The big brother covers you, and you are not afraid of strong light. The new La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 unlocks high sun protection power.

The big brother covers you, and you are not afraid of strong light. The new La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 unlocks high sun protection power.

La Roche-Posay, an active and healthy skin care brand from France, uses a new upgraded formula of La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 [1] (La Roche-Posay New Special Care Clear Sunscreen 400) Realize true full-band protection and effectively defend against ultra-long-wave UVA[2] , The innovative sunscreen black technology Wheat Filter 400 directly hits the blind spots of sunscreen, and there is no fear of strong light. La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 unlocks a comprehensive upgrade experience, “covers” you to enjoy the sun with peace of mind, and your skin is not afraid of strong sunlight.

Big Brother 400’s sun protection power has been upgraded to truly achieve high protection power

La Roche-Posay Mobile 400 has undergone a comprehensive technological upgrade, adopting L’Oreal Group’s patented sun protection technology[3] ——White filter 400, strictly prevents ultra-long-wave UVA, and innovates a new benchmark in the sunscreen industry.Simultaneously compound 7-fold sunscreen combination[4] , Whether it is UVB or UVA, it truly achieves full-band excellent protection, creating a super sunscreen that covers the true full-band. Through full-band protection, La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 can not only effectively prevent sunburn and sunburn, but also prevent skin aging caused by skin photoaging.

Maisefilter 400 leads the 8 layers of protection, effectively defends against ultra-long-wave UVA, and strictly protects against ultraviolet rays in all bands

In order to have both high sunscreen efficacy and a clear texture experience, La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 has simultaneously upgraded the product texture. The new water-like refreshing texture makes the skin feel better.Inherited from the highly acclaimed L’Oréal Group NETLOCK patent[5] Technology enables the small molecule sunscreen lotion to form an ultra-dense protective net without dead ends to fit the skin, so that it is waterproof, sweatproof, anti-scratch, long-lasting sunscreen does not fall off, and the light texture brings powerful sunscreen effect that lasts without acne.

La Roche-Posay New Special Care Clear Sunscreen Milk 400 159 yuan/50ML

Campus tour of La Roche-Posay University, youth is overweight with “reason” guarding

In order to directly target young target consumer groups and people who urgently need sunscreen popularization, La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 airborne on the university campus full of vitality and innovation, and started the journey of youth upgrade sunscreen. The well-designed outdoor interactive area will become a youth check-in landmark in the university town, and a variety of popular science experiences will allow consumers to have a comprehensive understanding of the products and functions of Mobile 400.

La Roche-Posay united with the outdoor sports club, and together with “Li” there is no fear of strong light

For outdoor sportsmen who love the sun and the beach, the sun is a kind of enjoyment, but it is also a challenge. La Roche-Posay and the Outdoor Sports Club opened a surfing party of “Big Brother Covers You, No Fear of Strong Light”, and brought the Big Brother 400 to approach outdoor sports enthusiasts, not afraid of the heat, and love it wholeheartedly! The sunscreen experience area is specially customized for outdoor people, so that every surfer can become a fearless brave and intuitively feel the fearless sunscreen energy brought by La Roche-Posay Mobile 400.

The ingredients are mild and safe to use, and the formula is environmentally friendly and ocean-friendly

La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 selects mild ingredients such as VE, glycerin, and La Roche-Posay hot spring water. The formula is upgraded, and it can be used with peace of mind for various skin types. At the same time, as an ocean-friendly sunscreen, its formula can avoid causing coral bleaching or affecting algae photosynthesis, so as to ensure that it is more friendly to marine and aquatic organisms.

Immediately visit La Roche-Posay overseas flagship store[6] Witness La Roche-Posay 400 innovative comprehensive sun protection power, the big brother covers you, and you are not afraid of strong light!

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[1] La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 is the nickname of the product, and the product registration name is: La Roche-Posay New Special Care Clear Sunscreen 400

[2] Ultra long wave refers to ultra long wave UVA【380nm-400nm】

[3] Invention patent number: ZL201280036142.2

[4] Octylsalicylate, Uvinul T150, Tinosorb S, Mexoryl XL, Mexoryl SX, Avobenzone, Uvinul A+

[5] Invention patent number: FR 3073409-B1

[6] La Roche-Posay Big Brother 400 was launched at La Roche-Posay’s overseas flagship store as a cross-border e-commerce product.

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