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The 6th “Blooming Cup” concluded and Tianjin China Unicom won multiple awards

The 6th “Blooming Cup” concluded and Tianjin China Unicom won multiple awards

On October 17, the 6th “Blooming Cup” 5G Application Collection Competition with the theme of “5G is sailing with great momentum, a new engine for the integration of data and reality” concluded in Shanghai, and Tianjin China Unicom won multiple awards.

There are more than 45,000 projects participating in this competition. After various selections in the preliminary round, semi-finals and finals, Tianjin China Unicom has won 8 projects in the three tracks of national competition, benchmarking competition and international special invitational competition. The number of awards is the largest among Tianjin local communications. The number one operator. Among them, 1 second prize and 4 excellence awards were won in the national competition; 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal were won in the benchmark competition; and 1 third prize was won in the international special invitational competition. The award-winning projects cover multiple industry fields, deeply integrate 5G with core production links in the fields of equipment, power, ports, etc., and achieve breakthroughs in innovative 5G applications in petrochemical, agriculture and other fields.

Taking advantage of the National Development and Reform Commission’s 5G new infrastructure and the construction of the Nangang million-ton ethylene project, Tianjin China Unicom and Tianjin Petrochemical’s “Building a 5G Fully Connected Factory to Empower the Digital Transformation of Petrochemical Enterprises” project won the second prize in the national competition. The project was based on ” Dagang + Nangang” builds a “dual-port dual-core” 5G network system, fully applies 5G and intelligent advanced technologies, focuses on the three major directions of safe production, green and low-carbon, and intelligent equipment for petrochemical enterprises, and creates 27 5G+ industrial Internet application scenarios, comprehensively Improve Tianjin Petrochemical’s intelligent and digital capabilities, empower Tianjin Petrochemical’s management innovation, industrial upgrading, intrinsic safety, and efficient operation, strive to build “intelligent + high-end” smart factory 3.0, and strive to become a model enterprise in the petrochemical industry.

The project “5G empowers COOEC to create the first offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing “smart factory”” jointly submitted with COOEC won the silver medal in the benchmarking competition. It has been completely upgraded in terms of network and created a unique “sea, land and air integration” “The data transmission network also focuses on the five core links of production and operation, and has deployed more than 20 application scenarios such as 5G+ smart manufacturing lines, 5G+ smart warehousing, 5G+ smart parks, 5G+ AR remote quality inspection, and 5G+ gantry crane smart operation and maintenance, connecting There are more than 10 types of terminals, realizing the first application of multiple scenarios in the offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry, continuously improving comprehensive construction efficiency, saving production and operation costs, enhancing the core competitiveness of China’s marine equipment manufacturing, and promoting the accelerated development of China’s marine digital economy.

In addition, “5G+ Smart Power Plant Builds a Safe Production Barrier” won the Bronze Award in the Benchmark Competition. The project was jointly created with Tianjin Huadian, which has effectively promoted the innovative application of 5G technology in the power industry, shaping a new atmosphere of safety culture and a new positioning of innovation and development in my country’s power industry. ; The “5G Energies Innovative Exhibition Hall to Assist the B2B Development” (5G Assists Innovation Experience Center to Promote B2B Development) project uses Tianjin Unicom 5G Innovation Experience Center as a carrier to provide diversified 5G application experience models and technological innovations, and drive domestic and foreign industrial chains High-end development has emerged among 126 projects in 23 countries and won the third prize in the International Thematic Invitational Competition.

This competition selects a number of outstanding projects with new technologies, excellent scenarios, and strong replicability. Tianjin China Unicom will take this competition as an opportunity to continue to lead the 5G application “Sail” action plan and uphold China Unicom’s “One China Unicom, One Body” With the advantages of “digital capability aggregation and integrated operation services”, it helps customers transform into digital, networked and intelligent transformations, and contributes China Unicom’s strength to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and the construction of Digital Tianjin.

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