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The 31st issue of the “Ten Actions” series of interviews on financial support? Interview with Ji Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Sino-German Housing Savings Bank

The 31st issue of the “Ten Actions” series of interviews on financial support? Interview with Ji Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Sino-German Housing Savings Bank

In February 2004, China and the German government cooperated to introduce a housing savings system and established the Sino-German Housing Savings Bank. As the only national bank in China that mainly engages in housing savings business and the only banking subsidiary of China Construction Bank Group, Sino-German Bank has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, actively implemented the policy of housing for living, not speculation, and established a system for both renting and purchasing. According to the requirements, we will give full play to our business characteristics, implement new financial actions, and continue to improve the quality and efficiency of housing financial services. With the Tianjin headquarters as the core, we will serve the people’s housing, enhance people’s livelihood and well-being, improve people’s quality of life, and help Tianjin’s high-quality development.

  Give full play to the characteristics of inclusive finance for housing savings and fully support Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”

The so-called housing savings refer to the purposeful and planned special savings made by residents who plan to make housing consumption in the future in order to obtain housing financing. It has the characteristics of “voluntary participation, government subsidies, combination of deposits and loans, and fixed interest rates”. Through the support and guidance of the government, the commercial operation of banks, and mutual help among people, we can jointly achieve the goal of improving people’s livelihood.

The original intention of establishing the Housing Savings Bank was to introduce the successful experience and advanced technology of German housing savings, take advantage of China Construction Bank’s channel advantages, provide financial services that combine deposits and housing loans, enrich housing financial products, and promote housing system reform and rational housing consumption. , becoming a useful supplement to the housing finance market.

Since its establishment 19 years ago, Sino-German Bank has taken root in Tianjin, served Tianjin and expanded its business across the country. It has always adhered to the people-oriented and inclusive nature of housing savings and has taken the practice of inclusive finance as its own responsibility. Solidly implement the requirements of the State Council to incorporate housing savings into the multi-level housing policy system, actively respond to the diversified housing financing needs of residents, promote the improvement of the top-level housing savings system, and the localization of products, and strive to popularize and promote housing savings, strengthen financial service innovation, and improve Serve value creation, contribute to solving people’s housing difficulties and pain points, and unswervingly be a practitioner of social responsibility. At present, Sino-German Bank has established business institutions in Tianjin, Chongqing, Dalian, and Jinan, and its entrusted agency business covers more than ten provinces and cities including Hebei, Hubei, and Henan.

Over the years, the Tianjin Municipal Government has vigorously supported housing savings and continued to provide government subsidies to housing savers. The Chongqing, Dalian, and Jinan municipal governments have also successively introduced government subsidy policies, fully affirming the important role that housing savings play in benefiting people’s housing and other aspects. . By implementing housing savings and government subsidies to benefit the people, the Tianjin Municipal Government is at the forefront of the country in building a housing financial system. A total of 280 million yuan in government subsidies were provided through the housing savings of Sino-German Bank, which fully reflects the attitude and determination of the Tianjin Municipal Government to care about people’s livelihood and benefit the people.

As of the end of the first quarter of 2023, the balance of Sino-German Bank’s housing savings loans had increased by 815 million yuan that year, and a total of 36.1 billion yuan of housing savings loans had been issued, helping hundreds of thousands of families easily realize their dream of building a home.

  Launching new financial services for citizens’ housing to support the creation of high-quality life

Guaranteeing people’s livelihood is inseparable from food, clothing, housing and transportation, and “having a place to live” is the foundation for people’s peace of mind. Sino-German Bank focuses on thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, insists on “housing for living, not speculation”, implements both renting and purchasing, improves the living happiness index of all people, especially new citizens, and includes serving new citizens as a current key task in the Party Committee Secretary Project . Launch exclusive housing savings products for new citizens to reduce housing credit costs, accurately serve the housing financing needs of new citizens, improve the availability and convenience of housing financial services for new citizens, and provide practical and feasible solutions to new citizens’ housing problems and improve their quality of life. housing finance options.

