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The “artificial intelligence +” action has enabled AIGC leaders such as Wondershare Technology to continue to attract attention

The “artificial intelligence +” action has enabled AIGC leaders such as Wondershare Technology to continue to attract attention

Affected by the favorable factors, the AIGC concept performed brilliantly. Among them, artificial intelligence ETFs have continued to attract financial attention recently, with inflows exceeding 350 million for 10 consecutive days, and the scale continues to hit new highs. In terms of individual stocks, on March 5, AIGC software A-share listed companies Wondershare Technology (300624.SZ), Century Tianhong (300654.SZ) and many other AIGC concept stocks bucked the market and rose. Wondershare Technology rose 6.53%, with a market value of 15.64 billion yuan; Century Tianhong closed up 6.63%, with a market value of 3.428 billion yuan.

In recent years, the AIGC wave is sweeping across all walks of life related to content production, especially AI video. Guosheng Securities analysis pointed out that AI Wensheng video is the next stop for multi-modal applications and the “Holy Grail” of multi-modal AIGC. As AI video completes the last piece of the puzzle of multi-modal AI creation, the acceleration of downstream applications is also will come.

Among the listed companies, Wondershare “Top Screen”, China’s first audio and video multimedia large model launched by Wondershare Technology, has been unveiled at this year’s Multimedia Large Model Innovation and Application Summit Forum. It is understood that Wondershare’s “Sky Screen” consists of video models, audio models, picture models, and language models. Based on 1.5 billion user behaviors and 10 billion localized high-quality audio and video data, it has one-click movie production, AI Core competencies such as art design, Vincentian music, audio enhancement, sound effect analysis, and multi-language dialogue. Meitu has also previously launched a new generation of visual large-scale model MiracleVision 4.0, which has added four new capabilities: Vincent Video, Tush Video, Video Movement Mirror, and Video Generator Video, thus entering the Vincent Video track.

In addition, ByteDance’s Douyin Skylark large model can generate various types and styles of multimedia content, such as video clips, music soundtracks, filter effects, subtitle translations, etc., based on the images, videos, audios, text and other information input by users. , has now passed the first batch of “Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services” for registration and is open to the public.

In fact, compared to text and pictures, video can combine text, images, sounds and visual effects, and has greater advantages in information expression, picture richness and dynamics. This gives AI video tools a broader application scenario, enabling AI video tools to generate higher quality and complete video content through text descriptions or other simple operations, lowering the threshold for video creation, and allowing outsiders to accurately use videos to create content. Demonstrate and empower content production in various industries to reduce costs, increase efficiency and creative output.

Taking into consideration the implementation of large model applications, leading domestic technology companies such as Wondershare Technology and Bytedance have adopted a comprehensive layout model from the model layer to the application layer in the research and development of AI large model-related products, and accelerated the application of large models. Landed.

Wondershare Filmora, the video editing software owned by Wondershare Technology, has over 100 million users around the world and has become one of the world’s mainstream video editing software. It is an important carrier for the implementation of Wondershare’s “Sky Curtain” audio and video multimedia large model. Currently, the new version of Wondershare Filmora 13 has taken advantage of the large-scale cyclorama capabilities to implement functions that are well received by overseas users, such as intelligent editing assistant, AI text quick cutting, AIGC music generation, and AI Vincentian sound.

Taking the AI ​​Wensheng sound function as an example, users can use the AI ​​audio generation algorithm of Wondershare SkyScreen to generate unique and original sound effects based solely on creative ideas, releasing creativity while greatly reducing the time cost of finding suitable sound effects. It is understood that from August to the end of December last year, the number of users using AI functions increased by 243%.

At the same time, ByteDance is also secretly developing multiple products in the field of AI large models, including multi-modal digital human products and AI-generated pictures and AI-generated video products. In addition, ByteDance’s Jiuying formed a closed team a few months ago to secretly develop AI products. At present, the team is still in a strictly confidential stage, and the products developed have not yet been launched.

It is foreseeable that artificial intelligence is becoming a key starting point for industrial innovation and an important engine for driving new productivity. In the future, AIGC and other technologies may accelerate the integration with more industries and fields, exert synergistic effects, and promote the digitalization and transformation of thousands of industries. Intelligent development. Leaders in related industries will also further accelerate their layout and leverage AI to open up new space for business growth.

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