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The car show is back! “Fly!””Boy 2” is currently on the air

The car show is back!  “Fly!””Boy 2” is currently on the air

The automotive culture variety show “Flying!” co-created by Mango TV and GAC Honda. “Boy 2” has been officially announced and will be broadcast on Mango TV every Saturday at 12:00 noon starting from November 11th. This is the country’s first reality show focusing on the development of artist drivers and car culture. Here, twelve teenagers with a love for car culture are gathered here. They come from across borders to work together and work together for their dreams. Under the guidance of four professionals, Under the leadership of the manager, self-transcendence was achieved.

  The competition system has been upgraded and twelve drivers have gathered together enthusiastically.

As the “number one player” in the automotive culture IP variety show, this season’s “Flying!” On the basis of continuing the racing concept of the first season, “Boy 2” has comprehensively upgraded the artist lineup, competition rules and venue training. The new model not only adds many highlights to the program, but also allows the audience to experience competitive racing more intuitively. Charm.

The program brings together twelve teenagers who love, understand and play with cars. They are the lively Bian Tianyang, the serious car enthusiast Chen Junyu, the fugitive comedian Liu Dasuo, the sports fanatic Jeffrey Dong Youlin, theoretician Liang Tian, ​​Meng The new female driver Lin Xiaozhai, the physical king Shan Jingyao, the Siberian tiger girl Sun Rui, the brave and scheming Wang Xingyue, the hidden master Xie Binbin, the skilled Yan Xujia and the contrasting cool boy Zhu Zijie, these new and novice racers gathered in Therefore, an 8-day “closed training” was started, where they will accept challenges from the program team in a “team combat” mode, such as go-kart melee, quagmire challenge, sharp questions, endurance training, etc. The teenagers You will learn about car culture from scratch and finally drive your car to complete the 24-hour unlimited dream race.

In addition, the program team also invited four professional managers to support the players. They will accompany the students to face challenges and move forward in pursuit of their dreams. I believe that managers with professional racing concepts will also become a powerful force for the team members. provide them with more hard-core racing knowledge and skill output.

  Passion of passion jointly helps promote automobile culture

For a long time, GAC Honda has continuously gained insight into the car-playing needs of car owners and fans, created a more accessible car-playing platform for them, and helped more car owners and fans start their dream of racing on the track. As a result, it has gained the love of more and more track enthusiasts. . At the same time, with its innately strong sports blood, deep championship genes and strong fan base, it has become an irreplaceable first choice for consumers in the eyes of consumers.

“Fly!” The passionate return of “Boy 2” is also a new benchmark for car fun for GAC Honda to continue to help popularize and spread racing culture, further activating the desire for racing in more age groups and circles, allowing the general public to understand car culture, participate in car culture, and spread Car culture.

And this time “Run!” “Boys 2” brings a newly upgraded artist lineup and speed training camp gameplay. In the four stages of training, each team must complete various assessments of physical fitness, mentality, knowledge, and driving to obtain enough credits to win the final place in the competition. Qualification for the Infinite Dream Competition is full of suspense and exciting!

Riding the wind and waves with roaring blood, chasing dreams across borders with infinite love, the passionate competitive journey of the speeding youngsters is about to begin! Starting from November 11th, every Saturday at 12:00 noon, lock in Mango TV’s “Fly!” “Boy 2”, let us look for the original appearance of love in the speeding heat wave!

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