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The crime movie “Beast” released the ultimate poster trailer, and the “Greater Bay Area” audience praised the film for its fierceness and excitement

The crime movie “Beast” released the ultimate poster trailer, and the “Greater Bay Area” audience praised the film for its fierceness and excitement


The crime film “Trapped”, directed by Pang Fat and starring Chung Han-liang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with a special appearance by Myolie Wu, was released today“The Final Battle” trailer and poster, the trailer begins with Jiang Wenfeng (played by Zhong Hanliang) telling the background of Watson Group. “Sin City” Hucheng is about to open up due to the entertainment industry.The atmosphere is eerie, with forces from all sides taking turns to appear, and danger and madness everywhere.

  Video pre-sale is now open and will beIt was released nationwide on October 27 and is currently on a national road show. Today the crew came to Guangzhou Station and received numerous praises from the audience. They said that they found the feeling of watching Hong Kong movies when they were children, which was very exciting.

  The ultimate battle between Chung Han-liang, Ng Chun-yu and Cheung Siu-fai begins  The whirlpool of money, power and sex tortures human nature and is surrounded by dangers

The ultimate trailer ends withWatson Group, which has “beautiful accounts”, provides a breakthrough point to peek into the darkness of the “Sin City” caused by the collusion between government and businessmen.Jiang Wenfeng (Zhong Hanliang) While investigating the background of Watson Group, he accidentally discovered his former comrade-in-arms Zuo Junzhe (Francis Ng). ) became the fourth master of the evil force (Cheung Siu-fai). ) is a puppet secretly supported, trying to take advantage of the opening up of the entertainment industry to make huge profits.“If you divide it evenly, it’s more than a billion.” But behind the surface of “just seeking money” is still the “deadly” model of using loans to support gambling, tempting gamblers to walk into the abyss. In addition to these bright lines, this trailer released a hidden line full of details: Jiang Wenfeng found a huge amount of cash at home, how to launder it? He and Julie (played by Myolie Wu), the wife of the evil gangster, said goodbye with tears on their faces. Is there any unclear relationship between them? Jiang Wenfeng and Zuo Junzhe, former comrades-in-arms, faced off with guns just to get a truth, and the sentence “The plan you deployed two years ago can be officially implemented today“Who are you telling it to? More story lines are waiting for the audience to unlock one by one when they enter the cinema.

  The ultimate poster is based on a casino roulette wheel.Jiang Wenfeng and Zuo Junzhe stood with serious expressions and held guns, the evil gangster Fourth Master Yun Danfeng smoked a cigar lightly, Julie frowned in thought, Zhao Yanguozhang, Zhang Guoqiang, Ji Li, Gu Bin, and Wang Keyu appeared one by one. , everyone is like a trapped beast on a roulette wheel,Deep in the whirlpool of desire,Can’t find exit. And the only thing that can break out of the siege is probably humanity and kindness.

  Audiences in the “Greater Bay Area” praised the film for its high energy and Hong Kong flavor, and the creative work of the main actors expressed their gratitude to the audience

Recently, “Trapped Beast”Producer Zhang Yang and director Peng Fa came to Guangzhou with the leading actors Chung Han-liang and Cheung Siu-fai, as well as Zhao Yanguozhang, Gu Bin, Yan Xiang, Liu Yingyi, and Zhang Yaotian. After the film ended, the audience couldn’t help but cheered.I found the feeling I had when I was a kid watching Hong Kong movies. The director said that he would not only bring the most authentic Hong Kong films to everyone,andThis time, many novel elements have been incorporated, hoping to bring a fresher movie-watching experience to the audience.andChung Han-liang shared his experience of working with Francis Ng Zhenyu,he thinksWu Zhenyu is a very charming person. He has an aura of calmness and self-confidence, so that heWhen substituting into the scenarioIt will go very smoothly.Not only that,Chung Han-liang also reproduced the classic line in Cantonese: Not to mention eating spicy food, I have eaten everything from sweet, sour and bitter in the past two years.The director prompted,This line is very meaningful. What are the specific metaphors?needThe audience is left to find out for themselves. Cheung Siu-fai said that although it was not the first time for him to play a gangster, it was the first time for him to be so knowledgeable. He also warned the audience not to be greedy and never gamble.

  In addition to exchanging movies,The main creator also sent frequent messages to the audience“Welfare”, Zhong Hanliang played the “Princess Please Get in the Car” meme on the spot, asking everyone to hurry up and see the trapped beast. Cheung Siu-fai drew the challenge card and recreated the classic lines in the movie with the tone of the empress from “The Legend of Zhen?” At the end of the event, the main actors thanked the audience for their love for the film, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax.The audience lamented that the Cantonese version was very interesting,I didn’t expect to see such a different Hong Kong film this fall!

  The movie “The Beast” is directed by Peng Fa, starring Chung Han-liang, Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with a special appearance by Myolie Wu, Zhao Yanguo Zhang, Zhang Guoqiang, Ji Li, Gu Bin, Wang Keru, Zhou Kai, Yan Xiang, Fei Qiming kindly starred, Sichuan Devil Produced by Film Film Co., Ltd., Shanwei Film (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lanqiong Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huhushengwei Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengcheng Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Wuhan Legend Film and Television Art Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinyi Media Co., Ltd., Bona Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Zero Scale Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuni Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dalu Film Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Donglai Culture Co., Ltd., Hainan Fugui Jointly produced by Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zianran Film Co., Ltd., it will beReleased nationwide on October 27, 2023!

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