The best equipment for spring fishing!Off-road cannon hard-core four-wheel drive + super large cargo box to help you “fish” to your heart’s content


In March of Yangchun, spring is full of vitality, and everything is full of vitality. For fishing friends, the way to open spring is to have a pleasant fishing trip. In the fishing circle, there are often contests of “desire to win and lose”-compared with fishing skills, “trophies”, and fishing equipment… If you want to become an eye-catching equipment party, one of them is indispensable. Tanye’s “outdoor artifact”, and the off-road gun is tailor-made for you. With the off-road gun, you can easily reach the fishing holy land in the depths of nature, set off with full expectations, and return with a full harvest.

  Strong power with time-sharing four-wheel drive to go to the ideal destination calmly

Gao Qiqiang said: “The greater the wind and waves, the more expensive the fish”! For fishing friends, the ideal fishing location is often hidden in the unknown deep mountains and wild ridges. With an off-road gun, you can reach your destination more easily. The off-road gun has two power versions of 2.0T gasoline and diesel. The gasoline version has a maximum power of 140kW and a maximum torque of 360N m; the diesel version has a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 400N m. The power performance is very impressive.

The engine is matched with the ZF 8AT gearbox. With the dense gear ratios brought by the multi-gear, the gearshift process is smoother and fuel economy is improved. With the blessing of 2.0T power + 8AT gearbox, the off-road gun has strong power performance, accelerates and overtakes in one go, faces steep slopes with confidence, and conquers the heights of nature with speed.

While having speed, the off-road gun also has good off-road capabilities. Its body approach angle is 30°, departure angle is 26°, and the ground clearance is up to 228mm. It is born for off-road. More importantly, the off-road gun is equipped with a BorgWarner time-sharing four-wheel drive system + electronically controlled differential locks on the front and rear axles. Facing the extreme wilderness environment, the four-wheel drive mode can greatly improve the passability of the vehicle and overcome difficulties and obstacles such as bumps, mud, and potholes. The off-road gun also has six all-terrain driving modes: snow, mud, sand, 2H, 4H, and 4L. You only need to “check your seat” according to the environment to match the best driving mode and make off-roading easier.

  A number of hard-core off-road equipment to face the challenges of nature calmly

The wild environment is full of “checkpoints”, and the four-wheel drive system alone cannot guarantee safety. For this reason, the off-road gun is also fully armed on other off-road equipment. It is equipped with professional off-road equipment such as creep mode, original wading hose, tank U-turn, T-MAX winch, etc., to improve outdoor off-road capabilities in an all-round way. Give you full confidence.

When encountering muddy, sandy and other soft driving environments in the wild, you can choose the creep mode. This mode can control the engine torque output, transmission system and brakes by itself, allowing the vehicle to pass slowly to avoid skidding and car trapping. When looking for fishing spots, you often pass through wading areas, and the original wading hose is your best “stimulant”. Called the wandering “ship”.

When passing through a narrow road near a mountain or a sharp curve, if the front cannot pass, the tank U-turn function can solve your problems. The principle of the tank U-turn is based on the electronic control system. The brake operation is performed on the inner rear wheel of the curve, and the outer tire runs normally, which greatly reduces the turning radius of the vehicle, so that the vehicle can “turn on the spot” like a tank, and avoid obstacles more flexibly. .

The joy of fishing lies in the joy of not being able to catch the fish when they take the bait, and also in the joy of harvest when they return with a full load. In the process of returning to the city full of “trophies”, we must also accept the test of the complex terrain of nature. If the vehicle gets stuck accidentally, there is no need to panic. The T-MAX winch of the off-road gun can help you get out of trouble quickly. With the help of 9,500 pounds of pulling force, the vehicle can easily get out of trouble, even if the vehicle in the same car gets stuck, off-road The gun can also act as a “rescue vehicle” to help teammates out of danger.

  The oversized trunk and expanded space can unlock a variety of outdoor games with one key

The ordinary fishing method is “one rod, one bucket per person”. Although it can be done “lightly packed”, it is difficult to have fun, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to transfer fishing equipment during the round-trip process. With off-road guns, all problems will be solved! The size of the off-road cannon’s carriage reaches 1520*1520*540mm, and its loading capacity is strong. It can easily accommodate multiple sets of fishing equipment, allowing you to bring three or five fishing friends to play together.

Great for outdoor fishing and camping! If you are leisurely and elegant, you can also bring outdoor equipment such as tents, cooking utensils, water tanks, barbecue grills, etc., to unlock more abundant outdoor gameplay – enjoy fishing during the day, enjoy picnic food in the evening, choose a place to camp and rest in the evening, and immerse yourself in nature In the arms of … that must be an unforgettable outdoor experience!

Not only that, the off-road gun also has a 2.5-ton towing qualification and has unlimited expansion space. As long as you have a C6 driver’s license, you can drive an off-road gun to drag various large-scale outdoor equipment on the road, such as locomotives, RVs, lure boats, motor boats, etc., and easily enjoy outdoor activities such as off-road, mountain running, and rowing. Not limited to fishing.

Off-roading and fishing are essentially a yearning for nature. If you have an off-road gun, you can enjoy the double fun of off-roading + fishing, and let the limited leisure time carry greater happiness. Now you can enjoy a cash discount of 1,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan when you buy an off-road gun AT model. There are also up to 110,000 24 installments of 0 interest and a replacement subsidy of 5,000 yuan. The superposition of multiple benefits is even more valuable. What are you waiting for? The plan of the year lies in spring. In this great time, you might as well go to nature together with the off-road guns and explore the ultimate life.


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