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The 6th generation of Yadi Crown Energy is newly launched, leading future travel with technology

The 6th generation of Yadi Crown Energy is newly launched, leading future travel with technology

As the concept of green travel is recognized by more people, an increasing number of consumers choose electric two-wheeled vehicles as a means of transportation for short and medium distances. Against the background of diversified and personalized consumer travel needs, Yadi launched the company in February On the 28th, the new product launch conference of the 6th generation of Yadi Crown Energy was officially held. Taking the needs of users as the starting point, it launched three new models of the 6th generation of Yadea Crown Energy: the 6th generation of Yadea Guanneng Q50, and the 6th generation of Yardi Guanneng T60. and Yadi Guanneng 6th generation M85.

Breakthrough in battery life and freedom of travel. This newly upgraded Yadi TTFAR 6.0 long-range system has completely solved users’ mileage concerns through systematic upgrades of six major components, including battery, motor, controller, charger, and tires.

Safety upgrades, worry-free driving. Yadi believes that “safety is the premise of all riding and the biggest high-end.” The comprehensively upgraded Yadi Ark intelligent security control system is equipped with a series of software and hardware such as TCS intelligent traction control system and high-strength steel frame. Through intelligent adjustment and control, it provides users with comprehensive safety guarantees.

Smart interconnection, easy control. Nowadays, intelligence has become a factor that consumers pay more attention to when traveling. The new Yadi Smart Travel System brought by Yadea can support mobile APP, smart watch interconnection and remote control of the car, etc., and provides consumers with a more efficient and convenient smart travel experience through the upgrade of the smart ecology.

Since its establishment, Yadi has always adhered to “user-centered” and accurately grasped the core needs of consumers through keen insights into market trends and in-depth research on user needs.

As the Wang family said: “Guan Neng 6th generation, we have gone astray.” The entire 6th generation of Yadea Guanneng’s products take into account the car needs and habits of different groups of people on the basis of riding comfort, further improving consumers’ user experience. Behind the achievement of such innovative results, Yadi’s user-centered starting point and insistence on technological innovation are inseparable. Yadi continues to increase investment in R&D. In 2023, R&D investment increased by 31% compared with the previous year, and the number of patents increased by 19%, always ranking at the leading level in the industry.

Under the trend of green, convenient and intelligent travel, “focusing on moving forward” means that Yadea and users will jointly face future challenges and jointly explore new possibilities for travel. The release of the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng’s new products is not only a demonstration of Yadi’s strength as a global leader in short- and medium-distance travel, but also the fulfillment of its commitment to beautiful travel.

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