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The Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association was established to unite Xu clan members to create a brilliant future | Business News

The Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association was established to unite Xu clan members to create a brilliant future | Business News

2023Selangor Coast Hui Clan Association No.2The inauguration ceremony of the first Council and the establishment of the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association united the Xu clan members from all over the world to step onto the international stage and work together to create a brilliant future.

VIPs took photos with artists participating in the 100-person show

In conjunction with the inauguration dinner held at the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the ancient city of Fairyland, the “Xu Family” cultural song and dance performance of 100 people, led by2000Clan members walked into the historical palace of the Xu family.

The 100-person cultural show “Xu” brought together more than 100 actors to perform.3Parts of “Yanhuang Chiyou”“The Battle of Zhuolu”, “King Wu Defeats Zhou” and “The Reason for the Surname Xu”The presentation of “The Xu Family” allowed participants to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and the origin of the Xu family. The actors’ superb and connotative performances won a round of applause.

Clan relatives from Thailand, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and all over the country attended to witness and participate in the grand event, which was a warm scene.

The Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association was established. Leaders of the Xu Clan Association from eight ASEAN countries held hands to show the spirit of unity. From left: Xu Hongde, Xu Bichuan, Xu Zili, Xu Shuizhuan, Xu Jindian, Xu Changan, Xu Kunzhong and Xu Yiming.

Datuk Seri Koh Kim Dian, President of the Koh Clan Association of Malaysia, pointed out that the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Koh Clan Association was established because clan organizations must keep up with the changes of the times and advance with the times so as not to be eliminated by the times. .

Xu Jindian said that the highly developed and circulated information today, especially the familiar artificial intelligence, e-commerce, Alipay, big data, Internet thinking, black swans, post-protectionism and new nationalism, have actually revealed the future of human life. Challenges, crises and trends are the vane and major trends for the future development of the world.trend. Today we are living in an era of drastic changes. The changes brought about by the development of science and technology have profound impacts on our daily lives and affect all aspects.

With the strong rise of the Chinese nation, major changes have taken place in the world structure. New orders, new trends and new developments have emerged, promoting a major reshuffle of the global economy.

Group photo of guests present, front row from left: Xu Daoxiong, Xu Kunzhong, Xu Jindian, Xu Zigen, Chen Zhiyuan, Xu Tiancheng, Xu Shuizhuan, Xu Guodong, Xu Hongde, Xu Linan. Back row from left: Xu Changan, Xu Yiming, Xu Bichuan, Wang Hongxing, Huang Chunxiang, Xu Chun.

Xu Jindian said that the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association is a broad platform that transcends national boundaries and gathers the elites of the Xu family at home and abroad. It has become a huge driving force for the unity of the Xu clan. In the world of sudden changes, it has integrated with globalization and created a universal platform. world value.

He said that the past era of working alone is gone, and the future world stage will be a stage that relies on the strength of the team. I hope that the establishment of the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Hui Clan Association can connect the Hui Clan Associations in ASEAN member states and become a powerful platform. At the same time, it will strengthen the connections among overseas clansmen, strengthen the cohesion of the Hui Clan, and establish an excellent The magnetic field of humanistic tradition. Expand your horizons and structure.

He said that many Chinese youth organizations around the world have also cooperated with the rise of China and seized the opportunity of the development of the times. They have promoted activities by exerting their powerful group organizational functions, and even explored cooperation in various aspects through the global connections of relevant organizations. Covering cultural exchanges, education and economic and trade cooperation to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

He thanked the Hui clan members from Thailand, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and other countries for their high aspirations. Everyone had a consensus on the establishment of the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Hui Clan Association and deeply understood the role of the Association in promoting the descendants of the Hui family in the Asia-Pacific ASEAN region. The importance of unity, give full cooperation and support,It laid a good start for the Xu family’s foundation.

The oath keeper takes a group photo with the president Xu Tiancheng (fourth from left), from left: Xu Linan, Xu Zigen, Xu Jindian, and Xu Daoxiong, the first from the right.

