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The Bank of Shanghai hosted a special exchange event on the bond business of city commercial banks in the “No. 15 Reception Room”

The Bank of Shanghai hosted a special exchange event on the bond business of city commercial banks in the “No. 15 Reception Room”

Recently, the Bank of Shanghai and the China Foreign Exchange Trade Center jointly held a special exchange event on the bond business of city commercial banks in the “No. 15 Reception Room” at Building 15 on the Bund. With the theme of “Bond market business supports the steady development of city commercial banks”, this event will explore new ideas for the inter-bank market to serve the stable and long-term development of financial institutions, and exchange new momentum for financial technology to empower the high-quality development of the bond market. Nearly 30 city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and securities companies from across the country participated in this event.

China Foreign Exchange Trading Center introduced the founding philosophy and goals of the “Reception Room No. 15” activity, combined with the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Central Financial Work Conference, to give full play to local characteristics and financial market momentum for local financial institutions, and continue to improve bond market pricing ability, and put forward specific requirements in terms of completing the “five major articles” of finance. He also introduced the trading center’s complete bond market valuation service system and unique advantages to the participating institutions, as well as the impact of valuation on net asset value management.

The Bank of Shanghai reviewed the fruitful results of various business cooperation with the Exchange, shared its achievements in playing the role of a core dealer, participating in factor market innovation, practicing financial service entities, and digital transformation of trading business, and focused on the bond market. Business, introducing the experience and characteristics of bond market making, proprietary strategic trading, intelligent trading, etc.

As a core market maker in the inter-bank market, the Bank of Shanghai gives full play to its advantages, actively participates in factor market innovation, and continuously improves its ability to serve the real economy, deepen market pricing, manage and control financial risks, and strengthen technological empowerment.

In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to deepen its promotion around “enhancing core transaction value contribution” under the guidance of regulatory agencies. Through a higher level of support from investment research, closer linkage of core strategies, and wider application of digital means, new breakthroughs will be made in the strategy system and portfolio transactions, new outputs will be formed in market pricing and customer agency scenarios, and in transaction decision-making and New improvements will be made in execution efficiency, and a FICC system with comprehensive capabilities in core investment transactions will eventually be realized.

At the meeting, participating representatives also conducted in-depth research and discussions on topics such as research and judgment on the macroeconomic situation in 2024, financial services for the real economy, financial compliance and sound operations, and financial technology empowering the healthy development of the bond market.

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