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“The Case: Dawn is Coming” airs on air, Dong Xuangu Jiacheng’s partner in the case is back

“The Case: Dawn is Coming” airs on air, Dong Xuangu Jiacheng’s partner in the case is back


  On October 27, the Republic of China suspense mystery drama “The Case: Dawn is Coming” was officially launched exclusively on iQiyi and will be updated on time at 12 noon every day. As soon as the show was launched, it quickly occupied the first place on the platform’s TV drama soaring list and the second place on the online drama list. It exceeded 5,000 iQiyi popularity points on the third day of its launch. It can be seen that many netizens have high expectations for “The Case: Dawn is Coming”. A high degree of affirmation for the content of the series. The play is directed by Wang Liao, with Bao Mengmeng as the chief planner and Liu Yu’s team as screenwriter. Starring Dong Xuan and Gu Jiacheng, special starring Luo Zheng, Zhang Weiyi, Ran Xu, friendly appearances by Lin Jiachuan, Yang Zhengyi, Wang Mohan, Gao Yuan, Guo Xiangpeng, Xu Xiaohan, Qin Fen, Cheng Mengxin, Liao Mengyan, Wang Zhipeng, Jin Xuanyu, Zhou Yi, Luo Kangning and others star.

  This drama tells the story of Che Suwei (played by Dong Xuan), a forensic doctor and deputy detective in the French Concession in Shanghai in the 1930s, and Gu Yuan (played by Gu Jiacheng), the chief inspector of the concession patrol, who jointly solved seven mysterious cases and finally discovered these seven cases. The truth behind the conspiracy and the story of jointly guarding the peace of the concession.

  What’s eye-catching is that “Case: Dawn is Coming” combines original reasoning and uses logic to solve puzzles. The thrilling and bizarre plots of the cases are thought-provoking. Seven mysterious cases progress layer by layer, and the clues are connected with each other to reveal the mystery. Human nature is full of regrets. In addition, “Case: Dawn” introduces elements such as the Five Elements and Bagua of traditional Chinese culture, showing the unique charm of Chinese horror, highlighting the mystery of traditional Chinese culture, and whetting the appetite of netizens. This time, the Five Elements Sheng Ke Tu is used as the entry point for the case to promote the development of the plot cases in the play, and the correspondence of the sixty-four hexagrams is used as the breakthrough point to detect the case. The layers are layered, the rhythm is clear, and the suspense is escalated.

  In the dramas that have been released, it is not difficult for us to see the social problems behind the seven mysteries associated with the Five Elements Bagua diagram, the sharp thinking about women’s issues, the theory of retribution about the reincarnation of cause and effect, etc., all of which are for The unit stories told in “The Case: Dawn is Coming” give value and meaning.

  What is intriguing is that at the beginning of the play, the strange scene of Yin Zhentian (played by Lin Jiachuan) flashing across the cemetery seems to have left a foreshadowing for the audience.

  The unit story of this drama depicts many typical characters from the concession of the Republic of China, such as Tong Jiulong (played by Luo Zheng), Sun Pengyi (played by Zhang Weiyi), Deng Zixiao (played by Ran Xu), etc.

  It is reported that this play is actor Luo Zheng’s first attempt at a theme of the Republic of China, and he plays two roles in the play. There is great expectation for his image in the play.

  In addition, this drama is also the first time actor Zhang Weiyi plays a “good and evil” character after “Annual Comedy Competition”. His interpretation of the role made the audience say he is so good at acting!

  In the episodes that have been aired, in addition to the best detective partners of forensic doctor and deputy detective Che Suwei (played by Dong Xuan) and the concession patrol house chief inspector Gu Yuan (played by Gu Jiacheng), the concession detective team has also joined New members Yan Junjie (played by Yang Zhengyi) and Ren Mengyao (played by Wang Mohan) have been added. The addition of the two new members has “taken the nature of the “conspicuous package” of the crime squad to a higher level.

  The overall rhythm of “The Case Against Dawn” is brisk and clear, integrating the hard-core brain-burning thriller suspense elements with the relaxed and lively rhythm of the plot. Netizens who are paying attention to “The Case Against The Dawn” are excited and looking forward to it even more. subsequent plot development.

  The main creator of “The Case: Dawn is Coming” adhered to the original creative concept, worked with Dong Xuan and Gu Jiacheng to cherish the original intention and set sail bravely.

  The play is produced by Chengdu Film Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongyang Geiwo Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Geiwo Zhizuo (Chongqing) Culture Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Enxi Film Co., Ltd. Horgos Two-bit Entertainment Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiangcheng Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Walli Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Xiangshan Yizhuo Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Spark Pictures Co., Ltd., Changzhou Yimeng Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Sichuan It is jointly produced by Qixing Pictures Co., Ltd., Beijing Ximeng Culture Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Haifu Culture Media Co., Ltd. Filmed and distributed by Zhejiang Dongyang Geiwo Film and Television Production Co., Ltd.

  The drama is currently being aired exclusively on iQiyi, at 12 noon every day, let us spend the darkness together, the dawn is coming!

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