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“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” has been officially announced for release date 2.6, a suspense drama with a costume legend and a mystery to kick off the new year.

“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” has been officially announced for release date 2.6, a suspense drama with a costume legend and a mystery to kick off the new year.

On January 31st, the ancient costume suspense detective drama “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” held a press conference for the “Night of the Tang Dynasty” at the Danfengmen Heritage Museum in Xi’an. At the same time, it was officially announced that it will be broadcast on CCTV-8 on February 6th. Exclusively broadcast on Youku. The play tells the legendary story of Di Renjie, a famous official in the Tang Dynasty who first served as an official. He repeatedly solved strange cases in various places during his performance of his duties, punished corrupt officials, protected coastal defense, eliminated gangsters, applied for laws, and helped the people. At the same time, he solved the mystery of his life experience. . This premiere was specially chosen to be held in Xi’an. The ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties, known as “Chang’an” in ancient times, was the capital of the Tang Dynasty. The Danfengmen site once left the footprints of Di Renjie and others. The rich cultural heritage and strong regional color made the audience start in advance. Immersive expectation mode, prepare to follow the footsteps of Judge Dee to explore the mysterious case and discern people’s hearts.

At the launch press conference, Wu Qian, chief operating officer of Youku and president of Alibaba Fish, Long Qian, president of Ruyi Pictures, and Gao Yin, vice president of 2016 Film and Television, were solemnly present. Xiong Yingli, cultural and public diplomacy counselor of the Dutch Embassy in China, was also invited. Wang Hui, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and director of the Civilization Office of the Municipal Party Committee, and Su Lan, director of the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Xi’an Qujiang New District, attended the event. Yu Jian, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, also sent a congratulatory message via video. He said that the novel “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is one of the important works for Western audiences to understand Chinese culture. “I am very happy to see that the TV series of this work will be broadcast soon. I look forward to it being translated into English, Dutch and other languages ​​as soon as possible to surprise overseas audiences and feast their eyes on it.” This press conference also invited three people from history and literature Special guests from the industry, Yu Gengzhe, professor of the School of History of Shaanxi Normal University, director of the Tang History Society of China, and speaker of “Hundred Schools Forum”, writer Han Songluo, and popular science writer Yuan Shuo, started from their respective research fields and shared their differences with the audience. The image of Di Renjie in the field of vision. “The Case of the Tang Dynasty” chief director Li Yunliang, chief screenwriter Jing Yu, and actors Zhou Yiwei, Wang Likun, Zhong Chuxi, Ji Ta, Ling Zi, and Yin Xiaotian attended as creative representatives. The interesting “Modern Public Examination” and “Workplace Mental Challenge” derived from the plot “The interactive laughs are endless and the audience’s expectations are fully met. At present, the number of reservations for the show on Youku has exceeded 5.6 million, breaking the record for the highest number of reservations on Youku, igniting a craze for the costume suspense track at the beginning of the new year.

  The layout of the Nine Mysterious Cases Unit is a hard-core reasoning about oriental koans

“The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is adapted from the novel of the same name written by the famous sinologist and diplomat Gao Luopei. The original work combines the essence of traditional Chinese public case novels and Western detective mystery novels. It has been popular to this day thanks to the three unique features of “author, translator and story”. Wu Qian, chief operating officer of Youku and president of Aliyu, mentioned that “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is “a historical echo across the centuries in the history of cultural exchanges between China and the Netherlands. It is also a two-way integration of film and television and literary works, and a two-way rush of Chinese and foreign narrative techniques. ”, the broadcast rights of the play have been donated to the Netherlands. Ruyi Pictures, which has been committed to the development and production of high-quality content, has won many heavyweight awards in the industry such as the Feitian Award, the Golden Eagle Award, and the Magnolia Award. The creators who pursue quality have joined hands to undoubtedly protect the high quality of the show. . Gao Yin, vice president of 2016 Film and Television, said that the company adheres to the concept of creating high-quality products and has created a series of realistic-themed works. “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” is the first costume masterpiece of 2016 Film and Television, which has gathered all the production teams for 9 years. The hard work of more than 30,000 creators in front of and behind the scenes has made this exploration possible.

