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The China finals of the “2023 Huayu Brilliant Ceremony HOT MAMA International Competition” were a complete success. All the stars came to support and witness the birth of the champion.

The China finals of the “2023 Huayu Brilliant Ceremony HOT MAMA International Competition” were a complete success. All the stars came to support and witness the birth of the champion.

  9moon15day,”2023Huayu dazzling ceremony HOT MAMAThe China Regional Finals of the International Competition came to a successful conclusion in Tianjin. After several months of fierce competition, the finalists from all regions across the country advanced to the finals.34contestants appeared on the stage of the finals, and the hot moms with different styles presented a visual and artistic feast to the audience. finally,30Player Cui Yushan was crowned the champion.19Number contestant Li Zhihetwenty threeNumber player Zuo Mengqi won the runner-up and third runner-up respectively. Miss Hong Kong champion Xiang Hailan, Hong Kong film and television stars Tao Dayu and Ao Jianian jointly presented awards to the first, second and third runners-up.

The top three contestants took a group photo with the award-winning beauties

  As an international beauty pageant,HOT MAMAThe international competition was held by Ms. Chen Tiemei, an outstanding Chinese woman.2015Founded in Houston, USA, with footprints all over the world33Multiple countries and regions.HOT MAMAThe international competition not only provides opportunities and platforms for hot moms to showcase themselves, but has also become a highly influential global women’s event. As the influence of the competition continues to expand,HOT MAMAYou may have made an annual beautiful promise with hot moms. This year,HOT MAMAThe international competition has ushered in its ninth grand opening. It not only pays more attention to the rise of Chinese women’s power, but also actively explores how women can love themselves more and truly please themselves in the process of switching between different identities. This is a competition and a training camp; they are rivals and partners. After several months of transformation, the hot moms made their debut in the highly anticipated stage and won the judges’ awards with their elegant demeanor, confident smiles and outstanding talents. and high praise from the audience.

  After the competition, the award-winning contestants also shared their moods and feelings. The China champion of this competition, Cui Yushan from Inner Mongolia, said frankly:“I am very grateful to the judges and the audience for their support and recognition. This competition has allowed me to meet many like-minded hot moms, and it has also allowed me to gain happiness and growth. I will take it with meHOT MAMAGive me the courage and strength to bring more beauty to the people around me in the next life and be a better version of myself. “

Wang Dapeng, Chairman of Huayu Group, delivered a speech

  Huayu Biotechnology(Tianjin)Co., Ltd., as the sole organizer in China, this timeHOT MAMAThe international competition has joined forces to present a wonderful and beautiful feast to everyone. At the finals, Wang Dapeng, Chairman of Huayu Group, sent his blessings to the competition and paid tribute to the diverse charm of Oriental women presented in the competition. Wang Dapeng said: “In this open and enterprising era, the ‘female power’ displayed by hot moms is brilliant and resonates with the times. Different women have different ways of expressing beauty. The beauty of oriental women presented by Chinese hot moms is not only Beautiful on the outside, it is both internal and external. It has a unique temperament rooted in traditional Chinese culture and has a broad and lofty spiritual vision.” Huayu Biotech is a national high-tech company dedicated to integrating biological cell resources and core antibodies with industry, academia and research. In this competition, companies use life sciences to help hot moms achieve their beautiful transformation. Wang Dapeng said that in the future, the company will continue to empower beauty and health, and protect the quality of life of the public.

  Miss Hong Kong champion and famous actor Xiang Hailan was invited to serve as a judge for the China finals.And awarded the title to the champion Cui Yushan at the competition site.In an interview with reporters, Xiang Hailan spoke highly of the performance of the participating hot moms. He believed that the beauty of the hot moms not only brought visual enjoyment to the audience, but their inner qualities and talents also showed the charm of mature women. During the competition, many hot moms shared their stories about life and work. Xiang Hailan was deeply impressed by the new look of the hot mom group in the new era. When talking about the personal growth and self-realization of mothers in modern society, Xiang Hailan said:“It’s great to see hot moms having their own pursuits and dreams and working tirelessly for them. Today’s moms are bravely challenging traditional role definitions and gender stereotypes. They continue to shine in the public eye through their own transformation. This kind of openness and positive attitude is the most rare thing. I hope all contestants will love themselves more.Be brave enough to show your beauty and charm.

  currentHOT MAMAThe elegance and intellectual beauty of Chinese mothers in the international competition were introduced to audiences across the country.Media friends from all over the country, Li Zixiong, Tao Dayu, Xiang Hailan, Ao Jianian, Gu Guanzhong and other celebrity friends, fashion industry people and self-media celebritiesVThey also came to support and participate in the grand event, witnessing the successful conclusion of this competition.

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