The content ecology of Himalaya continues to improve and become a better self here

The content ecology of Himalaya continues to improve and become a better self here

In the past ten years, with the rapid development of technology and the rapid development of mobile Internet, Himalaya has empowered culture with technology, reshaped the value of sound, and made everyone a better self. Recently, Himalaya officials have collected a large number of audience clues. They told the story of growing up with the platform in the past ten years, and the huge empowerment effect of technology on culture has been perfectly reflected.

When Yongmin was studying at the University of International Business and Economics, in order to supplement extracurricular knowledge, she listened to audiobooks by Lu Xun and others on Himalaya. After graduation, Yongmin went to London to study abroad. Living in a foreign land, she listened to Himalayan programs every day, and the sound was her connection with her hometown. After working, because she came into contact with a project called “IamRemarkable”, she deeply felt that the value of women was underestimated. She wanted to work with all walks of life to inspire women’s power. In June 2022, Yongmin’s Women’s League also launched a podcast “Stone from Her Mountain” in the Himalayas. Through dialogues with wise and powerful female partners, they share role models’ stories, present diverse voices, and convey the energy of connection. Inspire women to grow.

Wang Huiling, a visually impaired girl born in the 1990s, is a die-hard user of Himalaya, and her experience is more representative. Wang Huiling graduated from a school for the blind at the age of 14. Huiling, who was unwilling to go to a massage parlor to engage in massage, put in several times more effort than ordinary people to prepare for the college entrance examination, and was finally admitted by Changchun University majoring in music performance. In a sound audition group, Huiling was dubbed by all the female characters in the book and received more than 1,000 yuan in remuneration. Later, Huiling became the anchor of the Himalayan audiobook. In two years, she read more than 5 million words and became a well-known anchor. In order to help more visually impaired, she also conducts public welfare teaching, tutoring more than 300 disabled students.

Wang Muhan is a first-grade student at the Primary School Attached to Tsinghua University. He is 7 years old this year. As early as when Muhan was still illiterate, his father would read ancient poems to him, and he selected many Chinese education audios suitable for children to listen to on Himalaya. Later, under the immersion of a large number of Chinese cultural audios in the Himalayas, Mu Han had the idea of ​​recording and speaking ancient poems by himself. He recorded and edited directly in the Himalayas APP, and soon finished a program. The audio is like Mu Han’s diary, recording his growth at any time. A large number of children grow up happily under the nourishment of the rich resource pool provided by Himalaya, and the educational value of the platform has been well exerted.

The ten years of Himalaya’s growth is a period of rapid development of the mobile Internet. Under the positioning benchmark of “content platform”, Himalaya has built a complete content ecology, which includes audiobooks, pan-entertainment audio, podcasts, knowledge sharing and audio live broadcast, etc. content. As of 2021, the total number of audios produced by the Ximalaya platform is 340 million, of which the number of audiobook audios is 4.9 million, and the platform has more than 100 types of audio content. With the continuous enrichment of Himalayan content and the continuous maturity of technology, it will bring greater value to different groups!


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