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The best choice for a foldable screen with a budget of 10,000 yuan?

The best choice for a foldable screen with a budget of 10,000 yuan?

The folding screen market is really busy now. Friends who are interested in folding screens are really spoiled for choice. Looking at products with similar prices, they don’t know which one to buy! Currently, except for Samsung and Huawei, the prices of 512G large foldables on the market are priced at more than 10,000 yuan. The prices of other brands are all controlled at 9,999 yuan. It is difficult to tell which strategy is better. But after my experience, I think the most recommended one among the 9,999 yuan price is OPPO Find N3! Want to know why? Then let’s take a look at my experience.

In terms of hardware, OPPO Find N3 has greater advantages in hinge technology than other brands of the same price range. The number of times it can be folded directly exceeds 100W, which is already a multiple of other products of the same price range. There is also the imaging system of Find N3. Not to mention products in the same price range, even compared with the more expensive Huawei and Samsung, it has a great advantage.

OPPO Find N3 uses a LYTIA image sensor supported by double-layer crystal technology. Through folding pixel technology, it achieves shooting effects with a smaller size comparable to a one-inch outsole sensor. It combines with the Hasselblad imaging system and OPPO Super Light and Shadow Image Engine to bring shooting Improvement of image quality and color. In addition, the telephoto end can also be called the strongest telephoto of the folding screen, which can achieve up to 3x optical zoom and 6x optical quality zoom. Let’s just look at a set of proofs and you can tell at a glance whether it’s a mule or a horse.

In addition to the excellent imaging system of OPPO Find N3, in my eyes there is another highlight that is different from other folding screens, and that is its interactive system. This is the feature that impresses me the most, and it also makes me think that in OPPO Find N3 The most recommended reason at the price of 9999 yuan. It brings a new set of large folding interactive solutions ‘panoramic virtual screen’.

On OPPO Find N3, you can call up the global Dock bar by long pressing the bottom, and you can select the applications you want to open, recently used documents, and quickly switch to the background. Among them, I think the most amazing thing is the parallel display of multiple applications. When an application is opened, the maximum display of each application can be guaranteed. There is no need to compress the display range of the application due to the limited screen area, allowing the 7.8-inch screen to give full play to the 15-inch screen experience.

In addition, Find N3 can also switch the display between the foreground and waiting applications through a unique application waiting mechanism, such as switching applications flexibly according to your own needs in a three-screen situation. For example, when you are traveling, you can read the guide while looking at the navigation, and you can also search for the hotel you want to stay in. For example, if the game needs to be updated, it can also be opened at the same time, and it will not affect the update status of the waiting application, truly realizing a The multi-function screen makes it an efficient tool in your pocket.

There are also some small highlights, such as the functions of File Anywhere and File Opening, through which files can be flexibly transferred in different applications; File Opening breaks through the ecological barriers of different systems on Apple and Win. On Find N3, you can directly open more than 40 file types, including Keynote, Numbers, CAD and other professional files, and your productivity is directly at the top.

OPPO Find N3 impressed me deeply with its imaging capabilities and experience comparable to a 15-inch large screen. And it is worth noting that the problem of sudden increase in body weight due to stacking of materials does not exist on Find N3. It is a rare thin and light flagship in a folding screen. Due to such a strong performance, OPPO Find N3 has also been evaluated by foreign media: With the N3 series, OPPO will compete with the international giant Samsung. It can be seen that the strength of OPPO Find N3 is indeed extraordinary. The machine was officially launched on October 27.

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