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The 2023 Tianjin Business Selection Awards Ceremony was successfully held

The 2023 Tianjin Business Selection Awards Ceremony was successfully held

On November 30, 2023, under the guidance of the Tianjin Municipal Commerce Bureau, hosted by Tianjin Jinyun New Media Group, and specially supported by the Tianjin Department Store Business Association, the “Continuing the Trend and Starting a Win-Win Future·2023 Seventh Tianjin Business Selection” Awards Ceremony It was successfully held at Jinyun Central Kitchen.

Tianjin Business Selection has been successfully held for seven times. Tianjin Business Selection has taken root in Tianjin, a fertile commercial soil. The selection is driven by establishing commercial industry brands and enterprise development benchmarks, promoting the improvement of Tianjin’s overall commercial development level, and actively promoting enterprises to continue to fulfill their social responsibilities. It has become an important annual event to boost Tianjin’s urban development and explore ways to effectively boost urban consumption. Strength and industry innovation have become the strong pulse of urban development. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz-Tianjin Lei Shing Hong continues to support the business selection.

Since its launch, the 2023 Tianjin Business Selection has attracted great attention from the industry. A total of nearly 60 commercial projects participated in the selection and entered the final voting stage through public nominations. Consumers also actively participated in voting. In order to better establish the commercial industry brand and enterprise development benchmark, commend outstanding enterprises that are representative of the industry, and add luster to Tianjin business, the 2023 Tianjin Business Selection and Awards Ceremony was grandly held at Jinyun Central Kitchen. Guests invited to attend include: Liu Hongjie, Level 2 Inspector of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Song Guohua, Deputy Director of the Marketing Department of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Director of Information Business Group of Tianjin Jinyun New Media Group, Head of Haihe mcn, and Assistant President of Aegean Group Dong Yue, general manager of North China region, Ye Xuming, deputy director of Hang Lung Real Estate’s mainland business, Liu Nan, deputy general manager of SCPG Beijing and general manager of Tianjin company, Wang Xiaorong, general manager of Sino-Ocean Commercial Tianjin, and Tianjin Water City Commercial Management Co., Ltd. General Manager – Fang Fang, General Manager of Tianjin Branch of JD Five Star Electric Group – Liang Congjun, Chief Partner of Tianjin Heping Impression City Project – Jiang Nan, General Manager of Tianjin Xiqing Wanda Plaza of Wanda Commercial Management Group – Wang Xigui, General Manager of Tianjin Ninghe Wuyue Plaza Manager-Lv Ye, General Manager of Tianjin Eco-City Aegean Shopping Center-Zhang Wei, General Manager of 1895·Cultural Tide Park-Meng Jun, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza Mall Manager-Zhang Lulu, Tianjin Yanlord Ise Deputy General Manager Dan – Cui Yang, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Shanshan Outlet Plaza – Wang Ping, Deputy General Manager of Witt Group Creative Milan Project – Sun Likun, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Luneng Commercial Management Company – Jiang Bin, Tianjin Heping Impression City project partner – Zheng Zheng, deputy general manager of Tianjin Railway Construction Plaza – Liu Xiaoning, assistant to general manager of Wangfujing Outlet·New Yansha Town – Sun Zhiqiang, as well as Tianjin Vientiane City, Tianjin Hisense Plaza, Tianjin Joy City, Tianjin Yuehai Tianhe City Shopping Center, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza, Tianjin Century City, Tianjin Jiali Plaza, Tianjin Jinmao Plaza, Tianjin Meijiang Universal City, Seasons City, Longfor Tianjin Meijiang Street, Tianjin Fengya Impression City, V1 Automobile Guest representatives of outstanding commercial projects and brands such as the World, Tianjin Guifaxiang 18th Street Mahua Food Co., Ltd., Tianjin Liquor Group Lutaichun Brewing Co., Ltd., Mercedes-Benz Tianjin Lei Shing Hong, Yuelong Quan Water Industry, Datongren Brand and so on.

Haihe MCN, director of Jinyun New Media Group’s information business group, said, “This year, with the intensive introduction of policies and measures in Tianjin, Tianjin’s economy is moving towards the goal of “effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity.” Based on new opportunities During the window period, Tianjin is gradually gaining more attention, and urban business development is also accelerating. Jinyun New Media Group will continue to explore and move forward under the guidance of the Municipal Commerce Bureau, assist the rapid development of the commercial industry, and deeply explore the cultural connotation of the brand. Promote the continuous optimization of the business environment, reflect the responsibility and responsibility of the media, and promote the overall development of Tianjin’s regional cultural and commercial businesses.”