Xu Jindian pointed out,As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, the Xu family is a family in the world, and the Xu family clan association is a blood-related group organization that allows the children of the Xu family to be united together. In addition to remembering their ancestors, maintaining friendship and helping each other,,It can also carry forward Xu’s cultural family tradition and inherit China’s excellent cultural heritage.,

Those who participated in the founding ceremony of the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association include Xu Hongde, General Secretary of the Xu Clan Association of Indonesia, Xu Bichuan, Executive Chairman of the Guangdong Xu Clan Association, Xu Zili, Vice Chairman of the Xu Clan Association of Thailand, Xu Zhili of Xiamen City Xu Shuizan, chairman of the Xu Clan Association of Malaysia, Xu Jindian, chairman of the Xu Clan Association of Malaysia, Xu Changan, chairman of the Xu Clan Association of the Philippines, Xu Kunzhong, president of the Taiwan Xu Clan Association and World Presidents Association, Xu Yiming, the eternal honorary president of the Hui Clan Association of Hong Kong. Leaders of the Xu family members from various countries also issued speeches praising and supporting the establishment of the Asia-Pacific ASEAN Xu Clan Association.

Xu Tiancheng, the former president of the Selangor Coast Hui Clan Association, has been re-elected as president and continues to lead the association.Push the meeting to its peak.

Xu Tiancheng called on young clan members to join the clan association to avoid having no successors. He believed that modern young people are busy working hard for life and are not interested in club and clan association activities. However, he believed that as long as they are willing to participate, they will definitely be able to spare the time. Contribute to the clan association.

He said that the purpose of the clan association established by the ancestors was to strengthen the ties between clan members and promote benefits for members. Without the clan association, I believe many clan members would not know each other. He hopes that the younger generation will uphold the principles established by the ancestors. The spirit of the association and jointly serve the clan association.

Xu Tiancheng (second from right) presented a souvenir to Xu Zigen (second from left), accompanied by Xu Linan (from left), Xu Jindian and Xu Daoxiong.

Guests in attendance includeHonorary advisor of the Koh Clan Ko Yang Hall in Penang, Datuk Koh Li Nam, executive advisor of the Malaysian Koh Clan Association, Datuk Major Koh Dao Xiong, Selangor Deputy Chairman of PKR Koh Lai Xian, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Chi Koon,Dato, President of the Malaysian Chinese Surnames AssociationWang Hongxing, Tan Sri Dato Tan Zhiyuan, Chairman of Berjaya Malaysia,Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Hock San, President of the Malaysian Welfare Federation, Datuk Seri Hong Laixi, Honorary President of the General Federation of surnames, Datuk Dong Shixing, President of Fuzhou Shiyi, West Malaysia, Huang Clan United Malaysia President of the Association and President of the Malaysian Ong Clan Clan Association, Ng Chun Siang, President of the Malaysian Teoh Clan Association and President of the Selangor Teoh Clan Association, Datuk Teo Boon Chin, General Treasurer Tan Sri Tan Kian Soon, Ma Chao Lian Association President Lim Ka Kwong, President of Tan Clan Association of Malaysia Datuk Seri Tan Jin Huat, President of Liu Kuei Tang Malaysia Hong Peng Jin, Executive Director of Sin Chew Media Group and CEO of Sin Chew Daily Koh Chun, General Manager of Corporate Public Relations and Business Promotion Chen Jinquan, Deputy General Manager of Central and Malaysia District Guo Fuguang, Business Manager Li Meiling, Senior Assistant Director of Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau of Bukit Aman Police Headquarters Xu Shuqiong, from Xiamen, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Guangdong, China, Representatives of the Hong Kong Asia Pacific ASEAN Hui Clan Association, etc.

The 2nd Board of Directors of the Selangor Coast Hui Clan Association was sworn in. From the left are the oath-takers Xu Daoxiong, Xu Jintian, Xu Zigen and Xu Linan.

Selangor Marina Hui Clan Association No.2session of the Council (2023-2026Year)

President:Xu Tiancheng

Acting President:Xu Longtuan

Vice president:Xu Zezi, Xu Deqian, Xu Fengjing, Xu Yuxin

General Affairs: Xu Guodong, (Deputy): Xu Chengshun

Secretary: Xu Guobiao

Finance: Xu Shian

Directors: Xu Youdong, Xu Youjin, Xu Jincheng, Xu Yanxing, Xu Lianlong, Xu Dehan, Xu Xiaocui, Xu Chengfeng, Xu Jiashun, Xu Zaituan, Xu Deyong, Xu Li, Xu Guiru, Xu Yulan, Xu Shujun, Xu Xiaoshan, Xu Rong, Xu Langcai, Xu Liangquan, Xu Jiangfeng.

Xu Yongsheng, Xu Yanqing, Xu Yewei, Xu Jianxiang.

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