The cultural feast shines in Tianjin, and the arts and entertainment activities are out of the circle again? Tianjin MCC? Heyuehui “Colorful and Joyful Vitality Hexi 2023 Triple? The first urban cultural farming festival on the West Bank” grand opening

The cultural feast shines in Tianjin, and the arts and entertainment activities are out of the circle again? Tianjin MCC? Heyuehui “Colorful and Joyful Vitality Hexi 2023 Triple? The first urban cultural farming festival on the West Bank” grand opening

On April 29, 2023, the “Colorful and Vibrant Hexi 2023 Triple-West Bund First Urban Cultural Farming Festival” was grandly opened in MCC·Heyuehui, Tianjin.

  Gathering of big names·cultural feast shines in Jinmen

The opening ceremony of the 2023 Sanlian·West Bund’s first Urban Culture and Farming Festival kicked off on the afternoon of April 29th. Before the opening ceremony, children and students from Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui, the merchants in the venue, carried out a hand-painted ink scroll activity on MCC·Heyuehui Middle Street, showing the childlike beauty of culture with splashes of ink. The opening ceremony was presided over by Fen Fei, news broadcast host of Tianjin Radio Station. Traditional folk art activities such as children’s Peking Opera singing, classical dance, Jingdong Drum and other traditional folk art activities of Northern Performing Arts Group took turns, setting off a climax of the atmosphere on the scene; Presenter,"Hundred forums"Mr. Yan Chongnian, the founder of the new pattern, came to the scene to give a speech, and talked with everyone about the road of “creating new” traditional culture.

After the opening ceremony, Mr. Yan Chongnian took “Yan Chongnian Historiography” in the conference hall on the third floor of the Netcom Building to hold a national first book signing meeting. On the spot, Mr. Yan and Yu Xinzhong, Dean of the School of History of Nankai University; Chen Yiwang, the general manager of Taofen Bookstore, and others conducted academic exchanges and discussions on his book “Yan Chongnian Historiography Collection”, and took a photo with the book fans present. In addition, Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui also teamed up with Sanlian Taofen Bookstore, and specially invited professional musicians from Tianjin Symphony Orchestra to bring a cross-border candlelight concert to the citizens.

  Chaoyue Unlimited · Art and fun activities are out of the circle again

For the 2023 Sanlian·West Bund’s first Urban Cultural Farming Festival, Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui, with the theme of “Unlimited Farming and Innovation”, combined with the time node of the May 1st Golden Week, made every effort to create multiple Chaoyue activities and super-value gifts: “City “Cultural Cultivation New Field”, linking the merchants in the field, integrating resources from all parties, bringing citizens activities such as 24-hour reading marathon, planting poetry spring check-in; “Wild Fun Life 5.0” continues the success of its own schedule activities, according to With the theme of “Cultivation”, Huanxin customized the live show of Cultivation and Xinsheng College, the art graffiti of wild life members and other trendy activities; the “Bread Wake Up Market” gathered more than 20 independent handmade bread brands. Derivative activities such as the wild fun workshop, bread balloon weaving, bakery manager salon, and limited bread lucky bag spike, convened the city’s carbon water lovers to enjoy the early summer together; “Qili Youji” innovatively created Qili Chill House pop-up store, inviting interesting The soul confesses with the “fun” of life with balloons.

In addition to fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of consumers with rich, interesting and experiential activities, Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui also deeply cooperated with the brands on the site during the first Urban Culture and Farming Festival, and distributed super value benefits, and specially launched 69 groups of 100 consumption Promotional activities such as coupons, free gifts for consumption over 88, etc., to reward members for their support all the way and help release the vitality of the city. Rejuvenate the scene experience and stimulate consumers’ sense of participation and gain. This urban cultural farming festival will surely set off a strong cultural heat wave during the May Day holiday in Jincheng.

  Unlimited Cultivation·Business+Cultural Purchasing Fun

Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui has been constructing a neighborhood living consumption field with “situational consumption + experiential shopping” since its opening. The 2023 annual heavyweight cultural event, with the source of creativity of “cultivating new cultural fertile soil and harvesting new knowledge of all things”, will carry out colorful cultural activities in three stages through the three major themes of public reading, wild life and drama art, so as to enhance the Yeheyuehui neighborhood is full of vitality. After the end of the first Urban Cultural Farming Festival, MCC·Heyuehui will also continue to create a cultural atmosphere, hold a number of art and cultural activities and promotional activities, and provide consumers with better consumption experience scenarios.

In the past five years since its opening, Tianjin MCC Heyuehui has always been committed to gaining insight into consumers’ thoughts and thinking, and working with consumers to achieve a better self. In the future, MCC Tianjin Heyuehui will continue to adhere to the operating philosophy of “commercial + culture”, live up to the mission of central enterprises and national craftsmen, live up to the expectations of urban areas, provide consumers with a better life with high-quality commercial services, and promote it with commercial development The identity of creators and builders promotes urban upgrading and innovation, attracts citizens’ living culture, and creates sustainable value in Jincheng.

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