The winners of the 2023 Popular Culture and Art Exhibition are: Tianjin Vientiane City[城市漫游]Culture and Art Season, Tianjin Joy City “ART WALK Youth Art Forecast Season”, Tianjin Tianhe City Shopping Center “More than Temperature Art Festival”, Tianjin Pengxin Water City[British Library·World Pixel Exhibition]North China First Exhibition Tianjin Station, Tianjin Plaza 66 “Pink Love” KOORABBEE Tianjin Art Exhibition, Tianjin Luneng City Shopping Center “Dream Toy Maker” theme exhibition, Tianjin Yanlord Isetan “Disney 100th Anniversary Classic Animation Journey” theme exhibition, Tianjin Peace Impression City’s “5.27 City Unboxing and Instant Exploring ME”, Tianjin Jialihui’s “Looking for East and West” intangible cultural exchange exhibition, and Wangfujing Outlet·New Yansha Town’s “Red on time Holiday Adventure”.

The winners of the 2023 Tianjin Business Brands are: Joy City Brand, Guifaxiang, Lutaichun, Mercedes-Benz Tianjin Lei Shing Hong, Datong Ren, and Yuelongquan Brand.

The projects that won the 2023 Tianjin Business Selection Award include: Tianjin Vientiane City, Tianjin Joy City, Tianjin Tianhe City Shopping Center, Tianjin Hisense Plaza, Tianjin Luneng City Shopping Center, Tianjin 66 Plaza, Tianjin Pengxin Water City, Robbin Department Store , Tianjin Hedong Aegean Shopping Center, Tianjin Yanlord Isetan, Tianjin Jialihui, Tianjin Jinmaohui, Tianjin Heping Impression City, Tianjin Century City, Tianjin Shanshan Outlets, Wangfujing Outlet·New Yansha Town, V1 Auto World, Tianjin Meijiang Universal City, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza, Tianjin JD MALL, Society Hill Cultural and Tourism Port, Tianjin Future World, China Railway Construction Plaza, Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza, Tianjin Eco-City Aegean Shopping Center, Tianjin Fengya Impression City, Xiqing Wanda Plaza, Longfor Tianjin Meijiang Street, Tianjin Ninghe Wuyue Plaza, Seasons City, 1895·Cultural Tide Park.

Winners of the Business Person of the Year Award include: Li Xuehai, Chairman of Wittur Group, Ye Xuming, Deputy Director of Hang Lung Properties Mainland Business, Pan Zhimin, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Kerry Center and Tianjin Kerry Center, Deputy General Manager of SCPG Beijing Region and General Manager of Tianjin Company Manager – Liu Nan, General Manager of Tianjin Luneng Commercial Management Company – Liu Shichun, General Manager of Tianjin Hisense Plaza – Li Hanyu, General Manager of Tianjin Aquacity Commercial Management Co., Ltd. – Fang Fang, General Manager of Robbin Department Store (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. – Shi Wen Li, the chief operating officer of Witt Group – Zhang Ying, the general manager of Sino-Ocean Commercial Tianjin – Wang Xiaorong, the general manager of JD Five Star Electric Group Tianjin Branch Liang Congjun, the general manager of Society Hill Cultural Tourism Port Business Management Company – Wu Han, Tianjin Heping Impression City Project Chief Partner-Jiang Nan, General Manager of Tianjin Meijiang Universal City-Li Yue, General Manager of Wanda Commercial Management Group Tianjin Xiqing Wanda Plaza-Wang Xigui, General Manager of Tianjin Ninghe Wuyue Plaza-Lv Ye, Jijingtiandi Tianjin Commercial Center General Manager-Zhao Hengju, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Yuehai Teemee Shopping Center Co., Ltd.-Xu Qi, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Shanshan Outlets Plaza-Wang Ping, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza Mall Manager-Kong Weiliang.

 Fang Fang, general manager of Tianjin Aqua City Commercial Management Co., Ltd., said after winning the award: “Thank you to Jinyun for building such a platform for Tianjin business and increasing further exchanges in the industry. In 2023, Aqua City introduced the British Library and the Hans Christian Andersen Illustration Exhibition and gained wide recognition. Consumers love it. In the future, we will strengthen the attributes of art labels and bring more interesting and fun art exhibitions to the citizens of Tianjin.”

