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The Bank of Shanghai joins hands with the government to build a synergy. The Bank of Shanghai ranks on the double hot list of “Senior Citizen? Morning Shanghai” to help launch a new business card of “Senior Citizen? Morning Shanghai”

The Bank of Shanghai joins hands with the government to build a synergy. The Bank of Shanghai ranks on the double hot list of “Senior Citizen? Morning Shanghai” to help launch a new business card of “Senior Citizen? Morning Shanghai”

On January 18, the “Senior Shanghai·Morning Shanghai” organized by the Bureau of Veteran Cadres of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Office of the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee and other units held a public welfare ceremony. As a representative of financial institutions that has supported the “Senior Citizen” series of activities for three consecutive years, the Bank of Shanghai has been ranked on the service hot search list and the volunteer service hot list. It has participated in roundtable interviews as an outstanding partner of “Morning Shanghai” and “imagined” with all walks of life. The future development of “Morning Shanghai”.

The Bank of Shanghai has been deeply involved in pension finance for more than 20 years. It has actively participated in the “Senior Citizen·Morning Shanghai” volunteer service activities, created exclusive deposit and savings products around “financial + non-financial”, and opened “morning classes” and “morning markets” and other activities. Enrich the service scenarios of benefiting, caring for, assisting and providing convenience to the elderly, and help create a new business card of “Senior Shanghai, Morning Shanghai”.

  Financial assistance to the elderly

  Enjoy the wonderful experience with exclusive “morning products”

Bank of Shanghai uses its professional financial capabilities to deepen the concept of “Morning Shanghai” and adhere to the concept of “serving the people with high-quality supply”. As early as the launch of the “Morning in Shanghai” campaign, Bank of Shanghai started from the investment preferences of elderly customers and actively planned products to benefit the elderly, launching a 2-year stable “Senior Citizen Good Money” savings category for the elderly aged 60 and above. Products; simultaneously promoted through Bank of Shanghai’s mobile banking and the official WeChat account of “Senior Shanghai Morning Shanghai”, the bank and the government work together to expand financial inclusion. At present, the cumulative sales exceed 210 million yuan and serve more than 4,000 elderly customers, which can better meet their needs for the preservation and appreciation of capital.

  Technology helps the elderly

  Enjoy intelligence in the “morning class” at the branch

In line with the elderly people’s preference for physical service channels, the Bank of Shanghai has closely integrated the “morning Shanghai” volunteer service with the “morning market service” of its branches, opening up the venue resources and service resources of about 230 branches in Shanghai during the morning period, and providing smart services every month. Free “morning classes” are held with the theme of helping the elderly to help the elderly bridge the “digital divide”. The Bank of Shanghai has also integrated branch course information and uploaded the “Morning Shanghai” applet to facilitate senior citizens to obtain public welfare benefits anytime and anywhere, and register online for classes as needed. It has attracted more than a thousand seniors to book classes and study, becoming a learning tool for the elderly. garden.

  Join hands for old age

  Enjoy stability with the anti-fraud “firewall”

Due to limitations in information channels and intelligent applications, it is difficult for the elderly to understand new online telecommunications fraud schemes in a timely manner, making them a vulnerable group for rights protection and anti-fraud prevention. The Bank of Shanghai thinks about old people and explores new ways of bank-government cooperation and police-bank interaction. It seizes the influence of the “Senior Citizen·Morning Shanghai” volunteer service activity, integrates anti-fraud education into the “morning class”, and invites police officers to Enter the “morning class” and use cases to help senior citizens understand new fraud techniques and routines, anti-fraud and prevention, etc., and build a strong “firewall” for senior citizens to anti-fraud and prevent fraud.

  Old age with public welfare

  Community “morning market” to enjoy care

Relying on the “Morning in Shanghai” activity, the Bank of Shanghai has taken the initiative to reach out and organize multiple branches within its jurisdiction to join hands with social caring enterprises to cover 16 districts and more than 50 “National Demonstration Elderly Friendly Communities” in the city, and open “Morning in Shanghai·Early Market” City”, bringing financial anti-fraud to the “doorstep”. At the same time, through the opening of “Smart Elderly Assistance Consulting Service” booths and other methods, we provide face-to-face and step-by-step guidance to the elderly in the community on smartphone applications, elderly care policy consultation and other issues. So far, we have served nearly 10,000 people, making elderly care services more heartwarming.

As a local bank that was born on the banks of the Huangpu River and has grown up with citizens, Bank of Shanghai has always been committed to providing more professional and warm financial services to the general public, and demonstrated its responsibility as a “people’s city for the people” with practical actions. In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to enrich the Bank by further creating the “four expertise” brand features of specialized facilities, exclusive products, exclusive services and professional teams, as well as the “five-hearted” service experience of caring, comfortable, assured, happy and heart-warming. Old service connotation. Provide more service resources for “Senior Shanghai Morning Shanghai”, help “Morning Shanghai” become a new business card of the city with warmth, activity and influence comparable to “Night Shanghai”, and continuously improve the quality of the elderly in Shanghai. A sense of happiness, satisfaction and gain.

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