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The contemporary border-themed drama “The Great Ocean Road” officially wrapped on November 28

The contemporary border-themed drama “The Great Ocean Road” officially wrapped on November 28


  On November 28, the contemporary border-themed drama “Haidao”, produced by Tencent Video, co-produced by Rongyue Film and Television and Xinjiang Daming Sports Culture, was officially completed.

  fromThe production started on September 2 under the scorching summer sun, and ended in the early winter when the temperature dropped to subzero. In the past three months, the creative team devoted themselves to creation with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, overcoming the challenges of day and night. temperature difference,Strong wind and dustAfter being tested by harsh weather conditions and traveling for a long time, I handed over a passionate literary and artistic answer in the vast Gobi desert.

  The TV series “Haidao” was released in2022It was listed as the State Administration of Radio and TelevisionOne Belt, One RoadTV series with key themes, State Administration of Radio and Televisionour new eraKey projects of thematic TV series, Beijing Radio and Television Bureau14th Five-Year PlanPlanning key TV drama projects not only effectively highlights the major and unique subject matter advantages of the drama, but also demonstrates the high standards and high expectations of the competent authorities for the production of the drama.This drama focuses on“The Great Ocean Road”, the most legendary place on the ancient Silk Road, tells the story of passionate young people chasing dreams that is loved by global film and television audiences through motorcycle sports, and strives to outline a modern and inclusive, culturally diverse, united and progressive world. Beautiful Xinjiang.

  With the official completion of the drama and the release of many stills, many viewers and fans have begun to wait eagerly for the official broadcast of “Haidao”.“Can’t wait to have a hearty trip to the Great Ocean Channel!”

  Craftsmanship and polished quality

  Deeply penetrate the creative tentacles into life and people

  In the play, Lin Hao (Yin?), a young Han man who grew up in Xinjiang ) and Uighur young man Harik (Wal ) met on the Haidao Road and became brothers walking hand in hand in order to realize their common dream of becoming a professional motorcycle racer.In the process, they met Shen Di (Jiao Junyan) who was also attracted to this desert. ), and with the town cadre Hao Qiang (Liu Xiaohai) ) and Siren (Jane Na With the help of entrepreneur Zhao Youwei (played by Zhang Guoqiang) and people from all walks of life, he finally stood on the stage of world-class professional motorcycle rally. 

  Yin said that before the official filming, all the actors arrived in Hami more than ten days in advance to experience local life in depth.“We felt the simple enthusiasm of the local people, and we also deeply understood why the protagonist of this drama was able to realize himself in such a place.” In the play, Lin Hao and Harik are brothers who work side by side. Yin Hu and Waer also got along for a period of time before filming and established friendship and tacit understanding. “We trained together on motorcycles and went to the countryside to experience life together. First we got to know each other, then we became familiar with each other, then we became friends, and in the end we talked about everything,” Waer said. 

  When we were experiencing life, we really crossed the ocean.returnfacePassDilemma of being stuck in a car, even the satellite phone had no signal at that time, and the fear in my heart was very real.Fortunately, the local driver is more experienced and can take youWe’re out of no man’s land“, Jiao Junyan shared that a brand-new subject type and creative environment especially requires actors to study in depth and experience it comprehensively in order to better adapt to the needs of role interpretation. To this end, everyone immersed themselves in the local folk customs, “For example, we Attended oneUighur wedding,Passionate and grand,All guests jumpGot itone nightofdance“, Jiao Junyan said. 

  It is this kind of true listening, seeing and feeling that gives the actors abundant nutrients and inspiration. Liu Xiaohai mentioned that the prototype of his character was the original party secretary of Wubao Town.“Many times it is this land that calls you and gives you inspiration, especially when you see the eyes of the local people, you will know what to do. It is the feeling of devoting one’s energy to death.” Ganana specifically said Go to the town government staff and experience what their daily work is like, “They goWhen arriving at a villager’s house,It’s just likeSeeJust like relatives, it’s naturallandgreet,take the villagersthingTreat it as your own businessTreat it the same way.I was naturally attracted to themsimple,sincere,besidesInfected by diligenceGot it.

  Not afraid of tough challenges

  Interpret the story of dream chasers with the attitude of a striver

  As one of the areas with the strongest continental climate in the world, the Great Sea Channel receives very little precipitation, lacks groundwater, and has an abnormally dry climate. It is full of gravel and quicksand, and presents a vast desert scene everywhere like the sea.

  However, the mysterious style, passionate stories and dream-chasing spirit deeply attract the creators.From braving the scorching summer sun to enduring the cold wind of autumn, inDuring the filming period of more than three months, a group of staff members from all over the world gathered on the Dahai Road. They worked from dawn to dusk, under the stars and under the moon. They only rested for five or six hours a day, but they had to travel hundreds of kilometers back and forth. Faced with various unexpected difficulties and challenges such as sandstorms, they faced them positively and never backed down. Even though many actors were sick or injured, they still insisted on performing in person.

