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The cold plum in the golden age of building dreams? In memory of Wu Danmei, a member of the “China Life Hall of Fame”

The cold plum in the golden age of building dreams? In memory of Wu Danmei, a member of the “China Life Hall of Fame”

  In 1996, 19-year-old Wu Danmei joined China Life Zhejiang Haining Branch and started her career in life insurance marketing. From an ignorant girl to a professional elite, she is a TOT member of MDRT, a member of CMF Champions Alliance, and one of the top ten international insurance stars.ChineseVice President of Life Insurance Elite Club in 2003, member of China Life Hall of Fame…a series of honors have witnessed her struggle and growth.

In 26 years of marketing, Wu Danmei has always put customers first, and has provided services to more than 5,000 customers and provided insurance protection of nearly 10 billion yuan. With her professional and sincere service, this girl as tough as a winter plum has written a wonderful career chapter of her own in the golden age of China’s economic boom.

Forge professional capabilities with “excellent skills”

Wu Danmei grew up in Haining, Zhejiang Province. In 1996, Haining City had a reputation as “China’s Leather Capital” and “China’s Textile Industry Base”. More and more people came here to work hard for their lives and ideals. At that time, Wu Danmei was in the flowering season, amidst the vitality, eager to find a world of her own and fly as much as she wanted. She said: “The golden age is not behind us, but in front of us.”

  The rapid development of the insurance industry gave her a place to display her ambitions. Since entering the field of life insurance marketing, Wu Danmei has been through thick and thin and has never slacked off. She firmly believes that what she puts in will be rewarded.As long as the customer makes a phone call, she will appear at the customer’s side; as long as the customer has needs, she will serve attentively as soon as possible.

  Facing the new situation of industry development, she insists on being customer-oriented and configuring suitable insurance protection plans for customers according to local conditions. To this end, Wu Danmei insists on constantly learning insurance and legal knowledge, updating the knowledge structure in a timely manner, and strives to improve her professional quality.Persist in learning one step ahead of others and think more about your customers.She studied psychology courses and participated in Zhejiang University CEO class, Peking University EMBA, etc.By constantly learning and improving his comprehensive abilities, he has not only become a life insurance consultant for customers, but also helps customers properly handle and solve difficulties and problems encountered in work or life, and provides customers with professional advice.


(Picture: Wu Danmei participated in China Life Insurance Company’s honorary commendation and gave lectures)

  “If something is exquisite, it can move people, and it is only because of its concentration.”Wu Danmei often emphasizes that no matter how the market changes, customers must need more professional insurance agents. Professional marketing can bring customers a real sense of security. Only by helping customers solve problems with professionalism can we create our own value.Focusing on her career, having excellent skills, and striving for excellence in service have earned her high praise from customers.

Always have a grateful heart like “the crow feeds back”

  “I came from accident, like a piece of dust…” This is Wu Danmei’s favorite song “Grateful Heart”. She said that every time she hears this song, it makes her more grateful for the present moment and everything she has now. Looking back on 26 years of life insurance career,All the achievements I have achieved are inseparable from the development opportunities provided by the country and society, not to mention the company’s careful training and the trust and support of the vast number of new and old customers.

The crow has the meaning of giving back. As an insurance agent, its original intention is to protect the people’s better life, sending love and security to thousands of households. But apart from that, what else can you do to give back to society? Wu Danmei thought of charity.

As early as more than 20 years ago, Wu Danmei made one-to-one donations to some children from poor families. The furthest ones were children from two families in Sichuan. She donated from elementary school to college, which lasted more than 10 years. . She also donated money to a girl whose parents were terminally ill, providing her with school fees until she could start working. Now, she thinks about much more than that and hopes to do more for society.

Five years ago, Wu Danmei began to set up a personal charity society. By chance, she learned that Haining Education Development Investment Co., Ltd. had a project to support the educational development of schools for the children of new residents in Haining City, which coincided with her idea, so she immediately set off for the project. After repeated communication and negotiation, a million-dollar charity scholarship was finally set up in my own name in 2021 to help new resident children of Haining Boyuan School and Boda School solve their study difficulties.

(Picture: Wu Danmei established a million-dollar scholarship fund in her own name)

Progress with your partners on the “long journey”

“In this splendid life, we not only build dreams for ourselves, but also build dreams for others, illuminating each other.” On the way forward, while Wu Danmei is committed to becoming a gold medal life insurance person, she will also create An excellent life insurance team is our goal.

In her daily work, she actively strengthens the selection and cultivation of outstanding talents, leads a team of more than 50 people to continuously deepen and expand the life insurance business, establishes and improves the team development mechanism, and achieves mutual trust, mutual learning, collaborative progress among team partners, and comprehensive Stimulate team development vitality and work together towards higher goals.

Just as the waves are driven by the trend, they also contribute their meager strength to move forward. When the times create opportunities for everyone, everyone is also decorating the times with struggle. Wu Danmei has always had a passion for insurance in the past 26 years. From the warm care and love from one household to the boundless love of selfless dedication, she inspires and inspires every China Life striver with her firm faith, confidence and belief.

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