The country’s first public welfare store micro-movie was released. Netizens: There are not too many such small stores

The country’s first public welfare store micro-movie was released. Netizens: There are not too many such small stores

On May 25, the country’s first micro-movie “My Little Shop and Me” was officially launched on Youku, and will enter Yunnan, Henan, and Shaanxi to hold local viewing ceremonies.

“My Little Shop and Me” focuses on the group of small public welfare shops: dumpling restaurants that invite people to eat for free, barber shops that voluntarily cut hair for the elderly, and free kitchens near the cancer hospital… In the whole country, spontaneously do things like this There are thousands or even tens of thousands of small shops for public welfare. They are the guardians of the neighborhood and the smallest unit of urban public welfare.

“No matter how small the kindness is, it is worth seeing. Behind every charity shop, there are hundreds of people who need help the most. They may be the elderly, the disabled, children, etc. We hope to put them on the screen, so that More people see them, help them, and gain strength from their true stories.” said Wang Ye, head of the micro-film producer MYbank Charity Shop Alliance.

There are 5 episodes in the “My Shop and Me” series of micro-movies. The main creative team researched more than 1,000 small shops in the charity shop alliance, and selected the most representative prototype stories, and invited small shop owners to appear in real life, using documentary The traditional shooting method strives to record the daily public welfare of small shopkeepers in the most authentic way.

“Hey, come out! “This episode tells the story of Tian Ye, the owner of Xi’an Chuan Chuan. At the age of 17, a car accident caused Tian Ye to be paraplegic at a high position, but he was not trapped. He opened a skewer shop, offered discounted meals for the disabled, and tested the barrier-free facilities in the 597 square kilometers of the main urban area of ​​Xi’an in a wheelchair with several injured friends. The survey summed up 1911 questions, and a barrier-free map was “walked” with a wheelchair.

After joining the Charity Shop Alliance, Tian Ye has more confidence in doing charity. He has increased his discounts, and all disabled customers will get 50% off on eating skewers. In the same year, he was also selected as “Xi’an Good Man” by the Cyberspace Administration of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee.

The prototypes of the other 4 films include: a free library opened in a rural supermarket in Henan, an anti-cancer kitchen in a corner of Beijing Leukemia Hospital, a “mobile family photo studio” where you can take pictures for free deep in the mountains of Yunnan, a group of free people all over the world A package shop… These small shops and shop owners are like people planting hope in the corner, warming the recipients, comforting the public, and becoming a measure of the city’s temperature.

There are still many shopkeepers like the prototype characters in “My Little Shop and Me” across the country. It is understood that the Charity Shop Alliance has supported more than 1,500 charity shops, which are distributed in 140 cities across the country. There are 550 small shops that have persisted in charity for more than 5 years, and the cumulative number of beneficiaries has exceeded 1.93 million. . At present, the public welfare alliance has been in operation for two years, and has received support from government departments such as the Civilization Office and the Internet Information Office of 10 provinces and cities.

Many shop owners feel that they just did a little thing, but in the comment area of ​​the film, netizens said: It is not ordinary to persist in small things for a long time.

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