  At the event, the relevant person in charge of Tianjin Jinyun New Media Group shared the content about live broadcast e-commerce, “With the hot start of local life live broadcast in 2023, more and more business partners are joining hands with Jinyun to truly take the lead in local life live broadcast.” The first step is to refresh the report cards one after another and continuously break the live broadcast data record. This ‘Tianjin E-commerce Festival’ will last until February 2024, with a special local life live broadcast, extending an olive branch to you. Welcome everyone to join us Polish the signboard with the word “Jin” and click “Jin” to create a new wave of winter live broadcasts. Let Tianjin’s good brands become popular, Tianjin’s good products become popular, and Tianjin’s good stories spread.”

  Insight into the future, gathering momentum and working together, the city business summit forum was held simultaneously

  “Insight into the Future – Gathering Strengths Together” and the Urban Business Summit Forum were also held simultaneously on the day of the awards ceremony. Projects such as Tianjin Jingdong MALL, Xiqing Wanda, Shanshan Outlet and other projects shared their innovative operation methods for the city in 2023 for Tianjin business. Liang Congjun, general manager of MALL, general manager of JD Five Star Electric Group Tianjin Branch, said, “JD MALL is positioned as a new landmark of urban science and technology. It is a city-level trendy product display center, a user experience interactive center and a city-level service center. The core consumer groups of JD MALL are Two categories: one is the young customer group who needs trendy consumer electronics experience; the other is the family customer group who needs “one-stop home buying”.” Wang Ping, deputy general manager of Shanshan Outlet, shared, “Tianjin Shanshan Outlet Terrace is “the first all-indoor block large-scale outlet in Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei”. With the strong support of governments at all levels, the project will rely on the group’s superior resources and combine Tianjin’s unique urban context and cultural tourism resources. The project is built into the first choice shopping destination for “all-climate, all-time micro-vacation” and brings a new “outlets + leisure shopping” experience to Tianjin.” Wang Xigui, general manager of Xiqing Wanda Plaza, introduced, “Tianjin Xiqing Wanda The plaza is the 7th Wanda Plaza deployed by Wanda Commercial Management Group in Tianjin, and the 15th Wanda Plaza under the jurisdiction of Tianjin City Corporation. Xiqing Wanda Plaza will continue to enhance the experience and scene power of the shopping mall, starting from targeting precise customer groups. The business configuration is in line with the current young consumption trends and suitable for the consumption preferences of Generation Z customers, and introduces a variety of innovative business formats such as life, technology, sports, children, experience, food, etc., and combines them organically.”

  Time-honored brands rejuvenate and become “trendy”

  Xu Yanqing, brand director of Guifaxiang, said that in recent years, Guifaxiang has continued to explore sales methods that combine online and offline, and combined its own cultural symbols to carry out the research and development of cultural and creative products, striving to retain traditional techniques and flavors while integrating products into products. Create a “trend” domestic product that is rich in “cultural flavor” and loved by young people. At the same time, Guifaxiang will adopt the model of “cultural creation + display + experience + sales”, focusing on building a “time-honored brand collection store”, integrating time-honored brands in Tianjin and the country, and special high-quality food, with the core of displaying “Tianjin Canal Culture”, creating a A small-scale market scene, build an immersive consumption experience center with cultural characteristics, and establish an emotional connection with consumers.

  Strengthen the life link between interactive cars and shopping malls for everyone

  Under the new consumption background, Mercedes-Benz-Tianjin Lei Shing Hong also attaches great importance to car life and continues to strengthen its linkage with shopping malls, so that marketing contacts have expanded from few to wide, and the potential of content social platforms has been enhanced. Brands are increasingly using offline interactions in the private sector to reach potential customers and car owners to strengthen the brand’s culture.

At this point, the award ceremony of “Continuing the momentum and starting a win-win future·2023 The 7th Tianjin Business Selection” has come to a successful conclusion. Media matrices such as Tianjin Daily and Jinyun App also fully reported on the grand occasion of this Selection. Continuing the industry influence of previous business project selections, the 2023 Business Project Selection has not only received great attention from the industry, but has once again received national attention and active voting. The excitement of commercial real estate in 2023 has come to an end, and the summary and accumulation have also laid a solid foundation for the future development of the commercial entity. In the future, we also look forward to Tianjin’s businesses bringing more choices to consumers’ high-quality lives and bringing more surprises to consumers!

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