The 4th China Sauce and Wine World Tour was fruitful, and Junke Junfeng opened up a new situation for liquor going overseas


From March 20th to 28th, the 4th China Sauce Wine World Tour led by Junke Junfeng was successfully held.

With the original intention of promoting Chinese sauce wine and Chinese culture to the world, Hongke Junfeng visited many Chinese chambers of commerce and well-known enterprises during the 9-day trip, held a large-scale fan exchange and sharing event at the International Hongke Festival, and continuously carried out sauce wine Tasting, knowledge popularization, and cultural exchanges, in the spring of early 2024, will bring a new upsurge of exporting sauce wine overseas.

Pictured: The 4th China Sauce Wine World Tour

  A solemn, thorough and intense expedition

The first expedition of the new year, Junke Junfeng regarded the world tour of Chinese sauce and wine as a top priority, and first of all made a significant upgrade in the team lineup. In addition to the elite team of up to 14 people, Wang Wei, the founder of Hengke Junfeng, Xuan Lina, the chairman of Hengke Junfeng, and She Xiaobing, the vice chairman of Hengke Junfeng, as the three most important leaders of the company, all Participated in leading the team and created the top “luxury tour group” of Xingke to ensure the smooth development of this event.

In terms of activity content, Xingke Junfeng also made more thorough arrangements for the whole process. Not only did we follow the established practices of our last trip to Southeast Asia, we successively visited many local Chinese chambers of commerce and well-known enterprises such as the Indonesian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, China Chamber of International Commerce, and Walker Group, and held multiple Hengke product demonstrations and Hengke blind events. Tasting interaction and other activities; the 3rd International Fun Guest Festival will be the highlight of the Chinese Sauce Wine World Tour.

Wang Wei, the founder of Tuhunke Junfeng, demonstrated the eighteen-style “wine rubbing” for blind tasting on the spot.

Among them, at the Singke sauce wine tasting event featuring multiple product displays and Singke blind tasting interactions, Wang Wei, the founder of Singke Junfeng, demonstrated the “Eighteen Styles of Blind Tasting” created by Singke on the spot. Interactive gameplay such as “making wine” and “pulling the wine line” can enlighten overseas consumers about sauce wine and spread new consumer culture while having fun.

She Xiaobing, the vice chairman of Junke Junfeng, appeared as a Chinese Maotai-flavor wine brewing master and gave a vivid explanation to Southeast Asian wine drinkers about the Maotai Town Maotai wine brewing process inherited by Junke Junfeng for more than a century, and analyzed the unique quality of Chinese Maotai liquor. The true source of the product; and warmly recommended the Maotai-flavor journey experience activity initiated by Shangke Junfeng in the liquor industry.

She Xiaobing, Vice Chairman of Junfeng Pictures, explains the brewing process of Moutai Town sauce wine to Southeast Asian wine drinkers

As a super fan festival created by Henke Jiangjiu for Henke fans all over the world, the third International Henke Festival once again demonstrates the ultimate charm of Henke’s “quality fanatic + fan fanatic” and presents a show for overseas fans. A large-scale fan sharing feast integrating experience, thought and knowledge, inspiring overseas wine drinkers to have a deeper love for Chinese sauce wine from quality to culture.

And behind this, the entire Hengke Junfeng is working intensively and devotedly. For example, on the day the overseas team arrived in Jakarta, they set off directly from the airport before checking in and rushed to the China Chamber of International Commerce for a visit. They had in-depth discussions with leaders of the chamber of commerce and Chinese merchants on business development in Southeast Asia.

In terms of domestic teams, taking the Shangke Junfeng brand culture team as an example, many colleagues took the initiative to sacrifice their weekend rest time, and even in the middle of the night were still working on pictures, texts, videos, and physical objects for the domestic and international dissemination of this overseas event. The production of a series of materials will maximize the domestic and international communication effects of the event and expand the influence of the event, in order to attract more consumers and fans at home and abroad who love drinking and pay attention to the liquor industry.

Solemnity, careful planning, and tight execution laid the solid foundation for the success of this China Sauce and Wine World Tour.

  A fruitful industrial “pioneering”

Hard work pays off, and we gained a lot from this expedition.

We have gained strong partners.

We have reached a series of intentional cooperation with China’s leading cross-border export e-commerce company Wook on issues such as product development, market layout, brand strategy, industrial cooperation, and cultural overseas expansion.

As a star cross-border e-commerce company in Indonesia, Wook has 41 branches and offices in Southeast Asia, a local marketing team of more than 1,700 people, and more than 60,000 local cooperative retailers. Its unique channel capabilities and competitive advantages will provide important support for Hanke Junfeng’s future market expansion in Southeast Asia.

Figure: Wook, China’s leading cross-border export e-commerce company, has reached a series of intentional cooperation with Junfeng

Many well-known local institutions and enterprises, such as the China Chamber of International Commerce, have also extended an olive branch to Sunke Junfeng, hoping to cooperate with Sunke Junfeng in various ways such as brand alliances and ecological sharing.

We have received strong support from Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese.

At a visit to the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce held on March 22, Mr. Chen Xin, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chamber of Commerce will provide strong support for Hanke Junfeng’s subsequent itinerary arrangements and future business development in Southeast Asia. He not only provided superior support policies to the Sunke Junfeng team, but also shared the rich experience of Chinese companies exporting to the Southeast Asian market, providing valuable reference coordinates for the “pioneering” career of Chinese sauce wine in Southeast Asia.

At the International Hengke Festival held on March 23, nearly 80 leaders of local industry associations, Chinese chambers of commerce, representatives of well-known companies, and Hengqin fans attended the event to participate in Hengke Junfeng’s first large-scale fan sharing event in the Indonesian market.

Pictured: The 3rd International Feast Festival

We have gained more attention and consumer fans in the international market.

Well-known Indonesian self-media experts Xiaomanjie and Xuefei were also attracted to the International Henke Festival event in Indonesia, and praised the ultimate quality, super good looks, creative experience, and profound culture of Henke sauce wine.

Due to their extensive social influence, a large number of local spirits consumers have become fans of Singke Sauce Liquor. Many people specifically approached the staff of Singke Junfeng to inquire about the purchase channels of Singke Sauce Liquor in Southeast Asia. .

We have also gained a more mature innovative path for Chinese sauce wine to go overseas and stronger quality and cultural confidence.

It is during these overseas trips that the international strategic route of Hengke Sauce Wine has gradually become clear and firm. That is to use the ultimate quality, real experience, innovative culture, and open knowledge popularization to face every need. Overseas consumers can dispel their doubts.

The complete success of the fourth Chinese Sauce Wine World Tour has verified the correctness of our route, as well as the quality and cultural advantages of Chinese Sauce Wine. Hengke sauce wine is becoming a new force for Chinese sauce wine to go global, opening up a new situation for Chinese sauce wine to go overseas.

Let the whole world fall in love with Chinese sauce wine and let the whole world enjoy Chinese quality. In this spring that is full of harvest at the beginning, Junke Junfeng will continue to set out with the Chinese dream of liquor industry and liquor culture and continue to write China’s foreign policy. A “new historical record” of business cooperation and cultural communication!


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