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The Beijing premiere of the movie “The Tide” was released in advance and received positive reviews, and its momentum is rising again.

The Beijing premiere of the movie “The Tide” was released in advance and received positive reviews, and its momentum is rising again.

On December 14, the premiere of “The Rising Tide”, a purely domestic dark reality revenge action film, was held in Beijing. Director, screenwriter and starring Ma Yuke, co-starring Zhang Jiahui, Ethan Ruan, Wang Dalu, and starring Chen Guokun, Lin Kai, Li Xiangxuan, and Chen Xiaoyi attended the meeting to share the creative stories behind the scenes with the audience and guests. The atmosphere was warm and rewarding. Full of positive reviews. Huang Jianxin, Wang Jing, Guo Fan, Wang Zhonglei, Gao Qunshu, Lu Yang, Shen Ao, Qiao Shan, Huang Zhizhong, Lin Yongjian, Yi Xiaoxing, Wu Yue, Liu Tianzuo and other big names in the industry showed up to watch the movie and called for the film and praised it. The film is ruthless, exciting and extreme enough to inject vitality into domestic crime action films! The film has been screened nationwide and will be released nationwide on December 16.

  All the ruthless members set off a hormonal frenzy and conquered the audience in a peak showdown

The premiere was packed with seats, and thousands of viewers were the first to unlock “The Furious”. The film’s hearty fighting scenes and reversal of the surprising narrative attracted praise from the audience, who exclaimed, “It’s cruel enough! It’s exciting enough! It’s extreme enough!” After watching the movie, the main creators also came to the scene to share with the audience.

Director Ma Yuke said frankly, “I want to tell a story seriously that I think is good-looking”, and his bold attempt finally sublimated a dark revenge story into a chivalrous story. In this regard, Nick Cheung also said frankly, “When I had a bloody fight with my enemy in the end, the passionate feeling was very burning.”

Talking about their respective roles, Ethan Ruan said that the crazy criminal policeman Mai Langwen was a person who suffered great pain. “The pain forced him to move towards his goal, even if the journey was full of thorns and long.” Wang Dalu broke through the screen image as a gangster. Ma Wenkang, his confidant, seems cold but has flesh and blood. When the audience asked about the reason for the scar on his face, Wang Dalu said, “I hope the director can make a prequel and film more stories behind it.” In addition, Chen Guokun challenged the Yuzhong villain for the first time and performed well. Very eye-catching. Wang Ruopu, played by Lian Kai, calls himself the “boxer briefs killer”. Lee Sang-hyun, who plays Benji, revealed a little trick to cultivate a tacit understanding with Ethan Ruan, which is to activate the character’s state by “finding scolding”. Chen Le, played by Chen Xiaoyi, made the audience feel extremely distressed. This girl with great energy in life left a deep impression on the audience.

  The subject matter is ruthless enough to present the ultimate without blind spots. It is well received and recognized by big names as a new breakthrough in domestic genre films.

As a purely domestic dark reality revenge action film, “The Furious” has also won professional recognition from the industry. Big names present praised the film as a new breakthrough for domestic genre films. It not only has a unique narrative, but also has a strong sense of reality.

Director Huang Jianxin carefully interpreted the core of the story of “The Rage” and analyzed its breakthrough as a genre film. He commented that the movie “The Rage” constitutes a particularly complex emotional system in the story. Through intense fighting, it shows a strong The hormonal tension fully demonstrates the excitement of genre movies. Director Guo Fan praised “This film is a very rare type in China, and the style is particularly sharp.” Director Lu Yang was impressed by the handheld camera used in the movie. “Handheld camera is a very difficult thing. It is a very powerful and exploratory thing.” The director of the Olympic bid said: “Mainland has reserved its best self for “The Furious Tide”. When telling us before, it also hid the wonderful twists and turns. The movie “The Furious Tide” has actor-level performances, passionate scenes and explosive scenes. Let’s cheer for Chinese movies together.” Many senior directors and actors exchanged views with each other, and the atmosphere was lively. At the end of the exchange, Director Ma Yuke also expressed his most sincere gratitude to many senior colleagues and said that he would continue to work hard. Steadily and quietly strive to make more good movies for the audience.

The movie “Rage” not only brings an audio-visual feast to the audience, but also sends shock and emotion to the hearts of every audience, and will embark on a journey of resolving hatred with the audience at the end of the year.

The movie “Raging Tide” is produced by iQiyi Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hengye Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Maoyan Film Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Hengye Wrangler Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. . The movie “The Rage” is currently on hot pre-sale. The film has been screened nationwide and will be officially released on December 16th. Let’s relieve our hatred at the end of the year! Get rid of bad luck! keep us safe!

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