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The action comedy movie “Project P” starts Jackie Chan Wei Xiang as the mysterious protagonist willing to be the “green leaf”

The action comedy movie “Project P” starts Jackie Chan Wei Xiang as the mysterious protagonist willing to be the “green leaf”


Recently, produced by Emei Film Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Fanjianke Films (Haikou) Co., Ltd., and Ya’an Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., the director of “Teacher Good” and “Brother, Hello” Directed by Zhang Luan, starring Jackie Chan and Wei Xiang, and starring Han Yanbo, Pan Ya, Andy, Xu Juncong, Huang Yuntong, etc., the action comedy movie “Project P” is officially launched. And the film also has a mysterious protagonist code-named “P”, who is played by a top international superstar in China. Jackie Chan and Wei Xiang are willing to be “green leaves” in the new film in order to cooperate with the mysterious celebrity.

  Jackie Chan and Wei Xiang collaborated for the first time on a new adventure journey and started laughing

“Project P” tells the story of the international action superstar Jackie (played by Jackie Chan), his agent David (played by Wei Xiang) and the female fan Su Xiaozhu (played by Pan Yaya) who is passionate about public welfare, who are involved in an international criminal organization by accident. In the big conspiracy of P”, the story of embarking on a transnational adventure. It is worth mentioning that the protagonist of this new film is still mysterious and has never appeared, but he can make the two “kings” of action and comedy starring Jackie Chan and Wei Xiang willing to be the flower guardians. A giant star growing from the ceiling.

The film was launched in Chongqing on August 2, and the follow-up crew will go to Chengdu, Sichuan and other places for global live-action shooting. The hot sun and the tropical scenery of the beach are intense and unrestrained, and the more thrilling “hide and seek” at sea, speeding cars, High-burning scenes such as gun battles, blasting, and hand-to-hand combat are injected with a high concentration of color “dopamine”. I believe that it will bring an immersive dual experience of “sightseeing + adventure” to the audience who walk into the theater.

  Wei Xiang joins the powerful and funny role to inject new vitality into action comedy

The powerful cast of “Project P” seems to be a new benchmark for action comedy. In addition to Jackie Chan’s fist-to-flesh action design, Wei Xiang’s joining has added a lot of color to the film. Wei Xiang, as a comedian with amazing appeal on the big screen in recent years, has become the Prozac of many young audiences all over his body. Counting the many roles that Wei Xiang has played in his past works, he can not only show the character of the characters The sense of joy can also convey the rich emotions of the character’s inner world in laughter.

In this film, Wei Xiang plays the eloquent agent David, who looks unreliable on the outside but is very hot on the inside. In the mysterious adventure with Jackie, many ridiculous and thrilling stories happened, which made action comedy lovers advance This is the moment when the gears of fate turn quietly during the Chinese New Year.

In addition, the joining of comedians such as Han Yanbo and Xu Juncong will undoubtedly make the comedy atmosphere of the whole film more intense. The signboard is naturally stable, and there is constant suspense about the mysterious protagonist “Who is ‘P’?” I believe that the day when the answer is revealed is not far away, so let’s look forward to new surprises together.

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