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The CPIC Blue Team has three exclusive seats in the top ten of the year and shines in the sports world

The CPIC Blue Team has three exclusive seats in the top ten of the year and shines in the sports world

Recently, the Xinhua News Agency Sports Department selected China’s top ten athletes in 2023. Zhang Yufei, Qin Haiyang, and Xie Zhenye, members of the “Pacific Blue Team”, were jointly selected.

In 2023, the international sports world is turbulent, various sports events are emerging one after another, and the Chinese sports world is full of excitement and excitement. Chinese athletes have fought bravely in major sports events and created miracles one after another, and a large number of outstanding athletes have emerged. Zhang Yufei, Qin Haiyang and Xie Zhenye, members of the “Pacific Insurance Blue Team”, stood out for their outstanding performance and were awarded the top ten of the year.

Butterfly Queen Zhang Yufei

In 2023, Zhang Yufei participated in the Fukuoka World Swimming Championships, Chengdu Universiade, Hangzhou Asian Games, and three FINA World Cup stops (Berlin, Athens, Budapest), competing in a total of 58 events, and won 23 golds, 4 silvers, and 2 bronzes. , ranking third among women in the World Cup’s annual total points. Zhang Yufei won 6 gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games and was awarded the Asian Games Most Valuable Player (MVP). At the World Championships, she won the women’s 100-meter butterfly event and won her first gold medal at the World Championships.

Frog King Qin Haiyang

At the 2023 World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, Qin Haiyang won three gold medals in the men’s 50-meter, 100-meter and 200-meter breaststroke events, becoming the first athlete in history to win gold medals in all three breaststroke events at the same World Championships, breaking a new record Men’s 200m breaststroke world record. He also won 5 gold medals at the Chengdu Universiade, 5 gold medals and 1 silver at the Hangzhou Asian Games and was named the Asian Games Most Valuable Player (MVP). He was crowned the World Cup Annual Champion at the Swimming World Cup. With his outstanding performance throughout the year, Qin Haiyang was awarded the title of FINA’s Best Male Swimmer in October.

Flying man Xie Zhenye

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, Xie Zhenye won the men’s 100m championship with a time of 9.97 seconds. Another “ten-breaking” performance boosted the Chinese men’s confidence in sprinting. Later, Xie Zhenye and his teammates won the men’s 4X100m relay gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. On the evening of October 4, he and his teammates were awarded the bronze medal in the men’s 4X100m relay at the Tokyo Olympics. This supplementary bronze medal is the first medal won by the Chinese men’s 4X100 meter relay team at the Olympic Games.

2023 is destined to be a bumper year for the CPIC Blue Team. In June this year, China Pacific Insurance joined hands with the Chinese National Women’s Volleyball Team, with swimmers Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang, and track and field athlete Xie Zhenye, to form the “Pacific Insurance Blue Team” to go to the stadium and win gold and silver in major events, gathering the power of blue. The shining moment. As members of the Blue Team break through themselves and create miracles time and time again, China Pacific Security Guards are silently guarding them and witnessing their every step of growth.

All the past is a prologue, and the new year sets sail again. Behind the heavy honor, the members of the CPIC Blue Team are still not slacking off, training hard and accumulating strength for the next competition. China Pacific Insurance wishes them to achieve greater success at the 2024 Paris Olympics. At the same time, China Pacific Insurance will continue to provide the members of the “Pacific Insurance Blue Team” with the most comprehensive protection with professional services and protect their love and dreams. .

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