Since 2022, Sino-German Bank has established a new citizen housing financial services working group to go deep into the industries and groups of new citizens, go to communities, companies, and market, and truly understand the difficulties and demands of new citizens in terms of housing security and livability. Establish the overall goals and tasks of serving new citizens. Formulate the “Work Plan of Sino-German Bank to Strengthen Housing Financial Services for New Citizens”, create exclusive housing credit products, launch differentiated credit policies, introduce fee reductions and preferential loan interest rates, improve housing subsidy policies, and upgrade convenient and exclusive services. The “Notice on Further Improving the Implementation of Financial Services for New Citizens’ Housing” was issued to ensure that new citizen services are effectively implemented. Actively respond to the housing financing needs of new citizens such as “immediate home purchase”, “mid- and long-term home purchase” and “lease-to-purchase”, provide customized housing financial services to new citizens, and actively cooperate with CCB Group CCB Housing Company in the housing leasing business Cooperate in various fields to jointly create a “housing rental + housing savings” business model. Help new citizens to make a housing plan of “rent first, then buy a house” to meet the needs of new citizens from “renting” to “purchasing”.

In the first quarter of 2023, Sino-German Bank organized a survey of six typical new citizen groups, including takeout couriers, babysitting and housekeeping staff, college graduates, online ride-hailing services, taxi drivers, freight drivers, and individual merchants with fixed stalls in vegetable markets. Conduct special research and continue to refine exclusive products, service channels and service guidelines. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Tianjin Veterans Affairs Bureau to further provide housing financial services to new citizen groups of active and retired military personnel.

As of the end of the first quarter of this year, Sino-German Bank has served a total of 4,366 new citizen customers, issued personal housing loans of 200 million yuan, and signed housing savings contracts of 190 million yuan.

  Deepen housing financial services and strengthen government-bank cooperation to help enterprises benefit the people

Sino-German Bank has vigorously carried out G-side and B-side innovations, and has initially formed a “housing savings + X” model represented by “housing savings + government” and “housing savings + enterprises”, fully supporting our city to accelerate the construction of “Jincheng” Bincheng” and “Twin Cities” development pattern.

Since 2022, with the Tianjin headquarters as the core and the Tianjin Heping Branch and Tianjin Binhai Branch as the pillars, Sino-German Bank has been deeply involved in the field of housing finance, strengthened precision services, and helped the government “double recruitment and double attraction”, the good development of enterprises, and the people to live and work in peace and contentment. Deepen support and services for Tianjin’s Ten Actions.

During this period, Sino-German Bank actively connected with the Wuqing District Committee and District Government to conduct in-depth research on the application of housing savings in serving investment and talent introduction. With the joint promotion of both parties, in March 2023, the Tianjin Heping Branch of Sino-German Bank signed a “Chu Benefit Wuqing” service agreement with the Wuqing District Pan-Human Resources Industry Alliance to carry out in-depth research in aspects such as talent housing, enterprise resource sharing, and financial product services. cooperate. Taking housing savings products as the starting point, and by incorporating the “Binhai New Area High-level Talent Service Certificate System”, we can better serve the Binhai New Area talent group, give full play to the unique business advantages, and continuously add new vitality to the urban construction and development.

At the same time, the Tianjin Binhai Branch of China-Germany Bank actively cooperates with corporate housing management units (Tianjin Fangxin Property Development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jiasheng Housing Replacement Co., Ltd.) to increase housing financial service support in the corporate housing market and promote corporate housing. mobility, increasing the convenience of housing financing, helping to activate the economy and improve people’s livelihood and well-being. This cooperation is expected to benefit approximately 60,000 residents and more than 200 corporate and property ownership units.

In addition, Sino-German Bank has actively integrated into the construction of the digital economy. With the strong support of the municipal government, it has successfully connected to the “Jinxinrong” platform to strengthen its ability to serve small, medium and micro enterprises. On the basis of waiving all payment service fees for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, we will further expand the scope of fee reduction targets and extend the scope of fee reduction targets to all corporate customers, increase the scope of fee reductions, and assist the development of enterprises. Provide service guarantees such as short-term deferral of repayment, adjustment of bill plans, and exemption of penalty interest for specific groups affected by the epidemic, effectively helping these groups affected by the epidemic to tide over difficulties and convey financial warmth.

As part of the country’s multi-tiered housing policy system, there is increasing demand for housing savings products and services. Sino-German Bank will always keep its responsibilities and mission in mind, accelerate the popularization of housing savings in China, go all out to implement new financial actions, work together to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, and contribute more to realizing the people’s yearning for a better life. Much power.

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