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The case of Magnetic Engine’s “Little Earning Youth” won the 2023 Golden Investment Award Grand Prize. Kuaishou’s brand marketing value was recognized by the industry.

The case of Magnetic Engine’s “Little Earning Youth” won the 2023 Golden Investment Award Grand Prize. Kuaishou’s brand marketing value was recognized by the industry.

Since the beginning of this year, social consumer confidence has gradually recovered, but the trend of returning to rationality on the demand side is also obvious. In particular, consumption in the first- and second-tier markets is becoming increasingly saturated. How to complete the exploration from stock to increase in the new consumption era is the focus of many brands. On October 11, Kuaishou was invited to participate in the 2023 Golden Investment Awards and held a special forum. Gao Yamei, Vice President of Kuaishou Magnetic Engine and Head of Marketing Business, shared the theme of “Releasing Ecological Advantages to Activate Business Increase” and told the industry about the three aspects of Kuaishou brand marketing. Great value, chat about new line marketing opportunities. On October 13, at the Golden Investment Award Ceremony, seven marketing cases submitted by Magnet Engine stood out and achieved good results in the competition for the Business Creativity Award. Among them, the “Small Earning Youth” jointly created with Yu’e Bao and China Youth Daily was even more successful. It won the grand prize. This is the industry’s recognition of the value of Kuaishou brand marketing. As a national-level short video live broadcast platform, Kuaishou continues to expand its user and content ecosystem full of trust and vitality, optimizes monetization models, improves business operation efficiency, and continues to help brand customers and merchants find incremental growth in the stock era and obtain deterministic business growth on the platform. .

Unleashing the value of ecological advantages and activating all links. Increasing business data shows that in the second quarter of 2023, Kuaishou’s active users have exceeded 673 million, covering 60% of the country’s Internet users, and Kuaishou’s user structure is similar to that of mobile Internet netizens. From another dimension, Kuaishou has more than 110 million active buyers, more than 238 million users in third-tier cities and below, and more than 263 million female users. Gao Yamei emphasized that this is an incremental group of people that cannot be ignored on Kuaishou.

At the same time, Gao Yamei said that the continued prosperity of content supply and consumption continues to hatch huge business opportunities. Compared with the same period last year, Kuaishou’s creators increased by 700,000 in June this year, and the number of monetizers increased by 74% year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, the average monthly number of brands on Kuaishou increased by more than 30% year-on-year, and brand self-broadcast GMV increased by more than 70% year-on-year. We see that more and more brands and businesses are using Kuaishou as their main business location. After long-term operation and summary, the value of Kuaishou brand marketing has become prominent. Gao Yamei summarized it into three major points: user attention, customer operation value, and platform content value.

First, where the user’s attention is, the traffic will be there. Exclusive live broadcasts by Kuaishou such as Jay Chou, Jackie Chan, and Jolin Tsai, copyright cooperation with sports events such as the Asian Games, NBA, and Olympic Games, big promotions and node activities on platforms such as Kuaishou CNY, 618, and Double 11, these are all super-large traffic portals provided by the power of the Kuaishou platform , forming the focus of the user’s attention in a short period of time. Second, by jointly investing in product and effect, long-term operations are more likely to succeed in Kuaishou. Gao Yamei affirmed that the superposition of product and effect will bring more transactions and new customers, make it easier to promote grassroots and increase conversions. In terms of the value of attracting new customers, the new customer rate of a single customer is more than 20% higher than the new customer rate of pure effect; in terms of superimposed purchases, the customer product-effective combined purchase rate is much higher than the purchase rate of pure effect resource users, up to more than 100 times. ; In terms of long-term value, the cumulative purchase rate of R3 people after 15 days of activity is 23 times the purchase rate of R1 and R2 people. For the entire scientific closed-loop marketing chain, Kuaishou has newly launched the “GTR” (GMV to 5R) calculation logic that uses business to calculate crowd assets. Based on the GMV target of the big promotion, it reverses the 5R crowd magnitude and asset gap that need to be stored. Although this calculation logic process is very complex, Kuaishou has commercialized it. Third, the characteristics of Kuaishou come from the new line, and go to the new line to get incremental growth. Data shows that on Kuaishou, New Line users are more sticky in content consumption. In terms of per capita consumption time, New Line users are more than 12% higher than High Line users; creators on Kuaishou from New Line and below cities account for 68.3%; third-tier users The GMV contribution of users in cities and below continues to grow, with an increase of over 34% in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. Kuaishou’s featured content inspires brand vitality. Gao Yamei used Kuaishou Village BA’s “Country Basketball Game”, “My Hometown Is Very Sound” Dialect Maiba Contest, Kuaishou CNY’s “Baoqiang’s Secrets to Getting Rich” and other marketing cases with Kuaishou’s distinctive content as examples, and used data to prove that Kuaishou It is becoming the first choice for new-line marketing of brands, and Kuaishou’s unique new-line advantages and integration of content, talents, products, etc. provide brands with unlimited possibilities for nuggets. By cooperating with regional experts to boost the popularity of various challenges, release brand customized content, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of regional users to participate; while innovative marketing products are launched from the dimensions of regional orientation, regional search, regional innovative interaction, regional interactive challenges, etc., through AI Empowerment to achieve regional traffic access and crowd penetration.

At present, Kuaishou has formed a new line marketing formula consisting of “a smoky city + people who understand them + new marketing functions”. Gao Yamei believes that Kuaishou is the first choice for new line marketing at the moment. Let’s talk about New Line Marketing and explore new paths for brand development. In the subsequent “Talking About New Line Marketing” Kuaishou special roundtable forum, New Weekly deputy editor He Xiongfei, founder of Xuehao Culture/Kuaishou expert “Xuehao Sister” and Gao Yamei had a chat together “Human Fireworks” in New Line Cities, discussing the new opportunities that new line marketing brings to brands, merchants, influencers, etc. As the siphon effect of first-tier cities gradually weakens, the population has a tendency to flow back to new-tier cities. In this regard, He Xiongfei proposed the concept of “liquid society”. He believes that the current situation is a liquid society. As the trend moves downward and the tide recedes, people’s work forms and models become more flexible, and the attraction of new-tier cities is increasing. Enhance. Since there is no hard survival pressure, the consumption potential and conversion value of the new tier group are no less than those of the first and second tier high net worth groups. Gao Yamei pointed out that on the Kuaishou platform, the content consumption time of new-line users is indeed longer than that of first- and second-tier users. At the same time, they have more leisure and have more money at their disposal beyond basic living costs.

Many brands find business growth opportunities precisely here. “Learn from Sister” started from his own experience and shared the positive feedback brought about by the brand’s initiative to embrace new market segments. She believes that brands can reach a broader market and more consumers by participating in new line marketing. And compared with the fast-paced life of large cities, small cities have more human touch and fireworks, and regional experts have greater influence. She gave an example of the open-air live broadcast she and Kuaishou organized for Libai in Zibo, saying, “During the live broadcast, the barbecue stall was surrounded by viewers, and everyone was making skewers with their left hands and shooting videos with their right hands.” It was more effective for brand marketing. In this era of increasingly sophisticated brand marketing, Kuaishou is looking for new models to improve efficiency and incremental conversion of existing products by “going to new lines” to bring more room for business growth to advertisers, merchants, and influencers, and to consolidate itself. While strengthening the soft power of product strength and marketing content, we will seize opportunities in new lines and create new growth points to enhance the certainty of growth.

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