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The Audiovisual Empowerment Industry Forum was grandly opened, and Cheng Ming Culture joined hands with leaders from many fields to explore the road of innovation

The Audiovisual Empowerment Industry Forum was grandly opened, and Cheng Ming Culture joined hands with leaders from many fields to explore the road of innovation

“To support the prime minister, the inscription is on the bell” – Mr. Ren Haiyun, chairman of Beijing Cheng Ming Culture Media Co., Ltd., attended the “11th China Online Audiovisual Conference” sub-forum and delivered a speech.

The scene of the 11th China Online Audiovisual Conference

On the afternoon of March 28, at the High-tech Hall of Chengdu Century City International Conference Center, the 11th China Online Audiovisual Conference held a sub-forum with the theme of “Audiovisual Distribution Multi-Industry Moving towards the ‘New'” around “Audiovisual Empowerment Industry”, which attracted Attracting great attention from professionals, scholars and media related to the audio-visual industry, this forum is based on the rapid development and rapid innovation of online audio-visual. Through the resource integration of the “audio-visual + industry” industry chain, the forum invites the industry to discuss market trends and Development issues, conduct in-depth discussions, explore the concept of building an “audio-visual +” industrial consortium, and form a normalized resource pool and development foundation.

Audio-visual empowerment industry sub-forum site

As digital technology promotes cultural development, the online audio-visual industry already carries the national cultural digitalization strategy, inherits China’s excellent traditional culture, and the mission of the times to build an overall layout plan for digital China, and promote digital technology and economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological civilization. Build “five-in-one” deep integration. For this reason, Mr. Ren Haiyun, chairman of Chengming Culture, said at the forum, “The online audio-visual industry is to show the times and achieve the unity of traditional aesthetics and practical needs. It has a sense of the Internet in terms of expression, value background and formal connotation, and is easy to spread and The accepted online audio-visual content is the “vanguard” and “new force” that will enable the future online audio-visual industry to empower the development of the real economy and help and promote the creation and development of the real economy into a broader world. Not only will it continue to improve and Strengthening the construction of the all-media communication system will also make in-depth arrangements for the construction of global high-quality audio-visual content, and rely on this to shape Chinese values ​​​​and Chinese brands and provide strong support.”

Ren Haiyun, Chairman of Beijing Chengming Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Currently, the online audiovisual industry is fully empowering cultural production, dissemination, presentation, circulation and other aspects. It not only promotes the digital transformation of traditional cultural industries, but also spawns the rapid development of new industries and new applications, injects new impetus into the inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture, and provides New momentum. Mr. Ren Haiyun said, “Beijing Chengming Culture Media Co., Ltd., as an ‘excellent enterprise for foreign cultural communication and exchange’ and a high-quality online audio-visual service enterprise in China, is gradually forming industry solutions and business closed loops with Chengming characteristics. Here, our company is willing to Join hands with all of you, on the new journey of the development of the Internet audio-visual empowerment industry, with the original intention of “serving the country with culture” and the mission of “writing to carry the truth”, to achieve high-quality development of China’s Internet audio-visual industry and cultural undertakings, and inject “Cheng Ming” strength’.”

“Digital Beijing” program officially launched

As a booster of the digital economy, the online audio-visual industry is a solid step for the in-depth implementation of the integration of the audio-visual industry and multiple industries. It is a concrete practice for implementing the construction of the global digital economy, establishing the development of China’s digital economy and the development of the global digital economy, and is the continuous upgrading of the audio-visual industry. A strong grip. It is also an emerging carrier for immersing culture, serving culture, and disseminating culture. Experts attending the forum also have a deep understanding of the changes brought about by audio-visual integration to the cultural industry. As a new force that cannot be ignored in the production and dissemination of cultural content, the online audio-visual model is reshaping the new pattern of cultural consumption. The integrated development of audio-visual and cultural industries has become a major trend in the development of the current cultural industry. Starting from the heart, taking culture as the background; moving towards the new, taking innovation as the concept; heading towards prosperity, taking integration and development as the long-term plan, let online audio-visual help Chinese culture present a new and beautiful chapter.

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