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The crime movie “The Beast” is released in a shocking release. Five highlights of the must-see Hong Kong movies this autumn are revealed.

The crime movie “The Beast” is released in a shocking release. Five highlights of the must-see Hong Kong movies this autumn are revealed.


  The crime movie “Trapped Beast” directed by Pang Fa, starring Chung Han-liang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with Myolie Wu in special appearanceShocking release,sinceSince the road show started on October 20,Traveled through seven cities, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Foshan,It has received numerous praises from the audience and sparked heated discussions on various social media. The audience directly commented:“The director is so brave to shoot” “The scale is so explosive” “Is this something I can see in the cinema” “The action scenes are so explosive” “The actors are crazy”“This film is the most warning of all Hong Kong films”“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a powerful and emotional Hong Kong film! It captures all the most essential and core commercial elements of Hong Kong films over the past decades.“.

  At the last road show in Foshan yesterday, producer Zhang Yang and director Peng Fa burst into tears, thanking fans and audiences for their company and support along the way.I believe that this ground-breaking Hong Kong film will definitely be released this autumn.Bringing a shocking movie-watching experience to the general audience!

  Highlights1: Fighting between gods! Protected by the gold medal creative team!

  Movietrapped beastPeng Fa, the director of“The Storm Dominates the World”, “Infernal Affairsrespectively won the18session,No.twenty threeBest Editing Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards,His control over crime themes is obvious to all, and he hopes to add new elements to traditional Hong Kong film types to give the audience the freshest experience. His miraculous editing skills are used throughout this film. The fierce fighting scenes, the tense atmosphere that is constantly superimposed and superimposed, and every production level skill make the story more and more vivid!In addition, Chung Han-liang, Ng Chun-yu, Cheung Siu-fai, Myolie WuwaitWith a group of talented actors joining the cast, I believe that the collaboration between a gold medal director and an award-winning actress can bring a different kind of spark.

  Highlights2: The scale is full!Hong Kong moviesA new breakthrough in genre!

  The story background of the movie is placed inAround the turn of the millenniumthe story perspective is no longer the well-known battle between police and robbers, but focuses onAt this sensitive and important time point of “the liberalization of gambling rights”, this is the first time that a film has brought the “earth-shaking” scenes of that time to the big screen, presenting to the audience the behind-the-scenes secrets and sins of the gambling industry and money laundering at that time. .Audience comments during the road showThe movie is so shocking! So brave to take pictures! I never expected to see this on the big screen! The director showed the consequences of gambling so explosively, which has the most intuitive warning effect.

  Highlights3: Hearty! Crazy confrontation of violent aesthetics!

  The movie “Trapped” continues Hong Kong film’s love foraction scenesThe pursuit of excellence,Downfooteffort.Not only personal fightingFist to flesh, all kinds of gun battles, explosions, car chases, satisfyingGot itaudience type“Cool movie”established expectations,rewardAn absolute sensory assault.for examplelast sceneAirport ultimate battle,Production team expenses300Ten thousand1:1Build the airport terminal in full real-life scene,Shooting day and night for 6 days,Strive to restore realityRushofFeel,Especially in the movie, the speeding car crashes into the fire system, and the various fighting and crashing scenes in the water mist are several times more difficult.This scene finally lived up to expectations, and the audience lamented these few minutesPresent the aesthetics of violence heartily and vividly.

  Highlights4: Steady and ruthless! The interpretation is relaxed and full of details!

  The trapped beast still fights, from the Spring and Autumn Period·Zuo Qiuming’s “Zuo Zhuan·Xuan Gong Twelve Years”.The original meaning of this idiom is that a trapped beast still has to struggle and fight. It is a metaphor for a desperate situation that still has to resist desperately. This is also the meaning of the title “Trapped Beast”.. Everyone in the film is trapped in different things. Jiang Wenfeng, played by Chung Han-liang, is trapped in the death of his sister.different fromPolice officer characters in previous police movies.He no longer symbolizes the traditional“rational” and even take crazy actions to express their pain and struggle. Zuo Junzhe, played by Wu Zhenyu, is trapped in the struggle between human nature and desire. His performance of both good and evil is a highlight. During the game, a few micro-expressions revealed the character’s ulterior secrets, and he has a firm and accurate grasp of the character.

  Highlights5: Still not finished!The lens language is clean, crisp and rhythmic.

    The video contains a huge amount of information, but the overall length is limited to97 minutes, it can be called high density and high quality! The director uses excellent rhythm to lock the audience’s attention, and the narrative is clear throughout, without a second of redundant footage.In Jiang Wenfeng (Zhong Hanliang) ) and Zuo Junzhe (Francis Ng) The hot pot game where the two reunited after a long separation played a key role in the subsequent plot.effect, every line of dialogue between the two heroes in the whole scene is a double entendre or even multiple entendres, which is worthy of repeated scrutiny.The director isTo a certain extentsuperiornot given to the audience100% clues, but leaving unlimited room for speculation, giving people a feeling of unfinished business.

  The movie “Trapped” tells the story of the turmoil in Tiger City around the turn of the millennium. In order to restore order and reduce the crime rate, the government decided to eradicate the corrupt underground entertainment industry and money laundering.With Fourth Master (Zhang Zhaohui) represented byDark forcesand Director of the Commercial Investigation Department Zuo Junzhe (Francis Ng ) secretly manipulated the situation and tried to take advantage of the opening of the market to fish in troubled waters.fightSeize management rights.With Jiang Wenfeng (Zhong Hanliang) The police (represented by the police) launched a thrilling showdown with them.

  The movie “The Beast” is directed by Peng Fa, starring Chung Han-liang, Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with a special appearance by Myolie Wu, Zhao Yanguo Zhang, Zhang Guoqiang, Ji Li, Gu Bin, Wang Keru, Zhou Kai, Yan Xiang, Fei Qiming kindly starred, Sichuan Devil Produced by Film Film Co., Ltd., Shanwei Film (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lanqiong Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huhushengwei Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengcheng Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Wuhan Legend Film and Television Art Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinyi Media Co., Ltd., Bona Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Zero Scale Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuni Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dalu Film Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Donglai Culture Co., Ltd., Hainan Fugui Jointly produced by Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zianran Film Co., Ltd.Now in theaters nationwide!

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