The 5-day GMV exceeded 1044W, and a huge amount of local promotion helped Bawang Cha Ji realize the “National Tea Revival”

The 5-day GMV exceeded 1044W, and a huge amount of local promotion helped Bawang Cha Ji realize the “National Tea Revival”

With 5 days of live broadcast feedback and 5 years of companionship, 66 experts have completed a total of GMV 1044W, ROI 19, and an average transaction conversion rate of 20%, exceeding the industry average by 2 times. This is the fifth anniversary of the recent live broadcast record of the new Chinese-style tea drink Overlord Cha Ji. Nowadays, more and more young people are fond of Chinese aesthetics, setting off wave after wave of national style consumption boom. From Yunnan to the world, with 1,000+ stores around the world, what did Bawang Chaji do right? How should Guofeng tea brands seize the opportunity to stand out from the crowd? The 5th anniversary live broadcast of Bawang Cha Ji adopts the method of laying out the master matrix for live broadcasting, and configures a huge amount of local push paid traffic to leverage natural traffic, and achieve a breakthrough in the new tea drinking track.

01Lay out a talent matrix and approach young consumer groups

Bawang Tea Ji, who focuses on oriental tea and national style culture, is well versed in the essence of tea making under the current consumption trend, that is, “tea has a future for young people.” Therefore, the fifth anniversary live broadcast of Bawang Cha Ji adopts the method of laying out a talent matrix, and quickly establishes an emotional bond with users in a social form that young people are keen on. While focusing on tilting the top anchors and waist anchors to leverage the anchor fan base, it cooperates with the huge amount of local push paid traffic to leverage natural traffic, achieving ROI results higher than the average value of the tea industry.

02 Crowd and geographical orientation, fine-grained delineation of target users

Grasp the core target audience, and the conversion effect will be twice the result with half the effort. In this fifth-anniversary live broadcast event, Bawang Tea Ji combined the historical transaction data analysis of the brand, aimed at the female group aged 18-40 with consumption ability and purchase intention, and launched a large number of local promotions focusing on Chengdu, Kunming, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other GMV accounts. In relatively high cities, the target consumer groups and regions are refined and delineated to achieve precise targeted delivery.

03Multi-dimensional monitoring data, scientifically adjust the delivery structure

The whole process can be controlled and the rhythmic delivery rhythm makes the transformation of live broadcast scientific and efficient. In the live broadcast, according to the traffic peak, transaction frequency and data situation at different stages of the live broadcast, the delivery structure is dynamically adjusted to maximize the field view while stabilizing the ROI. At the same time, monitor the effects of different targeted conversions, and continue to optimize the proportion of delivery in key cities.

04Phase delivery strategy

(1) Live broadcast planning period: bind and launch KOL in advance, and complete the pre-plan reserve

Layout and bind target KOLs in advance, and at the same time design the delivery plan according to the deep and shallow conversion plan, and complete the pre-plan reserve by cross-building different orientations. And through the ladder bidding to help start broadcasting to increase conversions and leverage natural traffic.

(2) Live broadcasting power accumulation period: the blessing of welfare activities will quickly drive the growth of GMV

In the early stage of the live broadcast, with the help of the anchor’s fan base and cooperation with welfare activities, the popularity of the live broadcast room was continuously increased. At the same time, with the help of the launch of the shallow popularity + retention plan and the deep conversion plan to increase traffic, quickly promote user purchase conversion. Only one hour after the start of the broadcast, it reached the peak of 3,000+ live viewers, and maintained 2,000+ viewers on the morning of the first broadcast, pushing the live broadcast to quickly rush to the fourth place in the group buying list.

(3) Traffic peak period: the overall preferential strength is UP, and the core anchors continue to guide users to make transactions

The broadcast was re-launched during the afternoon peak period of platform traffic, and with the advantages of the diversity of optional packages, the number of benefits and the overall discount, the attractiveness of the live broadcast room has been increased, and the GMV has jumped significantly.

(4) Flow stabilization period: stable delivery strategy to ensure effective recovery

The delivery strategy in the middle and later stages of the live broadcast is mainly based on maintaining stability, and ensuring recovery is the main delivery goal at this stage. Through accurate matching of anchors and spike activities, traffic transaction retreats are formed to maintain a steady increase in ROI.


It is not difficult to see the sparks of national style culture and trendy promotion methods in the practice of Bawang Tea Ji’s “National Tea Revival”. In the process of oriental tea drinks reaching young people, products are the foundation of standing, and traffic is the key to products being seen. . Huge amount of local push, precise traffic push and flexible adjustment of delivery strategy make the energy accumulated by merchants over a long period of time unstoppable, and realize efficient transformation at key nodes.

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