The Beeswax Conditioning Industry Has Its Own Standard

The Beeswax Conditioning Industry Has Its Own Standard

On February 28, the China Bee Products Association released the group standards of “Technical Specifications for Beeswax Conditioning Operations” and “Specifications for Evaluation of Beeswax Conditioner Skills” in Beijing for the first time. It fills the standard gap in the field of beeswax conditioning in my country.

Unique Beeswax Therapy

Beeswax is a natural green bee product with the same source of medicine and food. It has the characteristics of large heat capacity, strong plasticity and good ductility. Experimental studies have found that it contains a variety of active substances, including 12-23% bound higher alkanols. The most widely concerned by researchers is octacosanol, which has the effects of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, promoting skin blood circulation, and activating cells. In the United States, octacosanol is widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics through FDA approval. At the same time, tetracosanol in beeswax can promote the growth of neurites, and beeswax also contains some flavonoids, which can scavenge free radicals and resist oxidation.

Beeswax therapy is to heat and melt beeswax or beeswax compatible with traditional Chinese medicine, and then apply it to the affected area, transfer the heat into the body, exert its mechanical compression and other functions, dredge the meridians, regulate qi and blood, so as to achieve health care and regulate sub-health. Physical therapy that integrates drugs, acupoint stimulation, thermotherapy, and transdermal absorption of traditional Chinese medicine.

Beeswax therapy has a long history

Chinese medicine has a very long history of using beeswax. In “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, beeswax is listed as the top grade in medicine. Zhang Zhongjing’s “Synopsis of the Golden Chamber” in the Eastern Han Dynasty, “Baopuzi” and “Elbow Reserve Emergency Prescription” by Ge Hong in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and Yao Bei’s Prescriptions in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Seng Yuan’s “Ji Yan Fang” has records of using beeswax to treat various diseases.

Beeswax therapy became mature in the Tang Dynasty of my country. Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao’s “Qian Jin Yi Fang · Application Eighth” stated: “Pine resin paste is the main prescription for carbuncles and acne. First, warm the copper pan with fire to make it hot, wipe the pan with wax to clear the damp, and file the turpentine to break the Na pan. , the next time you lose fat.” In the “Compendium of Materia Medica” written by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, there was a record: “Use two catties of wax, melt it in Xiluo, knead it into a pocket, and it will fit the size of the brain, and the head will be placed on the forehead, and the disease will be stopped immediately.” Tetanus and rheumatism, severe wind and cold body, frostbite on the feet… all have miraculous effects.” Qi Kun, an expert in surgery in the Qing Dynasty, stated in “Surgery Dacheng·Yellow Wax Moxibustion”: “Any carbuncle and gangrene on the back and all kinds of poisonous sores can be dried on wax. Let the wax melt until it boils, then add wax shavings as it melts, and the well is full. For those with skin pain, the poison is shallow, and moxibustion is for pain. For skin pain, the poison is deep, and moxibustion is for pain. “

Beeswax therapy will help the transformation and upgrading of the beeswax industry

my country is the country with the largest production and export volume of beeswax in the world. In 2022, my country’s beeswax export volume will reach 9,653 tons (source: China Customs), most of which are exported in the form of low-priced raw materials.

The group standards of “Technical Specifications for Beeswax Conditioning Operation” and “Specifications for Evaluation of Beeswax Conditioner Skills” released this time will further promote the integration of beeswax industry and health care industry, and help the transformation and upgrading of my country’s beeswax industry.

It is reported that in recent years, beeswax conditioning has been gradually carried out in some institutions, and is sought after by urban white-collar workers and seniors. I believe that in the near future, this traditional Chinese medicine therapy will inevitably bring new benefits to human health under the leadership of standards.

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