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The Beijing premiere of the movie “The Beast” ignited the audience. The Hong Kong film-breaking work aroused heated discussion among the audience.

The Beijing premiere of the movie “The Beast” ignited the audience. The Hong Kong film-breaking work aroused heated discussion among the audience.


The crime movie “Beast” started its multi-city roadshow on October 21 and has received numerous praises. Recently, chief producer Zhang Yang, director Peng Fa, starring Chung Han-liang and Cheung Siu-fai, and starring Zhao Yanguozhang, Ji Li, Wang Keru, Zhou Kai, and Yanxiang attended the Beijing premiere of “The Beast”. The atmosphere was explosive and the audience was excited. “The fighting scene is quite explosive”, “The director dared to shoot it and the actors can perform it” “The story is very shocking” “The struggle of human desires and the intrigues of different forces are all vividly displayed” “The ending is really satisfying” “It feels like returning to Hong Kong movies The golden age.”

In addition, “Trapped”, as a transcendent work of traditional Hong Kong police and gangster films, has created the temperament of this autumn’s “criminal and exciting” hard-core movie from its presentation techniques to story content, triggering heated discussions in the industry. The film will be released nationwide at 18:00 on Friday, October 27, and pre-sale is in full swing.

  The three heroes fight for hegemony with the ultimate ruthless performance “Shark Crazy”. The tiger city is like a beast cage, showing the aesthetics of violence with high energy.

The background of the crime movie “Trapped” is at the turn of the millennium. The story takes place in Tiger City, a place where fish and dragons are mixed and there are many casinos. This city, which developed on the basis of the gambling industry, eventually became a hotbed of crime. The beginning of the film shows three forces: the police officer Jiang Wenfeng (played by Zhong Hanliang) who is dedicated to investigating the truth about his sister’s death and striving to eradicate the evil forces; the director of the Department of Commercial Investigation Zuo Junzhe (played by Wu Zhenyu) who is difficult to distinguish between black and white; and the gangster Si Ye (played by Wu Zhenyu) who has great hands and eyes. Zhang Siu-fai (played by Zhang Siu-fai), turns on the “everyone is ruthless” mode. The collusion between the evil forces and the protective umbrella of high-level officials, their manipulation of the current situation, and their overt and covert struggles broke through the subject matter limitations of traditional Hong Kong police and gangster films, presenting an intricate story of the game between love and law.

This highly symbolic Tiger City is like a cage made of wealth and fame, shady stories and sins. The people trapped in it can only break out of their way to fight, so scenes of high-energy and thrilling dramas are staged. Including the ultimate decisive battle of car chase, explosion and gunfight staged at a 1:1 airport, the fight was hearty and vivid, showing the ultimate violent aesthetics rarely seen in recent years.

Audiences at the premiere said excitedly that the movie was so shocking! The director’s explosive display of elements such as gambling and money laundering has the most intuitive warning effect. The audience also admired the performances of the main creators. The strong confrontation between Zhong Hanliang and Wu Zhenyu was very exciting and explosive. Every look and expression was perfectly portrayed. They can be called the strongest combination in the same period. Zhao Yanguozhang and Zhang Siuhui’s delicate and extreme performances in the movie made the audience’s hair stand on end, and they were ranked first and second in the list of “perverted” characters. The director’s skill has also been unanimously praised by people in the industry. Both literary and martial arts are accurate. In an indoor drama discussing the “nine outs and thirteen returns” loan model, it seems that the bloody and cruel truth can be seen in the interplay of drinks and cups; while spending 300 The final battle, which was shot in a 1:1 airport built by Wan and took 6 days, was so intense that it made the adrenaline soar, and it was absolutely “shark crazy”.

  Chung Han-liang reinterprets the talent of “Hardware Boy” and conquers the audience. The creator analyzes the details with full sincerity and profound meaning.

At the premiere of “The Beast”, the main creators represented by Chung Han-liang interacted enthusiastically with the audience, triggering bursts of cheers and admiration. The silent and cold “Jiang Wenfeng” on the screen turned into a kind and cute Xiaowa off the screen, speaking earthy love words in Cantonese, which filled the audience; when faced with the question “What is a hardware boy?” “2G surfing expert” Zhong Hanliang persisted. Commitment, civil and military skills, justice and sunshine, and other outstanding personal qualities were redefined, and the audience praised him repeatedly. Zhong Hanliang was also called on the scene to ask for additional scenes, and transformed into the King of Dance in one second. Not only did he dance “Queen Card” with enchanting postures, but also used a kind of The “very new” way of performing the villain’s appearance and threats with a gun amused the audience.

In addition to giving various benefits to fans in the audience, the main creator also sincerely analyzed the details of the movie for the audience: Jiang Wenfeng wore two necklaces to represent his hope of living with his sister. In the final battle, when the Fourth Master pulled the necklace It completely ignited Jiang Wenfeng’s anger. The director revealed that this detail was specially designed by Zhong Hanliang; the bracelet that the fourth master had worn when worshiping Buddha was thrown away by him at the last moment of the airport battle. Zhang Zhaohui explained: “This detail supports the fourth master from the side.” He believes in Buddhism and does evil while being blind and arrogant at the same time.” Jiang Wenfeng and Zuo Junzhe eating hot pot is the most crucial scene in the whole film. It is almost the title of the title. Every line of dialogue between the two heroes in the whole scene is a There are puns and even multiple meanings, which are worthy of repeated consideration. The director specifically mentioned that every plot and line in the current movie has been heavily polished and carefully screened, and never wastes a second of the audience’s time.

Facts have proved that the efforts of the main creators have been seen by the audience. After watching the movie, the audience said that they were deeply involved in the story for a long time and could not extricate themselves. On the one hand, it came from the visual shock: not only the hand-to-hand combat, gun battles, and explosions were enjoyable to watch, but the actors’ extreme performances were even more impressive. People are moved or called perverted. On the other hand, it comes from the inner shock: the fate of the characters, the complexity of human nature, and the different consequences of persistence and choice are all evocative. I believe that “Trapped” will definitely become a blockbuster film that will ignite the golden autumn season.

The movie “The Beast” is directed by Peng Fa, starring Chung Han-liang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with a special appearance by Myolie Wu, starring Zhao Yanguo Zhang, Zhang Guoqiang, Ji Li, Gu Bin, Wang Keru, Zhou Kai, Yan Xiang, Fei Qiming kindly starred, and Sichuan Devil Produced by Film Film Co., Ltd., Shanwei Film (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lanqiong Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huhushengwei Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengcheng Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Wuhan Legend Film and Television Arts Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinyi Media Co., Ltd., Bona Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Zero Scale Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuni Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dalu Film Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Donglai Culture Co., Ltd., Hainan Fugui Jointly produced by Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zianran Film Co., Ltd., it will be released nationwide at 18:00 on October 27, 2023!

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