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The 85-year-old man was almost blind. Aier Eye Hospital tried its best to save the patient’s last glimmer of light.

The 85-year-old man was almost blind. Aier Eye Hospital tried its best to save the patient’s last glimmer of light.

  “It was Director Li Fuhua who saved the remaining vision in my left eye and allowed me to continue to see. I thank Director Li from the bottom of my heart!” Grandma Zhang’sgratitudeBeyond words.

  Lives in Hexi DistrictGrandma Zhang has already85years old,already30Years ago, Grandma Zhang’s right eye began to have problems.3After the first surgical treatment, because the pterygium was not treated in time, the right eye is now completely covered by pterygium, and I can no longer see anything.The only remaining left eye is even more important to Grandma Zhang.Precious.

  But as she grows older, the only thing left by Grandma Zhang isThe “good eye” left eye also has vision problems. “I felt like my vision was getting blurry, and my eyes were red, swollen, and painful.” Immediately, Grandma Zhang’s family took her to the local hospital. After examination, she was diagnosed with glaucoma in her left eye. After medication, she recovered. Got better. But the good times did not last long. Half a year ago, Grandma Zhang’s vision in her left eye dropped significantly, leaving only a little light perception, which seriously affected her life. However, the local hospital did not provide treatment for Grandma Zhang’s condition. This was also Grandma Zhang was even more worried, “What if the remaining light is no longer visible?” For the elderly, light is the hope of life. In order to help the old man heal his eyes and save the remaining sense of light,10moon12On the same day, accompanied by her family members, Grandma Zhang came to Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital to seek medical treatment.

  Director of the glaucoma department Li Fuhua conducted various rigorous and detailed examinations for Grandma Zhang. The examination found that Grandma Zhang’s vision in her right eye had no light perception, her left eye’s vision was shaking, and her left eye had intraocular pressure.20.5mmHg, has reached the critical value of the normal intraocular pressure range. After diagnosis, Grandma Zhang suffered from senile nuclear cataracts in both eyes, vitreous opacity in both eyes, pterygium in the right eye, chronic angle-closure glaucoma in the left eye, and vitreomacular traction syndrome in the left eye. Taking into account the complexity of the patient’s condition, Director Li Fuhua designed a rigorous surgical plan for Grandma Zhang.10moontwenty fourOn that day, Director Li Fuhua and the glaucoma medical team successfully performed cataract phacoemulsification surgery combined with intraocular lens implantation and trabeculectomy with amniotic membrane transplantation on Grandma Zhang’s left eye.

  Director Li Fuhua said,“Glaucoma is an irreversible blinding eye disease. Once diagnosed, glaucoma will cause a certain degree of optic nerve damage and visual field loss. The purpose of treating glaucoma is also to save the patient’s current vision, protect the optic nerve, and enable the patient to maintain normal visual function.Since the visual damage caused by glaucoma is incurable, the key to glaucoma treatment is early monitoring and early treatment.“After the operation, Grandma Zhang expressed that she was very satisfied with the effect of the operation, and her eyesight had improved to a certain extent. “It was Director Li Fuhua who saved my eyesight and retained my last light. I would like to thank Director Li Fuhua for his superb medical skills and love. I was very touched by the caring and responsible attitude of all the medical staff at Er Eye Hospital towards me! “

  “Houde’s skilled hands can eliminate stubborn diseases and regain the vision of the world.” This is the affirmation and gratitude of Grandma Zhang and her family to Director Li Fuhua of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital and the entire medical team of the glaucoma department. Director Li Fuhua said, “Unlike other eye diseases, glaucoma treatment cannot be done once and for all. It is a lifelong disease. As long as active treatment is given, the condition can be controlled. Patients should also pay attention to follow-up of glaucoma.” Glaucoma is a disease of Aier Ophthalmology Department of Tianjin University. One of the key eye diseases that the hospital pays attention to, with internationally recognized glaucoma treatment programs and advanced medical equipment and technology, Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital has established a “Regional Diagnosis and Treatment Base for Difficult Glaucoma Diseases” and a “Glaucoma Patient Home”, aiming to provide services to the majority of patients. We provide personalized diagnosis and treatment services for glaucoma patients and strive to protect the patients’ bright “sight”!

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