  In order to film this movie, Yin Xiang specially obtained a motorcycle driver’s license and learned off-road motorcycle riding in the Gobi Desert. Wa’er, who came here with a driver’s license, not only learned to drive an off-road motorcycle, but also learned to drive a tractor, forklift, and bulldozer.

  According to Du Guoao, the speeding director, “Haidao” specially selected actual scenes from the Dakar Rally and the Tour de la Rally, striving to restore the story of the dream chasers to the greatest extent possible. In order to balance professionalism and safety, the crew specially hired coaches to assist the actors in learning professional motorcycle driving knowledge and how to complete some special actions in bad weather conditions. At the same time, they were equipped with the most professional protective measures in China and on-site medical treatment. team,“After each shot, the rider came down, took off his helmet, and was covered in sweat. It was exactly the same as in a real motorcycle rally.”

  The creative team said that “Haidao” itself presents the story of the struggle of a group of dream chasers. Director Shen Yu revealed,“This drama is adapted from real characters. A three-year preparation period was invested behind the drama. During the overall three-month filming process, the people in this land were sincere and enthusiastic, and they felt that it touched their souls. I believe this is a valuable force in the current commercial film and television market.” The protagonists of the story have dreams, unremitting efforts, and surpass themselves. They use sweat and perseverance, unity and trust to jointly create the glory of life.

   “The creation of this story, we 2021I have been coming to Xinjiang since 2001, going deep into Xinjiang to dig out local stories and integrate into the lives of local people to understand the richness and prosperity of this multi-ethnic region. I have abandoned my past creative experience and used it to“Stupid way”, find the original intention of creation, and get close to each character to complete the creative process. “Chief Producer,Chief screenwriter Zhou JinxiangWhen I think back to the original intention of creating the story, I said this.

  Even though the process of filming “La Hai Dao” was arduous, it was also a rare experience of getting into the heart of the characters and the core of the story. With this true feeling, I started to create, and the characters, stories and spirits that were interpreted must have a sense of belief. It will certainly be convincing.

  In Zhang Guoqiang’s view, he feels very proud and proud to be able to participate in such a drama.“When we were shooting, we encountered a sandstorm and strong winds. It was impossible to put the scenery together and it was blown to pieces. In the harsh natural environment, everyone was still able to persevere. What our works show is exactly this land The indomitable and courageous spirit of the people above constantly stands up again and keeps moving forward. This is the spirit of the Chinese people that cannot be defeated. In order to dream and create a beautiful and happy life, we can conquer all difficulties without fear of danger! “

  Create audio-visual blockbusters

  Present the beauty of Xinjiang and competition with high-quality audio-visual effects

  The filming of “La Da Da Da Da Dao” in Hami, Xinjiang has continued to arouse the attention and yearning of the majority of netizens in recent days. In order to describe this magnificent and majestic land and show the exciting stories of this land, “The Great Ocean Road” aims at movie-level effects from every creative angle.

  Aerial photography instructor Zheng Xiangna said:“In order to capture the best light, we often get up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Because the sky is so big, scene scheduling is also difficult, and sports scenes pose many challenges to us. The speed of drones is generally up to 80 or 90 miles, so we The KTM racing car shot in this scene often has more than 100 mph. In the first month of filming, we ‘exploded’ three machines. This is the most number of ‘explosions’ we’ve had in a scene in our history. We used to do it four or five years ago. It only ‘exploded’ once.”

  It is not only a magnificent and shocking scenery blockbuster, but also a fast and passionate competitive blockbuster. The two together determine the unparalleled ultimate beauty of “La Hai Dao”. Editing director Wang Qi said frankly,“Under multiple difficulties, the shooting techniques have been innovated, and the editing department is also innovating. The unimaginable beauty of Xinjiang’s scenery and the beauty of the fast-paced youth movement made us eager to use our lenses to capture this visual impact. Bring power to the audience!”

  Everyone in the crew plays a different role, but they have the same mission and belief: to use their heart, emotion, and hard work to create a masterpiece that lives up to expectations, and to use practical actions to prove their love for the land of Hami.

  What deserves our attention and recognition is that “Haidao” reflects the continuous layout and production capabilities of Tencent Video’s joint creative team for high-quality dramas with positive energy. Tell more people the touching stories of Hami, Xinjiang and China.I believe that with the broadcast of this drama, audiences across the country and even around the world can not only appreciate the customs and progressive features of the beautiful Xinjiang, but also experience the various ethnic groups in Xinjiang.“I am in you, you are in me” is a blood and family relationship that is sweeter than cantaloupe.

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