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The 4th Tianjin Guzheng Art Festival 2023 will be held to showcase the multicultural integration of traditional Chinese musical instruments

The 4th Tianjin Guzheng Art Festival 2023 will be held to showcase the multicultural integration of traditional Chinese musical instruments

  Jinyun News:On December 10, the 2023 Tianjin Fourth Guzheng Art Festival was held, paying tribute to traditional Chinese guzheng music and exploring the in-depth combination of guzheng music art and contemporary music aesthetic expression.

This event was organized by the Guzheng Professional Committee of the Tianjin Musicians Association, cooperating with hundreds of guzheng music education practitioners to submit performers, aiming to promote Chinese traditional music and let the audience get into Chinese music and guzheng. At the art festival, more than a thousand guzheng music lovers actively participated, and many famous guzheng players and emerging young talents were specially invited to present an audio-visual feast to the citizens of Tianjin.

At the festival, a series of traditional guzheng repertoire such as “Spring Arrives in the Xiangjiang River” and “Spring Dawn in the Snow Mountains” were integrated with piano or orchestral accompaniment to give the guzheng a more in-depth expression combined with contemporary music aesthetics. These repertoire not only demonstrate the charm of guzheng as a traditional Chinese musical instrument, but also demonstrate the integration of multiple cultures. Particularly eye-catching are “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” and “The Continuous Stream”. These two tracks won warm applause from the audience with their profound cultural connotations and beautiful melodies.

In addition to traditional repertoire, this festival also showcased some innovative works, such as the guzheng adaptation of “Quan Yu Tianxia”, which shows the magnificent scenes of ancient China with its unique style and profound historical atmosphere. At the art festival, Professor Lin Ling, a doctoral supervisor at the China Conservatory of Music, presented awards to outstanding contestants.

Zhang Meiyan, director of the Tianjin Musicians Association and director of the Guzheng Special Committee, said: This Guzheng Art Festival is not only a music feast, but also a platform for exchange and display of Guzheng enthusiasts in Tianjin, rooting national art confidence in children in their hearts.

Guzheng is easy to learn and has beautiful tone. It is called the “King of Oriental Musical Instruments”. Zhang Meiyan said: “We have found that the age range of guzheng enthusiasts is getting wider and wider. The youngest contestant at this year’s guzheng art festival is only 4 years old. There are also many elderly people learning guzheng on weekdays. Professor Lin Ling led her team of doctoral students and graduate students We presented wonderful repertoire at the art festival. The children saw such a higher-level performance and became more motivated to learn guzheng. We also hope that through such activities, guzheng, the quintessence of the Chinese nation, can be more widely disseminated and recognized. Promote the inheritance and development of guzheng art, promote the comprehensive popularization and improvement of guzheng art in this city, and hope to promote the overall improvement of guzheng teaching and performance levels through competitions.” (Photo by Jinyun News reporter Zhao Yingyan, Wu Tao)

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