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The AI ​​market has huge potential. Yunzhisheng is on a golden track and has a steady pace of listing.

The AI ​​market has huge potential. Yunzhisheng is on a golden track and has a steady pace of listing.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in unprecedented prosperity. In this wave, support from all walks of life for the AI ​​industry continues to strengthen. With more than ten years of deep accumulation in AI algorithm and engineering capabilities, data and application scenarios, Yunzhisheng has quickly developed industry-leading general-purpose large models and The industry’s big model, in this golden track, shows impressive development prospects.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become one of the national strategic tasks. Among them, the “Internet +” Artificial Intelligence Three-Year Action Implementation Plan provides strong support for the development of neural network chips and further promotes the widespread application of AI technology in China. At the same time, the “Guidelines for the Construction of the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Standard System” clarifies the needs for AI standards in key industries such as manufacturing and transportation. It is planned to initially establish a national artificial intelligence standard system in 2023, laying a solid foundation for the standardized development of the industry.

Beijing is at the forefront, focusing on building the capabilities of general artificial intelligence through “Beijing’s Several Measures to Promote the Innovative Development of General Artificial Intelligence”, especially in areas such as large language models. This initiative aims to promote the widespread application of general artificial intelligence technology in industries such as healthcare and bring a more convenient and efficient service experience to citizens.

China’s artificial intelligence market is booming. According to Frost & Sullivan, China’s artificial intelligence solutions market will increase from RMB 42.2 billion in 2019 to RMB 93.7 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 30.5%. It is expected that this market size will reach 633.2 billion yuan by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 37.5% from 2022 to 2028. This growth rate far exceeds the global average, demonstrating the huge potential of China’s AI market.

As a pioneer in AGI technology, Yunzhisheng has demonstrated strong competitiveness on this golden track. Relying on the market knowledge accumulated in the commercialization of AI products and solutions over the years, Yunzhisheng has successfully achieved large-scale commercial application of large models, becoming one of the few companies in the industry that simultaneously pursues large-scale technological innovation and large-scale commercialization. . This achievement marks that Yunzhisheng has officially embarked on a new journey towards the AGI era.

With more than ten years of deep accumulation in AI algorithm and engineering capabilities, data and application scenarios, Yunzhisheng has quickly acquired industry-leading general large models and industry large models. On May 24, 2023, Yunzhisheng officially released the large model of mountains and seas (UniGPT), becoming the first domestic team to realize the technical upgrade of GPT large model. At present, the latest version of the general large model capability of Shanhai Large Model has surpassed GPT3.5 and is close to 90% of the level of GPT-4. In terms of large models in the medical industry, it is even ahead of GPT-4 and Google’s Med-PaLM2.

In terms of field application, Yunzhisheng combines the domain knowledge and industry experience accumulated from serving well-known corporate customers for many years, and upgrades industries such as smart IoT and smart medical care to provide more competitive AI products and solutions, becoming the first in China to Model technology has been implemented in the first-tier companies in industry applications. Main applications include: outpatient medical record generation, smart government services, vehicle/rail human-computer interaction, intelligent spoken language learning, cyanobacteria AIGC platform, etc. The Shanhai model not only achieves a qualitative leap in human-computer interaction, but also makes new applications such as outpatient medical record generation a reality, greatly expanding the application boundaries of AI 2.0.

Yunzhisheng’s success is not accidental, but stems from its deep accumulation in the field of AI and its spirit of continuous innovation. With the continuous development and growth of Yunzhisheng and the help of the capital market, its listing prospects are promising. By then, Yunzhisheng will have the opportunity to further expand its market share, enhance its brand influence, and contribute more to the development of the field of artificial intelligence!

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