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The answer to 2023 is brilliant, semiconductor storage brand company Longsys innovates TCM business model

The answer to 2023 is brilliant, semiconductor storage brand company Longsys innovates TCM business model

As a semiconductor storage brand enterprise, Longsys has been focusing on the research, development, design and sales of Flash and DRAM memories. In 2023, Longsys achieved remarkable results in products and technologies, and also demonstrated its determination and motivation to transform into a semiconductor storage brand enterprise.

  Product technology upgrades bring new impetus

From a product perspective, Longsys enterprise-class storage launched FORESEE ORCA 4836 series NVMe SSD and FORESEE UNCIA 3836 series SATA 3.2 SSD in 2023. These two products have achieved remarkable results in technology research and development and market application, and have successfully completed compatibility adaptation with domestic CPU platform servers such as Kunpeng, Haiguang, Loongson, Feiteng, Zhaoxin, and Shenwei, realizing the integration with domestic CPU platform servers. Seamless integration with mainstream platforms. In addition, these two products have successfully achieved mass production and shipment, and are widely used in communication operators, finance, the Internet and other industries. This achievement not only demonstrates Longsys’ strength in technology research and development and product innovation, but also lays a solid foundation for its further expansion in the storage market.

Secondly, from a technical perspective, Longsys also made important breakthroughs in 2023. Faced with the impact of sluggish terminal consumer demand and related unfavorable macro factors, Longsys insists on investing in research and development, implements employee equity incentive plans, and consolidates the company’s core competitiveness. At the same time, Longsys also acquired Yuancheng Suzhou’s advanced storage packaging and testing production capacity through the acquisition of 70% equity in Licheng Suzhou, fully laying out the storage packaging and testing field, and enhancing the integration capabilities of the industrial chain. These measures not only enhance Longsys’ technical strength and innovation capabilities, but also provide strong support for its competition in the storage market.

  Steady transformation and a global road ahead

In terms of transforming into a semiconductor storage brand enterprise, Longsys’ determination and motivation come from changes in market trends and the needs of its own development. As the storage market continues to develop and change, customers’ demands for full storage costs are getting higher and higher. As one of the important strategies for Longsys to enter the global market, the TCM business model can better meet the needs of customers and enhance its competitiveness and market share. At the same time, it provides customers with customized and competitive storage products, solutions and personalized services to help Longsys expand new business areas and market space and open up new growth points for future development.

From 1999 to 2024, Chinese storage brand Longsys is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In the future, Longsys will continue to adhere to the strategic direction of innovation-driven, market expansion and industrial upgrading, continuously improve its technical strength and market competitiveness, launch more competitive products and solutions, and will also continue to expand the market and optimize products. Structure and improvement of product quality and other measures to achieve steady growth in revenue. At the same time, Longsys will continue to deepen the strategic direction of industry chain integration and layout as a full storage cost solution provider, laying a more solid foundation for future development.

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