The Phoenix Seal Case, the Screen Case, the Golden Case, the Legend of the Rain Master, the Red Pavilion, the Desert Murderer, the Empty Gourd, the Skylark’s Chirp, and the Chaoyun Library, the nine mysterious cases in the play are independent of each other and echo the main line. “Strong reasoning, The three strong elements of strong logic and strong reality create hard-core suspense. “The world is impermanent, but righteousness is eternal” is the essence of the original work, the basis of the adaptation, and the background of this drama. When sharing the original intention of the creation, chief director Li Yunliang said that in addition to revealing the process of solving mysterious cases, the theme of “Di Renjie is not afraid of hardships and dangers, adheres to the bottom line of the law, and walks the road of fairness and justice” is an important expression of the whole drama. Chief screenwriter Jing Yu recalled the script creation process and mentioned that what moved her most were the background details of Mr. Gao Luopei when he wrote the original work. As a diplomat, Gao Luopei used an old typewriter to type out the 1,400-year-old ancient text in the midst of war. In Eastern stories, the persistence of love is conveyed to the characters in the novel, which resonates with the present across eras and regions. Using a highly typified storytelling method to build a bridge of communication between ancient and modern times, and between the East and the West, “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” not only has vivid group portraits and wonderful cases, but also gathers cultural essence and sails the sail of communication.

  Recreating the human sentiments of the Tang Dynasty, the image quality is astonishing

During the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty, things were prosperous and the people were prosperous, and the territory was vast and the mountains and rivers were magnificent. “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” incorporates oriental aesthetics throughout the entire filming process, with simple color schemes and exquisite camerawork. The whole drama follows Di Renjie’s footsteps and travels to Chang’an, Penglai, Lanfang and other regions of the Tang Dynasty, showing the natural scenery of deserts, islands, central plains, and snowy areas, as well as the fireworks and humanities of streets, marketplaces, palaces, rivers and lakes, and diverse The scene restores the rich artistic conception in the original work.

In The Golden Case, the art team built a complete 70-meter-long ancient ship from the Tang Dynasty in a 6,000-square-meter studio at a scale of 1:1; in the legend of the Rain Master, the image of the Rain Master Chi Songzi comes from In the ancient Chinese classic “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, traditional cultural genes are fleshed out in the images. In terms of setting up suspense and foreshadowing, lens language plays an important role. Each frame is full of information, and the details of the physical evidence that can solve the mystery and trigger the reversal are hidden in it, striving to create an excellent sense of audience participation.

  Stars gather together to carry the new year and see the new Dee Renjie

As a well-known screen character, Dee Renjie is the “Super Detective” in the eyes of the Chinese people and is also known as “Oriental Sherlock Holmes”. However, the young Dee Renjie is rarely seen on the screen. The “progress bar is loading” Dee Gong is resourceful and moves towards a more stable and more mature life. Mature direction transformation with a big picture view. The actor Zhou Yiwei recalled that after he learned about the role of Dee Renjie, he remembered that he had visited Dee’s mausoleum in Baima Temple. The fate turned into a sense of responsibility for interpreting the role.

As the drama that opens the new year, “The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty” creates an audio-visual “New Year’s Eve dinner” for the whole family to enjoy during the Spring Festival. Familiar characters gave rise to new relationships. The “Detective Team” of the Tang Dynasty composed of Di Renjie, Hong Liang, Qiao Tai, and Ma Rong may have experienced life and death or love and hate. Several leading actors on the scene even spoke to the audience as characters in the play. “Selling off”: Why was Di Renjie appointed by the Queen to “find the truth”; how did he develop a relationship with Cao An, and what impact would the Chaoyun Library case have on their relationship; what is the hidden meaning of the sudden change in the lacquered screen in the screen case? What kind of secrets does it hold; what roles do the star-studded starring cast play in different units, and are they friends and foes with Dee Renjie? The sense of suspense and expectations of “If you want to know the details, they will be announced soon” are high.

“The Case of the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty” is produced by Youku, Ruyi Pictures, 2016 Film and Television, Leihai Guanlang Film and Television, and filmed by 2016 Film and Television. Zhang Jiayi serves as the art director. It is adapted from Gao Luopei’s novel of the same name and is directed by Li Yunliang. , chief screenwriter Jingyu, starring Yiwei Yi, Wang Likun, and Zhong Chuxi, special guest appearances by Zhang Jiayi and Zhang Ruoyun, starring You Yongzhi, Ji Ta, and Ling Zi, starring Li Chen and Li Naiwen, Yang Xue, Chen Duling, Wang Jinsong, Jiang Yi unit starring, Yin Xiaotian friendly starring.


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