The 3.8 Shopping Festival is starting hotly, and the Lejie cross-border brand collection store will take you around the whole venue

The 3.8 Shopping Festival is starting hotly, and the Lejie cross-border brand collection store will take you around the whole venue

The 3.8 festival has started. Friends who are still shopping for goods, do you feel that you are very tired from swiping your phone, but you haven’t selected what you want or need to buy? So, today’s Lejie cross-border brand The collection store will make your eyes shine: the Lejie cross-border brand has settled in Douyin and opened a collection store!

When it comes to Japanese goods, Chinese people buy them through purchasing agents, but they are basically common big brands, and there are some niche brands that many purchasing agents don’t know about or sell, so many people can only spend a long time shopping for them. Looking for merchants and comparing the quality of products, some spent time but could not find a merchant to buy, and some even spent time and money to buy fake products.

Rest assured, Lejie Collection Store can help you solve these problems.

Collection stores are also called “brand concept stores”. As the name suggests, they display many different brand products in a large store, and the coverage of these products is very wide. They can basically satisfy basic necessities of life, and all styles are different. Can meet the needs of different users.

In this way, customers can buy all the things they want to buy directly in one store, saving time, which can improve satisfaction, and at the same time give consumers a good shopping experience, help businesses retain customers, and increase return. rate, bringing more economic benefits to businesses.

Lejie cross-border brand is just such a collection store brand. Its brands include beauty and skin care, health & health food, food and beverage, wine, clothing, bags, daily necessities and other Japanese good products, and there are many niche brands that can meet the needs of different niche consumers. In this way, you can buy regular products even without going abroad or purchasing agents.

Lejie cross-border brand has opened its official first store on Douyin in December 2022. Here, customers can choose products that suit them; it can also shorten the time it takes you to find brands and choose products. And with the opening of the 38th festival, Lejie has also launched many new products, so that this festival will not be alone.

In addition, Lejie Japanese cross-border brand directly connects with Japanese brands. All products are locally produced in Japan, and they are all genuine products. You don’t have to worry about quality issues. The products are shipped from bonded warehouses, which is very convenient. There is less labor cost and turnover cost, so the above items may be cheaper than what you can buy at other daigou.

Are you excited about such a Lejie cross-border brand collection store that is easy to buy without worrying about quality issues? Interested friends hurry up~

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