When talking about the story behind the filming, we saw a big brother who was keen on “picking up trash” because he wanted to protect the environment. Jackie Chan, who has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, used his actions to influence the people around him. It is reported that the reward proceeds from this Kuaishou live broadcast will also be donated to the China Rural Development Foundation.

Time always flies by with friends. “It’s only been 3 hours, keep going!” Jackie Chan, who rarely broadcasts live, always wants to stay with everyone for a little longer. Accompanied by the chorus of “True Heroes”, Jackie Chan finally said goodbye to the veterans with a song “Hard to Say Goodbye”, and agreed with the veterans to see them live next year.

The entire “Camping Concert” adopts the favorite leisure method of young people today – camping, to better establish an emotional connection with users, and create a live broadcast atmosphere that allows people to truly relax and chat freely. In such an environment, whether it is Jackie Chan or the celebrity guests, they completely let go of the celebrity idol burden, and really play with everyone in the live broadcast, so that the audience in front of the screen can feel happy. In addition, during the live broadcast, Jackie Chan walks the dog, sings, barbecues, plays games, even quilts with gourmet food, etc., which is our daily life when we get together with friends. When we move our lives to the Kuaishou live broadcast room, when celebrities enter our lives, a summer carnival with old friends will become everyone’s energy station.

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